Create A Formula That Will Replace The Word Yes A Conscious Conversation About Spiritual Prosperity

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A Conscious Conversation About Spiritual Prosperity

In these times we live in, uppermost in the minds of Americans are all things money. How much money have I lost? How will I live now that I have lost my job? Where will I live now that I have lost my home? Wow! These are things to worry about! How did so many people from one of the richest countries in the world get so many of its citizens in this crisis? Why are we put here for heaven’s sake?

Well with a word … to know! Your understanding, my understanding…our understanding! Yes, for years now we have been living in a conscience of fear and want. This became more frequent after September 11, 2001. In September 2008, seven years later, the financial system in the United States was declared seriously ill. Don’t you want to know that in Colin Tipping’s book Radical Forgiveness he says that every cancer is preceded by depression which usually occurs about 7 years before the cancer is diagnosed? In 2001 our country went into depression and now we are living with the effects like cancer!

It is very important that we all wake up to the fact that our consciousness individually and collectively creates the world in which we live. If we don’t learn how to get rid of negative thoughts we will continue to suffer these kinds of negative consequences.

Most of us only think about what we DO NOT have. That makes us more alike… don’t have it! In the Bible book of Luke (19:26) it says “For I say to you, Everyone who has will be given; he who cannot, will be deprived of what he has; (KJV) Why is that so? It is because the Bible is a story of the human mind and if our consciousness puts us in a state of lack from the beginning, it will certainly cause us to continue to lose what little we have. This is true for any lack we experience whether it is work, relationships, happiness, time, friends…whatever. If you think all the time that you are lacking something, you will be! God always says yes to whatever you believe!

We Americans spent a lot of time and energy focusing on our lack of security back in 2001. How much more insecure can we be today than with our banking systems collapsing around us? Unemployment numbers are rising and the media is pumping more fear into the airwaves than ever before in history! It’s a big challenge not to buy into the mass hysteria! It really does feel like the sky is falling!

So what is the solution? How does one feel successful in times like these? We as individuals need to stop thinking about how “BAD” things are! As already mentioned, we are still one of the richest countries in the world – financial crisis notwithstanding! We have so much more in the world… even homeless people have access to food, shelter and indoor plumbing if they choose in most cities. No we don’t have all our problems solved and many are indeed suffering in the US, but our mental state is the cause of these problems and changing it will be our only solution!

We must learn to think in abundance. We must claim it, call it and sing it to the heavens above!! We are all made in the image and likeness of God which means we are all creators. We are given free will to create luxury or not. God really doesn’t care because we will eventually get back to “It” one day. How we choose to spend our time on Earth is just that, our choice. God will not disturb us yet He is the Source of our supply “It” will give us whatever we choose. We choose through our beliefs and our focus. Believe and think about the things we can’t or cannot do and definitely won’t have and won’t do. Believe and focus on what we can have and do and we will have and we will do! The election of President Barack Obama is a great example of what we can do when we collectively put our minds to something!

Now from a different perspective, what is success really? Is it a big house and a big car joined at the hip with big bills and big car points? Or is it successful to have fun with friends and family even in a small home? Is it delicious and healthy food cooked at home? Or should it be fine dining at a 5-star restaurant?

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having a life of luxury if you really enjoy it. I wonder what percentage of people who feel good are working like crazy to keep everything they’ve got. How many really like the hours they have to work? How many like work, politics and stress? If people were really honest – would they be happy? Are they at peace? Or do they move on so that no one knows how sad they are?

Henry David Thoreau said “most men live a quiet life of despair”. Most of the people I see in my work are sad, lonely and in pain. They are not happy with their jobs, their spouses, their children or their lives. Why do many, many people who claim to be “spiritual or people of faith” live like this? I think it’s because we were taught at a young age by our families and society to hide our truths. We are afraid to admit that we don’t like what is happening in our lives for fear that we will be dismissed as “wrong.” We have to save face, put on our true feelings in order to be accepted in the world. Is that success? I don’t think so!

If you are on this list of people who are struggling (with or without “the stuff”) please stop now! Please take up a serious spiritual practice if you do not have one. Learn to meditate daily to connect with your Source and tap into the infinite energy available to you. Also make sure you pray without ceasing! Talk to God, your angels, your ancestors, your guardians and your guides! They are really there and only want to help, but they won’t go without your permission. Practice gratitude, forgiveness and self-love by letting go! Begin now to trust your Higher Self. Talk to it every day and give it permission to take over your life.

Give up all guilt and stop complaining! You really can do that! Try it!! Sorry everyone… so much!! Practice loving and honoring the Divine in everyone you meet and interact with. Decide what makes you happy and do whatever you can to create that world for yourself. Know that the power is within you and you must always be aware of that with every step you take! If you have to, fake it until you make it and don’t hesitate to ask for support along the way.

Don’t give in to the pressure of society filled with the idea of ​​success! Define it yourself and go for it! Turn off that TV news and start enjoying your life again. You get what you focus on, so focus on the good. Pay attention to God. Focus on love and avoid fear.

If you see your friends focusing on need and living their quiet lives of despair, tell them your truth. Share with them your intention to change your life and it will give permission to other people who need to do the same. Then one by one we will hold hands and change our minds about what defines fertility. We will stop living in fear of loss, we will appreciate all that we have been given and we will start sharing our love and resources. Did you know that there is enough food in this world to feed every hungry person on this planet with plenty of food? If we could just stop grabbing and hijacking and start operating from the mindset that says enough is enough to go around there will be!

Help another person feel safe and you will be telling your subconscious that you are safe. That’s what success is to me, I feel safe, secure… warm and happy. If we start connecting with each other… sharing our resources, food, shelter, warmth and love, how can we feel successful?

It can happen. We can all make this world a happier and safer place. Your spirit knows what to do. Will you listen to it?

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