Call To Action Secret Formulas To Improve Online Results Has LOA Left You DOA?

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Has LOA Left You DOA?

The law of attraction gets a lot of press these days.

It’s a natural principle that’s been around since the beginning of time, at least as far as any of us can tell, but it really seems to have grown in popularity over the past few years.

The law works like this: Your life is the result of your best thoughts. Like attraction, whatever you focus on the most (consciously or unconsciously) is what attracts you. You are also attracted to it. It sounds pretty simple on the surface, doesn’t it? And in fact, the law itself is very simple. After all, it just does its thing, day after day, without judging anything of ours.

The rub is…most of us have no idea what our focus is, and we all have to overcome a bunch of negative beliefs and limiting thoughts that can literally block our energy channels! This prevents us from drawing anything like a life of abundance. In any area of ​​our lives. Well, everywhere! And… there’s a hell of a lot more to it than you think with good thoughts!

With the recession, people losing their jobs, rising costs of living and many people being obsessed with not having enough money, the idea that you can truly control your life and shape your destiny is a very exciting thing! So, along with movies and books that inspire the idea of ​​living the life you’ve always dreamed of. They are literally everywhere. They fill your head with the idea that your fantasy life can come true if you can just imagine it, feel the sensation of having it and then sit back, let go and get ready to experience the abundance of the universe.

And of course the elephant in the room, which is the big, glaring, and painfully obvious question that begs to be asked, is this: If it’s that easy, why isn’t everyone living the life of their dreams?

Simple answer: It’s not that simple! (There’s more!)

Here’s something else to chew on…

I once heard a speaker tell a story about how he asked a room full of people at a self-help seminar to raise their hands to read Napoleon Hill’s classic book “Think and Grow Rich”. Almost every hand in the room went up in excitement. He then followed up the question by saying, “How many of you are rich?” Cricket…no hand raised. Again, how is that possible?

Is it conceivable that you really need to do more than just think to become rich? Or do you wish to succeed? Or do you hope to live a happy life? Imagine and see your way to fame and fortune? Are you meditating your way to abundance?


However, there are countless people who buy this idea that all you have to do is change your thoughts to happy, positive ones and the world will be your magic genie, bringing you whatever you want.

While these ideas make great fiction…they don’t lead to any tangible results in your real life!

Maybe you’re one of the people who bought into this idea and found out that it doesn’t work that well. You are definitely not alone!

As exciting and inspiring as it is to think that you can have anything you want in this life, be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do; it’s equally, if not more disappointing to find out that it doesn’t happen 48 hours after your vision session and the fun time you spent looking at your vision board.

It’s time for a big wake-up call and time to start doing things that get you real results in your life!

The truth is that you can be, have, or do anything you want in this life. You cannot have it or be it or do it by always wishing for it. All the good affirmations in the world, if they are repeated in the sanctity of your “meditation” and if they are not combined with inspired and positive action, are about as effective as throwing a pen at a good wish or rubbing your lucky rabbit’s foot.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably more than a little fed up with hearing about how easy it is to change your life. Like how you can go from being unemployed and buried in a mountain of debt to becoming a multi-millionaire just by using one duper secret formula found exclusively in a 15 CD set called the “Super Duper Secret Formula”. Or maybe how you can wake up early in the morning and tell your boss to kiss your ass because you are now working for yourself… from home… or on the beach. And all because you bought the latest courses titled “How to tell your boss to kiss your ass”.

It gets old a little bit. Actually, it’s very old! And it certainly doesn’t empower anyone or create a wave of people following their hearts, living with passion, purpose and life experiences at the highest levels possible.

So how the hell does it work?

I recently had the opportunity to ask some very wise and successful people about their take on the law of attraction. These are people you may have heard of and they are also people who have experienced extraordinary results in their lives. I’m telling you this…they didn’t do it by sitting on the couch, watching “The Secret” fifty-three times, and lighting their candles while singing “I am receiving all good things…I am. receiving all good things…I am receiving all good things” good”.

Listen to how their amazing answers are the same, and see if you can pick up on any common theme.

First I asked the Millionaire Messiah himself, Mr. Randy Gage.

If you don’t know Randy, he is a well-known expert in the world of success. After all, there may be no one on earth who understands more about what it takes to achieve success, wealth, and how to live abundantly in all areas of your life.

Check out his answer to the question, “What is your take on the law of attraction?”

RG: “It’s the law of real success. Unfortunately, “The Secret” gave it a kind of high-end treatment, so not everyone understands it. You can’t just sit on your ass thinking about your Lamborghini and expect it to pull up in the driveway on its own.”

I asked Eric Farewell again.

Farewell is a young man living his life the way he wants to live it. He is a badass and every day is having the time of his life. He has become a very successful marketer and is also the owner of Farewell Photography. Basically Eric does whatever he wants, whenever he wants, with whoever he wants to do it with. And that is his life. Cool, right? How do you think he created that? Read on…

EF: “If you want the law of attraction to work for you, it takes more than just thinking positive thoughts. Because even though positive thoughts can help put your mind in the right state to receive good things, most of us find that positive thinking, coupled with a good plan and pushing towards real, positive goals , make everything a place”.

Then I asked Pat O’Bryan the same question.

Pat is the CEO of Practical Metaphysics, the founder of MilagroWorld online, a best-selling author, a highly successful marketer, and a successful internet marketing coach. One of the books he wrote is called Your Portable Empire. This book tells you how to do what he did, that is, create your own life, do whatever you want to do from wherever you want to do it. So again, a guy who walks the talk. Here’s what he had to say when asked about the LOA:

POB:”I think you get what you focus on…I have no proof that anything comes to you without action. I have noticed that when I focus and take action, things become like work for me. It’s an advantage. Accidents happen and usually happy. People I need to meet they just appear in my life. However, the image of a man sitting in an armchair and wishing for a sports car is a myth”.

Do you pick up what they drop? They get it! There is more to achieving success than what you are told! They know what they are talking about. And the proof is in their lives!

And look, these aren’t cheesy, clueless clowns making all their money by selling you a bill of goods. These are people who have achieved real success at a very high level. And again, they have done this because they understand that there is more to it than what many others may have led you to believe.

Sugar blanket is not my thing. You know you read my articles and blog. So, start a business to do something with your life!

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