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pH – Your Path to Health

Personal responsibility is now the pro-active way to stay healthy. Instead of waiting to get sick and then hoping that the doctor can fix it is the way of yesterday. If this is what you are doing – then it’s just a matter of time before one sickness or another will find its way to you.

Disease is unnecessary. We know this now, and now we must use that knowledge to our benefit.

No more should we leave our health care as remedial; we wait until a problem crops up, then try to remedy it. We know through experience this is not an effective way to deal with illness. It is time to make checking your pH as routine as checking your weight or credit card balance. By monitoring your pH you get an inside look at your health. When you understand what the pH levels should be we can use this test to determine the state of potential health or health problems and correct them through diet and lifestyle changes. We can take our health into our own hands.

By being aware of the pH balance in our system we can be alerted to potential problems before a disease sets in. Diagnosing and curing disease are reactive; whereas monitoring is proactive. The objective of pH monitoring is to find out if your diet and lifestyle are giving your body a fighting chance to be healthy. You do this by monitoring your pH levels using a pH test kit.

pH is the value given to indicate the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. The values run from 0 to 14. A reading of 0 indicates strong, complete acidity, 7 is the neutral, and 14 is complete alkalinity.

Maintaining the pH of your bodily fluids is the key. If the pH of your blood falls much below 7.35 or raises much above 7.45 for more than a few hours, you can’t survive. These levels are mostly maintained for us without thinking much about it. But, if you are willing to think about it and monitor it you can keep your system in a more alkaline state as opposed to acid and be much, much healthier.

By monitoring your pH levels you can get an indication, a pretty good one, of how well you body is surviving your life style, the foods you eat and other stresses. When the pH levels in your body are good, more alkaline than acid, then your body is also good and working like the finely tuned system that it is; and has a good chance of remaining that way. When your body is at less than its pH best, it’s more like an engine in desperate need of a tune up or overhaul. And just like your car, better to do the maintenance than the rebuild.

Urine pH testing shows the effect your diet is having on your body. Most fruits, vegetables, and legumes are alkaline and pose no threat to the body. High protein foods such as meat, poultry, fish, grains, and nuts, are somewhat different. The usable parts are absorbed to help nourish the body, but a residue that can’t be used is left behind. This residue is acid, and referred to as acid ash. We could say it’s the physiological equivalent of toxic waste. This residue will eventually make its way through the kidneys or bowel and out of the body; but before it is eliminated, it must be neutralized – weakened, buffered. If it isn’t neutralized, it can compromise the delicate kidney tissue.

Later in this article we will show you one product that will replace some of the bicarbonates that we lose as we age, and as a result some of the ability to buffer and neutralize the acid ash waste.

These alkalizing minerals are the body’s main protection from to much acid. These minerals neutralize the system, but in the process of neutralizing the acid, the minerals are eliminated.

The minerals however are easily replaced. Replacements come from fruits and vegetables. OK, then, what if you don’t eat much fruits and vegetables? This is where it gets interesting.

If the minerals that were lost are not replaced, then substitute minerals are called on to do the job. But these are taken from the body such as, from our bones in the case of calcium, a very important neutralizing mineral. This is dangerous and can create problems like osteoporosis among other things. So, it is imperative that these minerals are replaced. Or our system goes into an acid state, and disease and old age follow.

The pH testing, alkaline and acidic conditions in the body are a large topic and a lot can be said. Many studies have been done and this is no longer a theory, it is fact. And now, some real practical things you can do to keep yourself healthy, alkaline and young.

In addition to diets there are products now that help put your system into an alkaline state; Disease can’t live in an alkaline environment, it needs an acidic system. So, by using these products and watching your diet you can create an alkaline system.

One of these amazing products is called Alkalife. These are drops you put in your water and it turns the water alkaline. Drink 5 8oz glasses with just 2 drops of Alkalife per 8oz glass and not only will you make alkaline water but you begin the process of Reverse Aging. You can learn more about this at or to go directly to the Reverse Aging and Alkalife page This is a great way to drink the water you should be drinking and make your system more alkaline without having to spend money on very expensive machines that make alkaline water. You can also pick up a pH test kit from this same site.

For those of you who just don’t get the chance to drink that much water every day there is an answer for you too. Certainly drinking water is good and should be done. Make this your first choice. But, if you just can’t get the water down on a particular day you can use the Bicarb-balance. These little pills add bicarbonates to the system that help buffer and neutralize the acid, which we lose as we grow older. 2 of these pills per day with a meal will equal 10 drops of Alkalife in 5 8oz glasses of water.

The book Reverse aging, written by Sang Whang, its inventor, explains the theory and product in this very absorbing book. Also available at []

In addition to this, this web site, [] or will help you if you are already sick. Don’t let health pass you by because the powers that be are more interested in their bottom line than your health. The Cure For All Diseases is Dr. Hulda Clark’s 1st book, she has been curing cancer, HIV/AIDS and a host of other diseases. This book describes why we get ill and how to get well.

Acid and Alkaline Food Overview

Some Common Acid Ash Foods

Leave strong acid in your internal environment

Red meat, pork, lamb, poultry, fish, eggs, grains, lentils, dried peas, beans, dairy products including cheese and yogurt, processed, packaged and canned foods, breakfast cereal, and everything made out of flour including bread, crackers, bakery goods, and pasta. Fried food, refined salt, artificial colors and flavors, tobacco, white vinegar, coffee, soda, hard alcohol, beer, and most nuts. Chocolate, heated honey, blueberries, bottled fruit juices, cooked spinach, peeled white potatoes. Additionally, non-prescription and prescription drugs, chemicals and pesticides, stress, anger, worry, hatred, anxiety, and exhaustion are all acid-forming.

Some Common Alkaline Ash Foods

These foods help to control acid in your internal environment

Most fruits including avocados, tomatoes and citrus, most vegetables, goat milk products, fermented foods, almonds, brazil nuts, amaranth, millet, quinoa, buckwheat, lima beans, soy products, raw honey, maple syrup, stevia, molasses, mushrooms, and sweet potatoes. Apple cider vinegar, organic wine, sea vegetables, natural herbs and spices. Additionally, happiness, pleasure, fun, laughter, joy, peace, relaxation, and deep rest are all alkaline-forming.

Some Common Neutral Ash Foods

Leave an alkaline ash but have an acidifying effect on the body

Corn oil, corn syrup, olive oil, refined sugar, plums, prunes and cranberries.

By Michele Michaels

Research used for this article: Dr. Hulda Clark, Cure For All Advanced Cancers, and Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About, by Kevin Trudeaux

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