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Exclusive – Interview With Brenda Watson – Author of The Fiber 35 Diet

Recently, I interviewed Ms. Brenda Watson CNC about her new book, The Fiber 35 Diet. He is a knowledgeable person with an amazing background in Alternative Medicine.

KJ: Why did you write the Fiber 35 Diet?

BW: The Fiber 35 Diet is my 4th book. Prior to its publication I was a self-published author specializing in digestive disorders with Dr. Leonard Smith.

I have always known about the benefits of fiber in food. Between the ages of 42 and 48 I gained weight, even though I was doing inaturopathy.

KJ: Why?

BW: Fiber-rich foods have been found to be the best. I ate too much protein. So, I did a lot of research on fiber intake. People don’t count fiber. Dr. Dennis Burkett traveled to Africa to study the African diet, which includes 60-80g fiber per day. Native people there are free from digestive problems, hemorrhoids, heart disease, varicose veins, bowel disease, diverticulitis, diabetes …. Americans should count their fiber intake.

BW: The average fiber supplement delivers 3-5g. I did not eat wheat. So, I started counting the grams of fiber I ate.

You need 35g to be healthy. A study at the University of California showed that more CCK is produced after eating a high-fiber diet, such as when you eat a high-fat diet.

My personal experiment turned out to be a fiber flush effect. The fiber flush effect is based on an average of 7 calories released per gram of fiber consumed. The average American consumes 10 to 12g of fiber per day, which equates to about 70-84 calories. This should be increased to 35g of fiber every day. Fewer calories are absorbed this way.

BW: I also made the mistake of not hurting myself. It is good to do this, once or twice a week.

KJ: I rarely do this myself.

BW: You need to get a base of calories by your body weight to have an idea of ​​your calorie needs. You can follow the formula to determine your caloric needs in the Fiber 35 Diet book. I also describe the necessary amount of daily exercise to burn calories. The key, however, is to count fiber grams, not calories.

It is also very important to read food labels. Don’t buy anything under 3 grams of fiber per serving. For example, whole wheat should contain 3-7 grams of fiber. Multigrain does not always mean whole grain.

KJ: Do you see yourself as a regular student?

BW: Women, ages 35 and up

KJ: What are the most important health problems you believe Americans face because of a lack of fiber?

BW: $120 billion is spent on medical care for digestive disorders annually.

Increasing fiber means reducing: heart attack, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, reflux and GERD, to name a few.

KJ: You state in the introduction that 35g of fiber every day will help you lose weight and reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.

Fiber 35–What does 35 grams of fiber a day look like?


Breakfast–7g orange, 8g steel cut oats rather than regular oats

Lunch – 10g salad of romaine, spinach, walnuts, peas and chicken

Snack– 4g hummus (2T), with celery and carrots, or flax crackers

Dinner– salmon, 11g of acorn squash and kale

Total around 35g-40g of fiber.

KJ: That’s easy!

BW: People want options. A health food store will have shakes that have fiber and protein in them and there are good fiber bars too.

KJ: What are our best sources of fiber?

BW: Green vegetables and whole grains. Read the labels. People with digestive problems steam their vegetables lightly.

KJ: Which foods are our enemies?

BW: Sugar and processed foods.

KJ: Before long, cancer was the worst word I heard every day. Today is a daily word. In your opinion, what are the top “do’s” to prevent cancer?

BW: Detox and eat a plant-based diet. A specific program using herbs, detox, water, fiber, and infrared sauna should be followed. The infrared sauna is widely used by holistic doctors in clinics and is very safe. An infrared sauna produces radiant heat, and the heat creates sweating; the patient sweats out heavy metals and other toxins.

KJ: I understand that several years ago you also had health problems.

BW: About 20 years ago. I became interested in naturopathy and became a colon hydrotherapist.

In 1990 I started my clinical training, and from 1993-1998 I had 5 clinics.

KJ: I read that you are also a Naturopathic Doctor. How is naturopathy different from conventional medical facilities?

BW: Study drugs and nutriceuticals, ie. vitamins and antioxidants.

KJ: Are you into alternative medicine?

BW: Yes, Dr. Leonard Smith, associate professor at the University of Miami, and I worked together during the entire movement. We aim to educate the patient using a holistic approach.

KJ: Is alternative medicine used routinely?

BW: Yes, but the media is behind this. For example, in New York City, there is a general lack of information about the media.

KJ: Today’s consumer understands that organic foods are better than those treated with pesticides. Some people cannot buy organic products. Any suggestions for this group?

BW: Buy things to wash fruits and vegetables; use natural household products like vinegar and baking soda.

A study called Toxic Body Burden was completed using volunteers. The average number of poisons per person was 91. Our bodies don’t detox the way we think.

Recently, the release of perchlorethylene (perc) dry cleaning solvent in California was made law. The chemicals are known carcinogens and have been linked to bladder, esophageal and other cancers. Several people living in the building above the dry cleaning business became ill, and an investigation was launched.

KJ: When you wrote the Fiber 35 Diet, how much research did you put into it?

BW: 2 years

KJ: The book says that a person goes through 3 stages. Phase 1 and 2 shed pounds by eating fiber and exercising. Level 3 is a life support system.

How long does Phase 1 and Phase 2 take?

BW: Phase 1 takes about 1-2 weeks and Phase 2 takes about 1 month.

No one stays below 1200 calories.

KJ: Is colon cleansing necessary? If so, why?

BW: Not always, this is only necessary when someone is tied up. One should move the bowels every day, and very well.

When constipation occurs, I recommend a day 7 or day 14 cleanse. Constipation affects the ability to lose weight. It reduces the rate of metabolism, which leads to overeating and leads to autointoxication (self-poisoning).

KJ: In short, what is the difference between your cookbook and others?

BW: The Fiber 35 Diet is well-rounded, not a fad, includes sound research, and is simple. Most meals can be put together in less than 30 minutes and I provide a grocery list once a week. It is absurd.

Lifestyle is important as is exercise.

In my PBS special I highlight a 20 minute upper and lower body workout DVD. A similar approach is in the Fiber 35 Diet book. It uses resistance bands that can be used by anyone with a neck and back.

KJ: Brenda, thank you, and good luck with your new book, The Fiber 35 Diet.

BW: Thank you.

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