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The Perfect List of Must Have Toys for Your Newborn Baby

So now you have your new bundle of joy! Congratulations! When you go out and go back to yours, or in my case, my second son arrived quickly I never left home. She is excited, in awe of how beautiful this new life is. Everyone calls and tells you it’s going to be amazing to be a parent. Only the best things are in her nursery. A sturdy, safe couch, a sturdy changing table, a cool rocker, fresh paint, and plenty of blankets and diapers are all checked off the checklist, but what about a few toys? You may be wondering if a newborn baby needs toys. Whether you feel like it or not, the following list of toys should always be hanging on any new parent’s fridge. Many of these toys allow you to put your feet up and hold the cat! Trust me, grab those while you can!

MOBILE: Studies show that a newborn can see about 8 inches, and although this distance is not enough to see a cell phone hanging above the bed, when it is one month old, it will be able to follow things from left to left. once in a long distance. Using a cell phone will not only make him see, but modern cell phones also play music or rotate. If an expensive modern cell phone isn’t your style, there are many ways to make your own cell phone from simple materials. Please make sure your mobile home is secure, of course.

PLAY MAT: A play mat is the best place for tummy time. Tummy time helps strengthen the back and neck muscles and develops coordination. Many play mats today are made in bright colors and different fabrics to help catch your child’s eye. Some have different textures, sticky toys, and even swimming fish! Just don’t let your angel have tummy time on a boring old carpet. Choose inviting primary colors and soft fabrics. Plus, the practicality and portability of play mats is an added bonus!

PICTURE BOOK: Sharing an adorable and colorful picture book with your new baby is a wonderful activity! Although it’s easy to just buy one at the toy store, making your own pictures or creating a story to read to your child is even better! Visit the online store to create your own photo book with captions that turn your pictures into a journey. By using family photos, this can help your baby learn to identify those who will be visiting soon. I did this with my children every day and when they were about six months old they could see their grandparents when they came to visit.

FINGER PAPERS: When our first son was born, my husband practiced counting with him every day. He would hold up his fingers, count one to five, and be very happy. Although hands and fingers can be interesting on their own for a newborn, taking a marker and drawing a long face on your finger turns them into characters! Have fun making your own finger puppets with fun fabrics and accessories like plastic eyeballs or hair yarn. Even aluminum foil can make a great tin finger! If the thought of crafting scares you, buy finger puppets online or at your local toy store. One warning, start with one doll at a time. Using five finger puppets at once can surprise your little bundle!

SOFT RATTLE: Even though your baby can’t pick up and hold things on his own yet, he can handle himself well. Moms who forget to style their hair know this already! By placing a soft rattle in his hand and giving it a gentle shake, this will help teach cause and effect. “If I move this thing, it might make some noise.” Using a wooden or old plastic rattle is fine, too. However, in my experience, the gentle rubbing of the fabric leaves a small bump on the head when the baby accidentally burps. For a funky twist on the classic rattle, look for chunky boots or a wristlet! These are perfect for when your child is in a car seat riding around town.

ROCKER/USWING: A cool baby swing should be adult sized! Of all toys, this is a MUST in my opinion. Although every baby is different and some may prefer a rocker over a rocking chair or swing, this should be on your shopping list. Not only does it give you the opportunity to take a break for the little one, but if you put it near a window, mirror or picture, the baby has a good place to look! Some mothers find that the swing is an effective place to sleep, however, never leave your baby unattended while in the rocker/swing. There are many rockers and swings to choose from. Some even have options for music, cell phones, or bend to be portable, but don’t be too hung up on the look; you may have to do some trial and error to find out which one your child prefers.

BATHTUB: How can a bathtub be a toy? Honestly, one of the best ways to spend time with your new baby is in the bath! Putting this in the first place was a big mistake! Don’t wait! Babies will grow to love bath time in the baby bath. Today’s baby tubs are designed to fit or fit over most kitchen sinks. This is very easy ergonomically. Buying one with a baby sling, or hammock as I like to call it that fits inside the bathtub helps make bath time easier for you. The hammock is attached to the sides and supports the child while the child “floats” in the water. There are also more bucket style models with a seat inside. This helps keep the baby in an upright, sitting position while bathing. No matter how you “wash” the bathtub is a great place for play, exercise, and quality time with a little squirt!

MUSIC: Kids love music! It can be a wonderful teaching and learning tool. From the beginning the baby is already familiar with all the sounds throughout your day as he grew during your pregnancy. Find the average time of day devoted to music. Put him in his bed, in a swing, on a special mat, or simply in your arms! Listening to soothing music while dancing with him can be refreshing for both of you! With modern and convenient technology, you can create a personal playlist or a specific Internet radio station and carry it with you on your phone. Or you can be a little older and shop around for a newborn music CD. For an extra touch, singing to your baby is the best music to his ears! Create your own concert and create songs based on your daily activities. Diaper changing is fun when there’s a song to go with it. With so many music options to choose from, it could be your perfect toy!

MOM TO GET A TOY/SCARF: Finally, most newborns have some kind of animal or special outfit chosen by the parents. To make this memento stand out, take the stuffed animal and rub it through your hair or body to spread your scent. It may sound silly, but your baby knows what you smell and transferring your scent to a toy will help calm them down when you’re away. This works well for mom and dad or other family members, although it works best for mom. A familiar scent also helps your baby identify. Use care in what you choose, however, make sure it is safe for a child to use and can be washed regularly. And don’t forget to move your scent again after washing something!

A newborn baby does not need fancy or expensive toys. A few things combined with creativity may be what he desires. It is important to remember that babies get bored. On the same note, they can be highly motivated, too. Learning the right balance for you and your baby will come with time. Using the toys described above will help find this balance. Whether you’re soothing your baby with soft hums, splashing tears in the bath, or giving him a puppet show with your fingers, your new baby’s favorite, fun, and free toy is YOU!

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