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So, What Is This Thing Called Edumarketing?

We live in an information driven Society. Knowledge provides the building blocks upon which knowledge is built. Today, knowledge is the real currency of business—the catalyst that drives our economy and our way of life.

Two of the most respected thinkers of the last 100 years, Peter Drucker and Philip Kotler, were clear in their portrayal of the current business environment. That is, we now live in an information society.

Peter Drucker noted this shift in his book The Post Capitalist Society, urging, “That knowledge has become a tool, rather than a source.

According to Kotler “moving from the Industrial Economy to the Information Economy brings new ideas that question the relevance of conventional marketing concepts in developing marketing strategies for today and tomorrow.”

Why Edumamarketing?

The past ten years have seen a lot of upheaval in the marketing sector. We live in a media-rich world where information bombards us from all sides. In his compelling book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert Cialdini says, “You and I live in a very complex persuasive environment, easily the fastest-moving and most complex that has ever existed on this planet.”

These views aptly describe the world we live in, where knowledge and information are central to our existence. The advent of computers, the Internet, wireless communication, and other technologies presents new opportunities for marketing professionals.

One of the areas is to interact with customers, both business-to-business and business-to-customer, to create a learning experience where the customer learns-both how to better describe their problem and how to solve this problem.

In this new reality, it is the consumer who, to a large extent, runs the show.

Consumers are using technology to learn about the company behind the products and services they buy and to categorize every aspect of the product by educating themselves—and it’s changing everything.

Capturing the customer’s attention is no longer possible by putting your message “out there.” The focus on creating knowledge requires a radical change.

What needs to change? How you communicate.

The fast pace of today’s marketplace—no matter what your business—has changed the way consumers want to do business. Marketing has become less about pushing messages to people, and more about empowering them to make informed purchasing decisions.

Rather than engaging in a process of deception, marketing communicators should focus on informing and educating potential customers, giving them the insight and information needed to make an informed decision. Doing this is a new way to build customer loyalty.

This paper discusses a new way to understand and influence the customer through informative and impactful communication. This method is called marketing.

Edumamarketing is a company-initiated activity designed to influence changes in the knowledge, skills, or attitudes of consumers—whether individuals, groups, or communities.

Cognitive psychology, particularly research that deals with how people learn, tells us that people use existing cognitive filters and mental representations when making decisions.

Many studies confirm that thinking involves three constructs—which together drive how people learn. These things are cognition, emotion, and the context in which thinking occurs.

Edumamarketing focuses on influencing the buying process using education-based marketing that informs, instructs and educates. Integrating cognitive, emotional and social components of learning.

Today, your customers can hold you to very high standards when it comes to providing them with the data and information they need to create insights and insights. Ultimately helping them make the best possible purchase.

Marketing based on education, teaching, provides an opportunity for the marketing communicator to communicate with customers in a focused way that delivers high value. Instead of overwhelming people with a self-promoting message, the marketing communicator provides an educational foundation to help the customer find the right solution to their idiosyncratic problem. And this changes the way you create and exchange messages about your products and services.

How does it work?

The main job of a marketing communicator has become like that of a teacher as he is a person who educates and entertains. Of course most consumer products will continue down the path of non-resistance – that is, just entertainment in the hope of building a brand image or manipulating a one-time sale.

However, what is quickly becoming part of a marketer’s toolkit is the use of educational methods to help build loyalty that leads to sales.

Take for example a typical cereal box. Cheerios decorates its box with “Healthy Heart” educational messages. Cheerios uses the cereal box to educate consumers about the issue of cholesterol and, of course, how Cheerios can be a part of lowering cholesterol.

This new marketing method relies on educating the customer, and therefore different marketing principles apply. A new marketer must understand the principles of learning and advanced products and services – get this… learning theory.

One example, small industrial cleaners manufacturer ChemStation ( supplies thousands of products to hundreds of industries. ChemStation sells industrial cleaning chemicals to a wide variety of industrial customers, from car washes to the US Air Force. Whether the customer is washing ships or a factory, a shop or a restaurant, ChemStation comes with the perfect solution for routine cleaning.

ChemStation collaborates with its customers to design custom solutions for their unique cleaning problems. ChemStation works with each customer to put together a soap formula designed specifically for that customer.

This works because many business customers prefer to buy a packaged solution to a problem from a single vendor. ChemStation sells its intellectual property to firms in need of solutions.

Another firm that excels in the marketing field is Butterball, a leader in the marketing and sales of turkeys. Customers can visit the Butterball website ( for information on cooking and carving a turkey.

Butterball’s website receives over 500,000 visitors during Thanksgiving week accessing its timely features and recommendations. However, the commitment to education is evident in the fact that Butterball’s help line (1-800-BUTTTERBALL) is staffed by 50 local economists and nutritionists who answer more than 100,000 questions each November and December.

BMW used its teaching skills. They offer an exit training program for young drivers. As part of its “Ultimate Driving Experience” tour, BMW is offering to teach people how to drive their cars – at high speed! The promise: “Experienced trained drivers will be there to guide you through a variety of exciting driving techniques designed to sharpen your skills – and make you a safe, confident driver.” Benefit: Drivers unlock their driving potential and you’re ready to engage in a conversation about how to integrate these skills into their daily driving habits.

Gone are the days when marketers could tell the world about their new and amazing product or service. Today’s consumers are smart. They have access to information from a wide range of sources – and they use it. Firms must go beyond a simple reflection of the past.

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