A 3 B 3 C 3 D 3 Formula 3 Top Vitamins for Longer Eyelash Growth

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3 Top Vitamins for Longer Eyelash Growth

Whether you’ve tried all the eyelash growth serums or bathed your eyelashes in a range of nourishing oils, getting your eyelashes to grow longer and stronger has always been a challenge for many men and women around the world. There are many different ways to help you achieve long eyelashes but one of the best ways is the use of hair growth vitamins. Searching and deciding on the best vitamins that will give you fast and long-lasting results with the right ingredients can be very difficult, so we are here to save you some time by providing the Top 3 Vitamins for Longer Eyelash Growth.


Biotin is one of the most effective vitamins that you can use for eyelash growth but it is actually found naturally in the body itself, it plays an important part of a good diet. So why should you take biotin as a supplement? Well, if you don’t have enough biotin in your diet, or you really want your eyelashes to grow longer, taking biotin as a regular supplement greatly increases the speed of the metabolic response in the body, which increases the speed of eyelash growth without causing any kind of power. side effects you may live to regret. Biotin itself is also widely available in most health food stores and your average grocery store, which is convenient for those who want to continuously maintain supplies.

Folic acid:

Usually taken to strengthen the health of your nervous system, folic acid is an excellent vitamin that increases the growth rate of your lashes. By acting as an agent to increase the production of red blood cells in the body, it helps restore, multiply and develop the amount of new cells in the body and like biotin it increases the metabolic rates of hair growth, including eyelash growth. You can find folic acid in all reliable places of sale, however it is important to take the right dose to achieve the best results. For women this should not exceed 200 mcg and for men 400 mcg.

Hair, skin and nails:

A popular vitamin that promotes the growth of long eyelashes is the formula for hair, skin and nails. It works like 3 in 1 tablet, it contains a wide range of ingredients including, vitamins A, c, d and e, biotin, folic acid, calcium and vitamin B 12. All these ingredients are specifically aimed at increasing the rate of metabolic growth. hair, skin and nails and is therefore perfect for your long-term eyelash growth needs. Best results are seen by taking these pills as a daily supplement along with a wide range of over the counter hair, skin and nail formulas. It can always be difficult to find large quantities in certain stores but you can always find them online if that is the case.

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