A 3 B 3 C 3 D 3 Formula Penis Injury Quiz – Match the Cringe-Worthy Act to the Pain

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Penis Injury Quiz – Match the Cringe-Worthy Act to the Pain

It is difficult to collect statistics on penile injuries. Men with painful sores tend to avoid making a doctor’s appointment because they’re embarrassed, but chances are, every guy out there has dealt with a sore penis at least once. And it’s possible that this problem arose because of something common (and maybe a little stupid).

This quiz contains a few common causes of erectile dysfunction, as well as symptoms that may warrant immediate erectile dysfunction care. Comparing injuries from that incident can help men learn to keep their organs a little safer in the future.


1) Small pieces of leather sandwiched between two pieces of metal.

2) A sound that comes out, and a lot of hurt and a lot of pain.

3) The skin looks burnt and boiled, and very painful.

4) The tip of the penis is cracked and dry, and the whole unit looks red.

5) Bleeding quickly with pain.


A) Hitting the bone during intercourse. An erect penis is full of blood, and in this case, the tissue is rigid and inflexible. If a guy hits his partner’s bone during sex, the hard tissue can burst, resulting in excruciating pain. This type of injury is considered a medical emergency, as men often require surgery to repair the damage.

B) Dressing without underwear. Going commando means putting the skin at risk of direct contact with the zipper, and sometimes, loose skin can get caught and pinched. In general, it is better to go to the emergency room with the injury, than to wrestle with the clothes at home. Men with zipper trauma may need help to safely remove the trapped tissue, as well as attention to caring for the torn skin.

C) Torn frenulum. This narrow band of skin connects the foreskin to the rest of the penis. In men who are circumcised, a little bit remains. Uncircumcised men can have a hard time with this passage. During intercourse, the contractions can be so strong that this small piece of tissue is stretched at the fracture site, and when it is, it can cause heavy bleeding. Some men are able to heal themselves at home, without the help of a doctor. But some men will need a little medical help to recover from this injury.

D) Rubbing the genitals excessively. Hanging on the penis for several hours can leave the skin feeling burning and sore. Even when a guy uses lube, the skin may cry out for relief if he abuses the tool for a long time. This type of problem usually goes away with rest and a little TLC, but men who have done serious damage may want to see a doctor, to make sure they haven’t done any long-term damage.

E) Using toothpaste, muscle cream or something unusual like masturbation lube. These things may seem fun and exciting, but the skin of the penis is sensitive, and ready to react when exposed to hot substances such as menthol or capsaicin. Such injuries often heal without much attention or medical support, so men can get without seeing a doctor, but, they should call for advice if the pain is severe.

Answer key

1) B

2) A

3) E

4) D

5) C


A penis can be a lot of fun to play with, but this tool is also very sensitive, and surprisingly easy to use. That’s why it pays to be careful with pee, even if being careful means that the pleasure is a little less sweet.

Using male health cream (health experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) can be a perfect addition to a careful lifestyle. Quality products contain ingredients needed by connective tissue after injury, and the emollient formula can keep the skin soft and smooth, so it can withstand abuse with ease.

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