2 2 4 2 6 2 N 2 Formula Marriage Advice: Eight Steps to Marital Harmony

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Marriage Advice: Eight Steps to Marital Harmony

The formula for marital harmony and success is not an obscure secret. It’s very straightforward.

The “behind the scenes” part is the ongoing work required to keep the channels of love and communication clear of obstacles. Active partners often spend time and energy solving problems as they arise so that anger and pain do not accumulate.

Couples seeking fulfilling marriages look for ways to keep their love strong, such as remembering to show love and appreciation regularly. They know that the more connected and connected they feel, the more motivated they will be to solve problems and hang in there when the going gets tough.

The following eight steps will guide you in determining what you can do to increase your chances of creating a happy, conflict-free marriage:

1. Work on yourself and the issues you brought into the marriage.

Many of the reactions you have to your partner’s actions stem from past events that go back to your childhood. If one of your emotional wounds is feeling disrespected, then when your partner does something that causes those feelings, you will have a deep reaction. One-on-one counseling can help you become more aware of what triggers your overreaction and what you can do to become less overreacting to issues in your marriage.

2. Avoid blaming your spouse for marital problems.

Blaming only makes the other person defensive and angry, and reduces the chances that you both can find a win-win solution to your problems. When you focus on criticizing your partner for what is happening in the marriage, you are planting hatred that can destroy your relationship. A marriage is made up of two people, and each of them contributes to a good relationship and is responsible for it.

3. Be empathetic and put yourself in your partner’s shoes when issues arise.

Really try to understand where your partner is coming from when you disagree or when your partner does something you cannot understand. Ask your partner to talk about their feelings. Listen respectfully and ask your partner to clarify points you do not understand. Cultivate an interest in learning more about your partner’s feelings and take special care to create an emotionally safe environment in conversations with your partner.

4. Look for ways to make your partner’s life easier and show your love.

Most of the annoyances and stressors in modern life are the little things — the extra time it takes to clean on the way home from work or put the clean dishes in the dishwasher away. When you see a chore or activity that you can do to save your partner’s time, offer to do it.

Look for opportunities to give your partner a few minutes of rest or relaxation. Look for things you can do to relax your partner when you can. It’s often the little things that can make a big difference in the happiness and contentment of a marriage.

5. Show appreciation often and make a habit of saying “thank you.”

As the months and years go by, many partners take the other for granted and do not care to express appreciation or say “thank you” to each other. Many couples complain that their partners only focus on what they are doing and never praise them.

It hurts to think that the person who is most important to you may wonder if you value them or not. Let your partner know how much they mean to you on a regular basis. Praise and praise freely, and express gratitude for all that your partner does to enrich your life and marriage.

6. Apologize quickly and sincerely, taking responsibility for your part in whatever happened in the marriage.

The truth is that sometimes it’s hard to say “I’m sorry.” That’s when it’s time to remember the question, “Would you rather be good or would you rather be happy?”

Accept that things don’t always make sense in relationships and confusion and misunderstandings can easily happen. It’s a sign of maturity when you say, “I’m very sorry for my part in what happened between us.”

7. Have interests, hobbies and activities in your life that you enjoy so that you don’t lose the habit easily if you have a problem with your partner.

It’s important to have hobbies and activities that satisfy you that can help you stay organized and grounded if other areas of your life are bothering you. That way, you can regain a sense of perspective and be able to cope with constant stress.

For example, if you and your partner are hitting a bump in the road in your relationship, you can go for a long bike ride, go fishing with a friend, visit a museum, or read an interesting book. Those things and your interests can add joy to your life to make up for temporary problems in your marriage. You’re always ahead of the game when you know other ways to lift your spirits.

8. Find fun activities and bonding experiences to share with your partner.

Be on the lookout for fun things to do with your partner. Search the local newspaper for plays, concerts, new movies, museum exhibits, neighborhood fairs and events, and new restaurant listings. Laughter and fun go hand in hand and can help create those great “Kodak moments”.

Look for things that you and your partner believe in, such as spending a Saturday helping a local charity with a garage sale or volunteering together at a local soup kitchen. This experience can help you remember what you and your partner have in common and how much fun it is to work together towards a common goal.

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