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Introducing the Three-Step Marketing System

I discussed the Two-Step Marketing Process in a previous article, but here’s something different. The Three-Step Marketing Program will get more people to give you more money, more often, for more profit. This system is so simple that a child can understand it, although few people use it. But that’s good for you, because when you implement and master the Three-Step Marketing Process, you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors.

As the name suggests, it only requires three steps.

  • Attract good people and drive everyone away.

  • Build trust with those who respond.

  • Show them that you are the only one who can give them what they want.

Let’s break it down further, starting with Step #1. That is the basis of all marketing; just as you attract people you want to do business with, you must push others away. Never try to appeal to everyone, because in the end you will appeal to no one. Your ad should intentionally turn some people off while opening others; the plans go together. If you’re not doing a good job of repelling the wrong people, you’re probably not doing a good job of attracting the right people. That can be difficult, of course, but you can achieve it by using special techniques, certain writing strategies, by directly approaching those prospects who would be your ideal customers, and using a few other methods.

However you proceed, put some effort into it. Experiment until you find out what is the best filter for tire kickers and junk. Often, entrepreneurs decide that they want as many customers as possible — but usually, that is impossible and impossible. So you need to develop your message in such a way that people who are not directly targeted will not be interested in it. That way, you don’t waste time and money on people who aren’t interested in becoming your customers in the first place.

Step #2 builds their trust, so they honestly believe you can deliver the goods. Trust does not come naturally in the business world; must be found. You need to do things to overcome the natural resistance people have to your marketing, the result of years of empty promises and bad experiences. No one but a fool gives money to someone they don’t know or understand.

Step #3 involves proving that you can provide your prospect with the things they need most. Attract good people and build relationships with them; now finish it off by showing that you can deliver on your promises.

If you can do these three things correctly, the sky is the limit.

It all boils down to having a solid understanding of what the market is, how the world affects it, and developing an intimate understanding of the people it involves. I am reminded of someone I know who owns a company that makes cacti metal. When I first learned about his business, I thought, “What in the world?” I couldn’t wrap my mind around why anyone seek to make a metal cacti. It’s a family business that he inherited, by accident.

Then I started thinking about it from the perspective of a prospective buyer. Once I understood who they were, I began to understand why some people are interested in buying such things. For example, some people may buy them as works of art; others may use them for landscaping purposes, or as a type of trellis. That’s where I should have started: with consumers — because it makes more sense than starting with actual products.

Here’s another quick example. A piece of land has been acquired not far from our HQ. I think it has good potential as a business location, even though it’s in the middle of nowhere. But there is constant traffic on the main highway that runs from south to north in Kansas. There are college towns to our north, so this road gets a lot of traffic, especially at certain times of the year. I think of this land in relation to the market place of the people who drive across it, not in terms of any particular type of business that one might put there. It will be perfectly successful by arranging daily, weekly, or monthly winning opportunities.

So again: everything starts with thinking about the prospect, then it progresses to thinking about what they want, then finding ways to deliver that to them at a good price, showing them in a way that you and you alone can provide benefits and deliver what they want.

Now, I’ll admit that right there zi Few businesses just want all the customers they can get, because the direct marketing space is small—either because they’re limited in size (like a mom-and-pop grocery store in a small town) or because they serve a special niche. But those businesses are rare. Some of us have to find a way to attract the people we want while repelling others.

It’s not always easy. About 25 years ago, a mentor of mine ran business opportunity ads for a large bookstore as National Inspector. These are considered secondary markets, but he thought, “Hey, it’s worth a shot!” Yes, he did a little legitimate business… but mostly he had to deal with the kooks that came out of the woodwork. People started sending him stuff about alien abductions, and asking him silly questions about flying saucers and the Mayan connection to the end of the world (we all know how that worked out by now, right?), and so on. It’s a lively, unusual marketplace, and for some types of marketing it can be very good – but not our kind.

Another area where I think tabloids excel is in their headlines. Every marketer should read tabloid headlines, because they grab your interest and get your blood pumping. You can use them as examples of your marketing, even if your products and services are completely different from anything you see in such publications.

The main reason Three Step Marketing works is because it’s a simple formula. As I have shown in other articles, marketing can be very difficult if you let it; so the more you can focus on the basics, the better. That’s one of the reasons I took advertising out of articles — because, like my mentor, I couldn’t attract the people I wanted without attracting the ones I didn’t attract, some of whom were completely insane. You must be able to attract the right people while weeding out the wrong ones; In the end, it’s not so much, “Can I make money?” If you have to ask yourself, “Can I make money in the right market by attracting only the right people?”

As for trust, I will never forget our first very expensive seminar, where we cost over $5,000. I was incredibly nervous, so imagine how I felt when another customer grabbed my hand and refused to let us go. He looked into my eyes and asked, “Are you for real? Are you for real?” At that time I was so scared that I didn’t understand what he meant. Now I do. What he was trying to say was, “Can I trust you? I can indeed trust you?”

People in every market are looking for businesses they can trust, and it’s up to you to prove to them without a doubt that you can I trust you.

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