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Handling Angry Customers More Professionally

If you have ever worked in a Contact Center or any other customer facing area in any business you would have encountered angry customers. No one finds it easy to deal with angry customers. However, learning the techniques outlined in this article will prepare you to deal better with angry customers.

Why is it important to deal with angry customers tactfully?

Business success depends on repeat business, which I don’t need to prove to any reader of the article. Research shows when people are unhappy they usually don’t complain. According to some research less than 4% complain and 96% just walk away, never doing business with you again.

When customers are unhappy, even if they don’t tell us, they tell others about their bad experience. The average, unhappy customer tells between 10-20 people about their bad experience. This means that if 10 customers are unhappy, chances are 200 people will hear the story. The damage to your company/business is unavoidable.

However, 95% of customers who complain will remain loyal, if their problem is fixed on site. And it gets better: TARP research has shown that simply voicing a complaint (even without a solution) increases loyalty by as much as 10%. Successfully regaining customer loyalty and maintaining loyalty increases sales.

Some facts about angry customers:

1) Angry customers are very hurtful, and they can’t always think straight.

Think about a situation where you were angry. Were you reasonable in everything you did? Maybe not and why customers are different.

2) Anger must be acknowledged.

When an angry customer wants us to listen and accept his feelings. When you communicate with people you want the person listening to you to respond. Think for example you meet someone on the road and say Hi Mirshan, and if he doesn’t say anything, how do you feel.

3) Spreading anger.

In my training sessions, participants tell me that customers don’t listen and don’t show understanding. When you are angry, can you listen well? The same is true for our customers. Many times we try to solve their problems before we spread their anger. First try to remove their anger, then solve their problem.

4) It’s how you work.

In dealing with angry customers, the most important thing is not the solution you offer but the way you deal with the customer. For example, if a customer has been overcharged, the most important thing is not to start by telling the customer that you will refund it, but how you manage the whole situation.

5) Let him vent and explode.

Let him tell you what’s on his mind. He wants to share his anger and frustration with you. Let him do that and he will be happy.

What not to do when a client exhales:

1) Be angry with yourself.

2) Tell the client to calm down.

3) Protect yourself.

4) Disruption.

5) Failure to acknowledge the customer’s feelings.

In my training I teach participants to use the LEARN formula, to serve angry customers effectively, and I myself use the same formula when dealing with angry customers.

L+E+A+R+N= happy/delighted customer

L= Listen, listen, listen

E= Be empathetic

A= Apologize

R= Solve

N= Now

You may think that all of the above is good, but how can I make a claim in a stressful situation, like this. The following methods will help you stay cool when customers are hot.

1) Communication is personalized. Don’t take it personally. Know that the customer is not complaining. It just happened there when a customer walked in or called.

2) Speak slowly. You’ll be surprised how much more clearly you think and how much more control you have when you choose to slow down.

3) Keep a positive attitude. Think positively and it helps you to respond effectively and efficiently

4) Focus on the root cause of the problem and the best solution, not the customer’s behavior or attitude.

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