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How to Win the Pick 4 Consistently

True enough, people who bet on the game wish to win the Pick 4 Lotto for one reason or another. I mean, who wouldn’t, especially if your dollar “investment” can easily translate from $100 to $500 in one drawing. But here’s the thing, because there are so many people betting on the same drawing, your chances of winning on one ticket are very small. Fortunately, there are ways and means to improve your chances of even winning the Pick 4 Lottery. Here are a few tips for picking numbers.

People add numbers upon numbers in hopes of hitting a winning combo; but with so many possibilities available, how does one know which numbers grow more than others? The answer is simple. There are many people who have tried to learn the patterns of numerical events in their personal bid to win the Pick 4 games. And according to their results (good deed since they’re sharing this…) the most likely winning combinations are single-digit combos and two-digit combos. At least, according to them, these combinations are guaranteed to win the small jackpot.

What are one digit and two digit combos?

As you know to win the Pick 4 draw, you will need (obviously enough) 4 numbers to get. Single digit combinations are combinations of 4 digits that do not repeat. This combination has a high chance of hitting the jackpot every time. Admittedly, its payout is lower than that of other combinations because the probability of not hitting this type of combination is low. However, it means that any sequence of numbers you go through in this combination has a higher chance of being picked than all other combos. However, there are several caveats attached to choosing single digit combos.

Don’t put your money on consecutive numbers. Examples of consecutive numbers are: 1-2-3-4; 1-3-6-9; and 2-4-6-8. You have to remember that in order to win Pick 4 games, you have to choose numbers that look as invisible as possible. Sometimes, there are sequences that hit the big time, but these are really rare. Besides, if you really want an eye-opening fact, here it is: almost everyone bets on consecutive numbers. Combo: 1-2-3-4 alone is always available and counts for most tickets that fail. So, even if you win this combo, you still have to share your value with other holders of the same winning ticket.

Double digits, on the other hand, are those with multiples of 2 digits. This combination is different from double combos, where there are 2 sets of repeated numbers. Examples of combinations of double numbers are: 1-1-4-0; 9-2-2-3; and 7-5-3-3. Examples of double combos are: 2-2-9-9; 4-4-8-8; and 6-6-3-3. After single digit combos, double digit combos often come into play, so this is a safe list of numbers to bet on as well.

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