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Ayurveda Or The Science Of Life Shows The Way To Live One Hundred Years! – Part I

The word ‘Ayurveda’ has two words, namely ‘Ayus’ and ‘Veda’ meaning ‘Science of Life’.

“Hinduism is not only a religion, but also a philosophy, not only a religion and a philosophy but a way of life” – says Somerset Maugham in his book “Points of View”.

The Hindu religion puts four ideas before the people.

1) Dharma means Righteousness

2) Artha means Wealth

3) Kama means desire

4) Understand the meaning of Freedom.

Dharma is associated with the soul itself which will be explained in its results.

Artha is to get wealth like gold, money etc.

Kama is the fulfillment of desire such as receiving women.

Moksha is worldly liberation.

In order to achieve the above four, one must live for a long time. Of the three basic desires, namely, the desire to live, the desire to earn and the desire to do good deeds, one must prioritize the desire to live a long time; because with the end of life there is the end of everything.

There are four ages namely Satya Yuga or Satya Age, Treta Yuga or Treta Age, Dvapapra Yuga or Dvaprara Age and Kali Yuga or Kali Age.

People who lived disciplined lives enjoyed a life span of 400 years in the Satya Age. In the Treta Age it was reduced to 300 years. In Dvapara Age it was 200 years. And in the current Kali Age it is 100 years.

“A chariot with ordinary qualities and a chariot reaches the stage of destruction, only after the end of the specified period. So the life of a person with an unspecified length of life is destroyed even before getting the normal period of life because of his mistakes” says Agnivesa, the great sage.

In order to live happily one must eat healthy food. There are ten basic principles

healthy food and its nutrition.

1) Food should be hot.

2) Food should be invisible

3) Food should be taken in proper quantity

4) Food should be taken only after the previous meal has been digested

5) Food – ingredients should not contradict each other in their potency.

6) Food should be taken from a pleasant place with the necessary equipment

7) Food should not be taken quickly.

8) The intake process should not be too slow.

9) When eating, one should not talk or laugh; during this time one should pay attention only to food.

10) Only such food should be taken that is healthy for the physical constitution and mental spirit of man.

(English translation of Caraka Samhita verses given in this series of articles by Dr. Ram Karan Sharma and Vaidya Bhagwan Dash).

A person who wishes to live a hundred years should always do some good deeds with due care. Things to do will be explained in the next article.

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