A Simple Formula For Answering Tell Me About Yourself Counting Petals – Is the Feeling Real?

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Counting Petals – Is the Feeling Real?

Do they like me or not? Pull, pull and watch the false sense of fortune-telling slowly fall to the ground.


Forget the psychics, your horoscope, and what “others” say. They don’t know more than you do. Yeh, you may forget what I said (in writing)…but to answer the first question it has to come from your gut. What is the intestine? It’s your instinct. That little voice inside you that says “this is good” and “be careful!” that sometimes we neglect to give to other places to “talk”. How do I know it’s telling me the truth? You don’t have it. That’s the gamble in life, love, and human interaction in general. We have to take a leap, but it counts. Below, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list based on the many conversations I’ve had with male and female friends (of different ages, gender, social status, race, religion) about how to tell if someone is genuinely into you, or NOT. . Since I, too, have a 50% chance of confusion between my gut and my hope, I am happy to understand that no matter how much you think you know, there is more to learn.

Consider below a list of modern signs, requested myths and harmless experiments in search of true emotions. They are divided into the categories “YOU LIKE”, “NOT” and WOFT (Beware of Thorns). Certain sections may follow some of these points indicated by “BUT” (cannot think of any flower references of this word). As you learn, you will find it. I’m pretty sure ADD has set in…

NOTE: a) This list is not exclusive. There are many other ideas, suggestions and tips that I have not included so don’t write me and tell me “you forgot to say blah blah”. I’m not writing a novel here. b) Just because this list explains your questions doesn’t mean they can’t be changed. Love / Like emotions and feelings always arise. Use these points only, in your situation as it is now, in the future or in the past.

