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Moving Beyond the Fundamentals

Today’s Quote: “Formal education can teach you a lot, but many of the most important skills in life are ones you have to develop yourself.” Lee Iacocca

I did something disturbing in my painting class this week,

only to make another surprise an hour or so later. Accordingly

new to this class–this was my fourth lesson–and it occurred to me that everyone has a way of organizing their palettes. Each one

the student had a color that he followed correctly, and

each person put the paint on their palette in the same way.

I didn’t notice it until this particular class,

because I didn’t allow myself the freedom to move around

Painting loft at the beginning of the class before. This class

it has been going on for many years. Everybody knew everybody,

and Clyde, our instructor, has known his students for years, too. They ate together after class, joked during painting, and in general, were one big happy family. But I was afraid. They were all New York artists. Most of them were much older than me, each with ten to twenty years of painting experience. I was a class kid. That one has a dozen or so paintings under my belt. No one asked me my name. No one particularly cared. So when I found enough courage to ask Clyde about this technique of making a palette, he replied that yes, there was a precise way, with very precise colors, that the person laid out his palette in preparation for painting.

I was never taught that way. Two previous teachers had done it

very different. My first instructor, Luisa, is from Colombia. A brilliant artist, he painted with Latin flair. Frankly, but thoroughly. We students painted strangely,

poolside, and the constant disturbance of Luisa’s Colombian

the janitor, who refreshed the tired painters with hot hoses

Espresso at the touch of Luisa’s finger. We make our own pallets

by putting paint on Styrofoam plates, and we only applied the colors we thought we needed in our paint that day.

My second teacher only taught me six subjects. He hated the idea of ​​a plate, and when I showed my first class with Styrofoam, he automatically sent me back to the neophyte bin. He insisted that I go out and buy a suitable pallet, and ask a glass cutter to cut a rectangular piece of glass to fit inside. That was the perfect palette—and I wouldn’t dare come to class without it! And again, we put the paints as needed in our paint of the day.

So when I got to Clyde’s class at the famous Silvermine

New Canaan School of Art, with an appropriate glass palette

hand, I felt reasonably confident. Many canvases are included

Under my arm, my big art bin full of tubes, brushes,

coal, Liquin, turpentine, and the like, I settled down well

easily. And Clyde never discussed my palette with me. Likewise

In this fourth grade class, I finally asked Clyde about this palette

something. He quickly went to Alex’s easel and brought it with him

back is a chart — very legal to look at — of oil colors sorted by

an exact sequence around a rectangle, which has no differences and

accurately the colors of the oil are specified. We had to place our colors around a

a rectangular pallet every week when we arrive, exactly that

order, no matter what we paint. And he hated it

glass vision. He wanted me to use disposable paper pallets-

placed on the tray table. Hmmm.

A few hours later, I went to the local library to look it up

paintings by Wolf Kahn. No luck. But I read the latest issue

of American Artist magazine, which had an inspiring article about John Asaro. I skimmed over his work — he has an unusual palette of bright, sunburst colors and fresh, bold strokes — to get to the bottom of the article and see if he has the right palette, the author writes. in error. It was different than Clyde’s.

Why all the fuss about my art class and the palette? Most of you

don’t paint in oils anyway!

Lesson: All three of these art teachers were there

very accomplished. They were all skilled painters. They all had it

shown in the shows. And John Asaro got international

recommend. But they had all learned the right basics. After that

they progressed and discovered their skills. Their style.

Such is motherhood. There are some basics you need to do

learn. You need to learn how to properly care for a newborn. Cleaning method

his ears, pull his nose, wash him. There is a foundation

the rules of hygiene that you should not just use

but teach your children. You must learn

the basics of proper nutrition so you can provide your family with nutritious food. You should learn the basic principles behind aerobic exercise and strength training, so you can model fitness for your children and help them start making a lifelong commitment to exercise. You should learn some classic reading, so you can help develop your children’s minds. I believe it is very important to raise the souls of your children by teaching them about religion, and to lead your children to have faith, respect and love for God. It is important that you inspire your children with beautiful music that transforms their souls and instills in them an appreciation for the giants that have come before them.

But the ways to do it can be different as there are mothers and children. Because I can put in proper fitness by having my daughter do classical ballet; you can let your own faucet dance on your kitchen floor. I can teach my children to appreciate music by letting them play the classical violin. No one can play, or beat their own drum set in your garage.

It is important that we learn from each other. By direct use

Observing, and reading good articles and books

Being creative and being a mother, we can show great understanding to them

how to do our job better. I learn a lot from my readers, who send me emails with valuable stories and anecdotes, that they have

The ideas have blessed me and helped me grow as a mother and as a person. I would not have learned the “palette lesson” if I had not directly seen the other students. If I didn’t ask questions.

Motherhood is not a science. It’s art. As you lie down

colors, make sure you have the right basics. But then

undress in your own style. Your skill. Be brave about it

paint your days with your new, bold one.

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