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Success – An Objective And Promise

I believe in you because you are a creature of God.

Our objective in writing this series of articles is to assist you in:

  • Developing a deeper understanding and heightened relationship with God

  • Developing more clearly defined goals in all areas of your life

  • Developing a clear, written plan of action for success

  • Developing a more positive attitude about yourself and the opportunities that abound around you

  • Developing the skills necessary for you to achieve your personal and professional goals

  • Developing internal motivation to reach those defined personal goals

Our promise is to:

  • Help you develop an inner passion for achievement.

  • Help you to visualize that which is now and that which is to come.

  • Help you build on the hope that is for your future

  • Help you find your hidden skills and passions

  • Help you find your inner self

  • Help you develop a meaningful working relationship with God and your fellow man

But Wait! – Who are we kidding?

Let’s face it; success objectives and promises are not worth the paper they are written on, without you. The catalyst in the equation is you. It’s you that makes it all worthwhile and brings God’s promises into an experience. We must have your undivided attention, willingness to participate, desire to succeed, fortitude to stay the course and most of all – belief in yourself and the possibilities. Make no mistake, no one can make it happen for you and quite frankly most people don’t care if you make it or not. The reality is, in most instances, people want to see you fail. They don’t want to see you elevate above them. Sound harsh – well it’s sad but true. In other words, that which effects you is governed by you and nothing is going to happen in your life without your participation. I guarantee you won’t be successful if you simply think you can read some information and not put it into action. If you think there is some magic ray that enters your brain while you sleep and you will suddenly wake up a success. Then, my friend, you are doomed to a life of mediocrity

Success is a personal challenge that God places before you; you have to work for it. Each advance in God’s creation requires some effort on the participants part. God’s laws are open to everyone, believers and non-believers. Don’t think just because you are a believer, God’s laws are proprietary to Christians; they are not. God’s laws are indifferent; they are cause and effect or the action in choice. That’s why bad people succeed, they have uncovered the secret. Good people fail because they won’t open their eyes to the truth.

Unfortunately, statistics show a great percentage of what is published in the world’s greatest self-help and how-to publications never gets read by most buyers and of the material contained is only partly or never practiced. Most people don’t have enough belief or are just not self-disciplined enough to follow or study even the best laid out instructional concepts in the manuals and then implement them into their lives. That’s why higher learning institutions are so valuable and charge so much; they teach how to arouse the inner self to undisciplined people.. They also teach people how to focus on the task at hand. I can’t stress enough, if you do not discipline yourself in this effort it too will fall to uncertainty and ultimately disappointment. If you don’t believe, failure becomes your bed partner What most people forget is that to become great at anything, you’ve got to get single minded. You have to define your target and fire the arrow straight and true.

First Law- the force needed to move an object is in direct proportion to its’ resistance. What does that mean? It simply means, “the harder you work the more you get.” But, there’s a saying, work smarter not harder that applies. Intelligent application overrides brute force. Also, necessity is the mother of invention. People are the only beings on earth that has the capacity to invent. Why? Because invention is discovering truth; a God inherited trait.

God may provide everything you need but it is still a test of your willingness; to see if you have the fortitude to carry out the task. Success is a test of endurance, desire, and commitment that always resist capture. Success is an elusive mistress who if not attended to, will betray you for another. The fact is, personal accomplishments, stewardship and financial success may go hand in hand but without a clear-cut course of action, they are nothing more than pipe dreams that are allusive and may never be achieved. They must first materialize in your mind before they will materialize physically. But, everything is relative as each action affects its’ own result while every problem contains its’ own answer. The answer has to be sought out and defined. A target may seem clear but is elusive until defined. It’s like a shadow; there is no substance until you define its parameters. There may be five targets set up on a target practice course but you would not know which to shoot at unless you identified your particular target. Be sure you are shooting at your target and not someone else’s. It is easy to mistakenly work toward someone else’s goal thinking all the while it is yours. Your alter ego does not want to see you successful. He is the Prince of darkness and great deceiver, he wants to deceive you into thinking being poor is being righteous. There is no virtue in being poor. Where have you ever heard that a poor man exemplifies Christ? Is God poor – I don’t think so!

Each goal or target is affected by cause and affect. This law of action contains forces that drive an object toward completion. The more rewarding the project is, the harder you have to work to obtain it. No one said it would be a bed of roses and you will get what you want on a silver platter. It takes hard work, which has and always will be the backbone of American success. Really, it’s no big deal; just keep focused on the brass ring. Even God worked, and worked hard, to bring His creation into a reality. He worked so hard he rested when he finished. And how about His passion for man? You can see it all around you, blue sky, green grass, the flowers, how beautiful they are.

It is time; all excuses are gone, you now have step up and grasp your key to freedom. Above all develop your personal high-powered guideline and motivator into a step-by-step plan. That’s what it takes, nothing more nothing less. When I say step-by-step, I mean we can show you how each element of a broad goal can be broken down into its’ smallest parts, but, once you have defined the goal, do you have the passion to carry it through? Like a super star football player, you have to love the game and pursue it with a burning passion that only God can provide. You have to call the play, hike the ball and go for the touchdown. You have to ignite a fire in your heart for the achievement of being in His favor.