  1. Meeting the parents. WOFT. First of all if they live at home, then you have to meet their parents anyway so that you can negate any purpose voluntarily. Back then, meeting the parents was the key to approval. At present? I heard parents eat breakfast with a 1 night stand. Check to see if they have one of those “modern” families where they know everything and everyone because they have an open mind. If they say, “I hope you stay a long time” … then run.
  2. Meeting close friends. WOFT. This means nothing. Their friends may be the sweetest and coolest people but they can also be really just…cool. Their interest is their friend’s best interest. If their friend is interested in you temporarily, they will be cool with it. Don’t just start exchanging numbers right off the bat and try hard to get them to like you. BUT if all their friends are connected every time you sit, this may mean something different. Let your gut tell you they are using you just so you don’t feel left out.
  3. A friend in need. HE LOVES YOU. They are there and want to be there for you even when you don’t ask for help…not “I have nothing better to do” or “I need something to do”. They just want to contribute to making things in their capacity, easier for you, without compensation. For example, you’ve been working long hours and don’t have time to get food in advance (but you can now), but they still make you dinner or get it for you. Another example, you are stuck in an appointment and need to get stamps before the post office closes. Without having to ask, they volunteer to pick you up and drop you off at your place after work. BUT if they ask you to go after helping, all the time, or now you have a list of good things to ask you all the time…be careful.
  4. Extremely Jealous. NO. Many people might say that riding is a sign of someone you can’t get rid of. This is not true. People with extreme jealousy are insecure, possessive, controlling, and very hungry for attention. Someone can’t care about you at all and still be jealous! It’s because they feel you’re their bone (canine analogy) until they’re done with you… and THEN they can claim you. There are people who are in love with several people at the same time and still want the undivided loyalty of each person! Remember, this is a character flaw and it may never change so you have to find out if this is something you can handle given your personality, lifestyle and habits. BUT, if jealousy is subtle, quiet, passive and rare, then this is a good sign. A little sane jealousy is good. It keeps the other person on their toes and it can be a sign that they want a level of respect in the relationship. This is very healthy so be understanding.
  5. To look. HE LOVES YOU. Catch them looking at you at the same time with a polite smile on their face while talking to others. He is praised. Enjoy it. This person finds the simple things you do, your post-gym sweats, and messy hair in the morning – refreshing. This is good. BUT don’t get confused by the “wow I’m impressed” look of dead people saying “if we were alone, I would have watched you in pain for days”. The latter may be a good idea (not to mention necessary once in a while), but good doesn’t mean sincere feelings. It might just mean that the sexual chemistry is explosive and the feeling is real but it’s a fiery game.
  6. You are better than ex. I say NO! A person who keeps comparing you to his ex is a burden. Yes, they can refer to the ex as a basis for comparison from a new breakup, sometimes. But there are people, who still have old pics everywhere (phone, internet, home, etc.), complain about them, find reasons to talk about them all the time, and tell you how much better you are… go on. They need a therapist. BUT if his best friend or parents mentioned it once, that’s a big plus. He did something good. Pat yourself on the back and keep up the good work.
  7. Increased cuddling and sniffing. HE LOVES YOU. After sex and early on, they want to hold you close and hold you all night. They feel / feel that they smell your hair and neck. They just want you close because it makes them feel good. They feel comfortable. This can happen even when sex isn’t involved like at the movies, while walking around the mall, or at a family barbecue. Don’t act like a jerk and coy by asking why they do that. You know why. Let them do it smartly.
  8. Relatively Expensive, Hard to Find, or Highly Creative Gifts. WOFT. If you’re getting what you think are expensive gifts (which you most likely wouldn’t normally get for yourself)…this can go either way. Some people learn growing up and/or believe that respect and loyalty can be bought. Those people also believe that everyone has value. The only good news here is to find out what they think yours is (this can be a confidence boost or very painful). For example, a multi-millionaire buys you a pair of shoes and a few trinkets….you are cheap. A hotelier buys tickets to a sold-out golf tournament you’ve been wanting to go to for weeks…at a premium. A recent college graduate surprises you by buying oil to give you a “spa” afternoon and make a special for them that takes 2 hours to make…….very expensive. Everything is related. It depends on the person, what is the gift and it is MOST IMPORTANT what idea goes into the gift, even $5 at McDonalds because they know you are hungry LOVE burgers and fries OR an amazing diamond watch because it will look good on you. Someone who really loves you wants it to be perfect. It’s your happiness they want, not an easy way to score brownie points or boost their egos.
  9. Anytime, Anywhere. HE LOVES YOU. For example, you are at a hot party of the year, you start to feel tired and you say let’s go, they just say “ok” or they finish their drink, start collecting their things, and start the way to say goodbye. They don’t say “not yet..I can’t leave my friends”; or “I’m going to take a shower” then disappear to discuss and leave you waiting; or “You’re a bad party guy”; or “Have one drink”. If they need more time, they can ask for a reasonable extension like 20 minutes. This person enjoys being wherever they are. It’s also good if most of the event, someone was next to you or close to you … not because you asked, they don’t have friends or they think you will be jealous. They do that because that’s where they CHOOSE, they LOVE to be. Another example, they might like their place on a Friday night, but you suggest movies and pizza instead? They are low. The best feature is when they don’t need you to invite your friends or theirs all the time. You have to have enough sometimes. BUT remember, everyone needs their personal space and time to be with their closest friends besides you. Also be wary of someone who ALWAYS wants to be alone with you, meet you at your/their place most of the time, or in “off the beaten path” places that are not their usual places. They might try to keep your “thing” under some pretext… hummm.
  10. They told you so. NO. This is not, is not and will not be an indicator that someone really likes you or not. They may be a good player, or bad at breaking hearts, or they really love you. Who knows?! The only way it can say more is that the statement is unsolicited, tone, eye contact, timing and other factors play well off each other. This really needs your guts!!! Always remember…words don’t create as powerful memories as real actions. Whatever the person says, make sure it’s consistent with the small and big things they’re doing combined with enough time to allow these actions to be repeated. ALL people behave in patterns. Like actors who pretend to be “good”, they finally reveal their true selves; an honest person will demonstrate this over and over again – to you, and to others. Pay attention. The life words my mother told me: “You can change a person’s habits but not their character”. “A person’s past and present, give hints about their future”. Don’t let wishful thinking or the sweet sounds of 3 words, take over your emotions. BUT Closed mouths don’t get fed…just ask if you’re ready. listen and watch.

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