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Dining Areas

Did you know that inside a table service restaurant, customers spend up to 25 percent of their time just waiting? They wait to order, wait for the food to arrive, and so on. They don’t feel comfortable if the space is too crowded, and they don’t feel comfortable if the space is empty. The question of how many seats can fit into a particular restaurant defines, to a large extent, the experience the guest will have in the restaurant. The trend in major metropolitan areas seems to be to squeeze in one or two more tables, even if this means the difference between conviviality and disaster.

For example, New Yorkers are used to small rooms and crowded subways, so they probably tolerate crowding and close quarters better than others. It is true that packing the restaurant with guests contributes to the overall atmosphere of excitement, which designers understand and sometimes exploit in their buildings. Maybe it’s interesting…but is it safe? As we explained in New York City, the fire codes here do not specify and limit the number of seats based on gross square footage. Instead, codes require restaurants to maintain clear hallways, three feet wide, leading to fire exits. Restaurants with 74 seats or more are required to have two fire exits; those seats smaller than 74 should still have unblocked lanes, but may result in one exit.

Most people think about how to accommodate crowds; but for larger spaces, you may want to consider how to divide your dining area into smaller spaces (or spaces that seem smaller) when things are slow. Many restaurants occupy only one location for two or three dining rooms during off-peak times. A good guideline is to allow 15 square feet per seat. This number includes hallways and waiter service stations, but typically does not include entrances and restrooms. Of course, your figures can be modified by the shape or size of the dining room and the size of the tables and chairs.

Different types of facilities have industry-accepted standards for dining room allocations, as shown in the discussion of “Guidelines for Space and Size.” Typically, the lowest seat size on an airplane is in a school cafeteria, which is 8 to 10 feet; the highest in restaurants with the highest average check, at 15 to 18 feet. Another factor to consider may be chair turnover, or chair turnover, which may be the number of times a chair is occupied during a meal. How much revenue you have depends on the type of service, the time or day, the type of customer, the type of menu and atmosphere, and the availability of alcoholic beverages in the restaurant.

Arranging Tables and Booths: After the overall dining area has been agreed upon, you need to consider how the tables or booths will be arranged in that room. On paper, drawing chairs, not just tables, helps remind you to leave enough space to move them out and seat people comfortably. You can find endless variables in the layout of the table. Note that the drawings do not take into account elements such as columns, doors, and architectural features (unusual wall placement) that are often present. Another reality of seat replacement is that, even if your dining room is “full,” all the seats may not be available. A party of two can sit at a table that seats four, and so on.

This vacancy rate can be as high as 20 percent in table-service restaurants or 10 to 12 percent in restaurants or coffee shop counters. Room rates do not apply to facilities where meals are served once a day, for example, prisons and military mess halls. In many restaurants, however, table size can help control vacancy rates. Arrange two tables (desks, or two tops) so they can be easily pushed together to make larger tables if needed. Quick service establishments can try chairs and tables or classroom-style seating with tabletops to accommodate solo diners.

Banquet/Meeting Rooms: Flexible space plans and style statements can update meeting and dining spaces. What sells these days is the combination of signature style and market-driven activities. What makes convention and dining venues more attractive to potential guests? Comfort. Outdated audiovisuals, inadequate lighting, and run-of-the-mill dining chairs make private spaces unfashionable. Make sure you have diffused lighting to reduce eyestrain and choose the right chairs for those extended (eight-hour-plus) company meetings. Use tables with wheels (on lockable casters) so you can customize the space for each event with minimal staff time. Ease of use. Integrate audiovisual (A/V) equipment into the room design.

Avoid the unsightly and unsafe practice of taping wires and cables along meeting room floors. Allocate the space to the people in charge of the meeting, and make sure you have enough room in the back from the room to load and unload special A/V equipment for certain users. Customization. Minimize furniture/built-ins to allow for maximum flexibility. Include an electronic lock arrangement to ensure that each client can have a regular key to their room, if needed. Consider making large conference room walls of tackboard covered with thick fabrics so that presenters can easily post large charts. Flexible lighting controls allow customers to individually determine the correct level of lighting for their events. Technical skills. Clients using meeting rooms are portable these days, carrying laptops, digital assistants (PDAs), smart phones, iPods, and DVD players.

These tools are already everywhere. Your meeting place visitors quickly become accustomed to continuous connectivity and expect the site to be able to provide them. These days, the foundation of high-end meeting rooms is wireless and/or high-speed Web access. In fact, Internet access has replaced many other technologies, such as videoconferencing and in some cases teleconferencing, that can be done through the Web. Basically, meeting planners and organizations need a simple plug and play capability in the meeting environment. This requires access to the Web, a large screen and LCD projector, and easy setup and/or an on-call professional to assist if needed.

Catering/Meeting Venue. The main decision you need to make ahead of time is whether to provide round or rectangular tables for seating. It is very important when planning this room to allow enough space for the aisles, because the waitstaff will be really busy (with full trays) in this area. With accurate tables and large plans on paper, the same place can occupy different people each time. There is an effective formula for calculating banquet seating: If you are using standard rectangular tables, divide the square footage of the room by 8 to find out how many chairs will fit in that space.

For example, a 500-square-foot space, divided by 8, will accommodate 62 or 63 people. When using round tables (for any standard circumference), divide the square footage of the area by 10. The 500-square-foot area and round tables will seat 50. Its use is limited only by columns, entrances, or service doors that will require fewer people sitting in certain areas of the population.

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