Before you start you must be sure, I mean absolutely sure, your goal is something you enjoy. Ask any successful person what their first prerogative is. It will always be that they are doing something they enjoy. It must make you happy because the only way to enjoy life is to be happy in it. Now, you now have the fuel for the fire but you still have to light the fire before it will burn. In the same since, preparation has to be made before feeding fuel to the fire. You have to make sure you don’t start a wild fire and become radical at what you do. There is such a thing as self-containment and you have to be the master of it.

There is no mystery in success it is simply a series of tiny little steps, like any learning process small steps must take place before you can run. A baby does not start off walking’ it must experience crawling first. It takes groundwork, dedication and most of all, perseverance. How many times will a toddler fall? Once, twice a thousand times? See everyone else doing what you are striving for. You must desire it; recognize the desire and act upon the desire. I don’t mean, and I’ll say it over and over, just desire it; I mean I has to be a “burning desire”, a passion, like a super athletic desires the win. It becomes a personal thing; a demonstration to God you are worthy and you deserve it. It becomes a skirmish between you and the challenge at hand. Do you want to crawl around all your life while everyone else is running?

Who will be the victor, the old man and his habits or new man and his successes? Truly, people are a victim of their own meritocracies, their comfort zone, and their unwillingness to change. God provides, if you would only become His action partner. Nothing is ever left for chance; you can and will develop a clear picture of your future and the accomplishments contained there. Why? Because I believe in you. I believe you were destine to succeed. You will triumph, over all obstacles to become a Raven flying free from all bounds.

Make no mistake God wants you to prosper. He provides plenty and wants you to be happy in His abundance. He doesn’t want you to worry or fret over life, He gives abundantly so you may experience life as He intended it for you. He ask that you be grateful for His gift and give Him the glory for all you receive. Know who your contributor is and be happy in it. People cannot provide anything for themselves. God is the provider, people are partakers. It’s a perfect relationship where everyone wins.

If you will allow, we hope to provide you with a stronger foundation for which you may define your goals, improve your out-look, and develop the personal and professional skills necessary to get the most out of your hidden talents and true potential. First you must change from within if you are to be permanently motivated. Desire comes from the heart, embraced, tested, tempered and trusted then, and only then will it move mountains. Here, you will find challenges and outright dares that will question your motives and drive you forward toward that which is rightfully yours.

Are You Ready?

What makes you think you are ready now, when you weren’t yesterday? What changed? What or who has held you back? Has your situation changed? Are you tired of the same old rut day-in-and-day-out? Are you tired of people calling you a loser? Are you tired of feeling like you failed that promise you made to your spouse way back when only the world was enough? You know, a rut is only a grave, open at both ends. What kind of and how deep is the rut you are in? What makes you think anything is going to be different tomorrow? Sure you want success, everyone does, but at the expense of what? Only a very few achieve it, why?

Everyone wants to be rid of financial worries, have good relationships and get rid of stress. . Right? Wrong! We are what we make ourselves. No one makes you fail; you are responsible for that. No one makes you a difficult person to get along with; you are responsible for that too. No one makes you dumb or less than anyone else; you do it to yourself. Well, when are you going to quit letting other people chart your course when you’re the caption of the ship? You have the wheel, plot your own course, define your direction in agreement with your desires and get on with it. Quit being a sniveling victim and be a supreme victor. Climb the mountain and claim the prize, be all God created you to be. After all, you were created in His image. Have faith, and endurance will come. Once you have clearly defined your compatible personal and professional goals they become an internal motivation, the skills required to achieve those goals become obvious. We can only provide a guideline in these dynamic series of articles to place you in the starting gate, and help put you on track so you may develop the personal and professional skills needed to activate more of your potential and achieve your personal goals for success. Make up your mind to run each race to win or don’t get in the race at all. You know where you have been, if you want to stay there then, so be it and you believe.

I refuse to believe you are like most people who choose to only tap a fraction of their capabilities and never even scratch the surface of possibilities lying dormant within them. We have never met yet if feel you. I feel your frustration your anger within yourself for not carrying through on promises made. The feeling of regret for lost years and lost dreams that melted away like fallen rain.

My God, my God, where are thou that you have allowed this person to succumb to a world of lofty presumptions? Have you turned away from this person and let the world become his/her master? Please Lord, please allow this wayward child to see the path of his/her rightful destiny, and pursue it with vigor. Than you Lord for the plenty you are about to display in this person’s life. This I ask in his precious name, Amen.

In Conclusion

While the rewards of life hinge on doors of opportunity someone still has to swing them open. There is no one simple answer to all the problems of the world, there are only responses to questions. Mediocrity robs man of spirit while the soul cries for freedom. Yes, many people live lives of desperation that are dull, drab and uneventful. They never truly wake up from their self made destiny. I once knew a man who died and they revived him. He said it was like waking up for the first time. His life experience changed in a heartbeat. Everything was new and fresh, and he saw it in an entirely new light. His perception was from another place. Colors became more vibrant sounds were more crisp and everywhere he turned he saw opportunity. Before he saw only survival where potential reward was.

From the beginning, man has sought the truth. First in God and then within himself he has sought an understanding to a unanswerable question. From the earliest recorded literature, there have been arguments, debates and dissertations on what constitutes the ingredients of success. One common factor is that some action has to take place before success can result. A cause must be employed before one can progress toward effect. Some kind of act has to take place.

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