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A Caique Parrot Owner’s Shopping List

Bringing a baby home, and wondering what tools are necessary for your new health? Yes, we have the perfect list to recommend your shopping destination. Right on cue for caique owners are some tried-and-true, tools and must-haves. We’ve got your back (and your feeds, too).

A Must Have

The cage is the most important aspect of your bird’s environment and one that should be given the most attention. The powdercoating or stainless steel finish depends on your budget, but regardless of the finish, when looking at the cage you consider different aspects. A recommended cage size is 24 by 36, with less than one inch of space. Cages that open at the top are not recommended, and look for cages with parallel bars so your bird can move easily. The author of this article prefers flat top cages, but it all boils down to personal preference. Extended food and water bowls outside the cage (to give more space inside the cage) are recommended.

peaches- a minimum of 5 is recommended. Choose a variety of shapes, sizes, and shapes, to give your bird a variety of habitats. Caiques love to chew and tear, so natural branches with bark attached are recommended so that the bird is happy to strip the perch of its bark. Cholla perches, made of natural cactus material, the place will also enjoy. Soft perches such as manzanita and dragonwood are not recommended. Ropes are a favorite among caiques, as they can hang and play, chew and chew on soft cotton material.

Dishes- stainless steel or ceramic is recommended. Buy an extra set so you can throw the dirty ones in the dishwasher and still have a clean set on hand. Stainless steel bowls are often sold as ‘coop cups’ and can be bought to fit your existing food holder, or come with their own attachments so the cups can be placed neatly inside the cage. Caiques have a tendency to enjoy eating their food bowl, so consider a bowl like the Quick Loc Crock, which literally locks in place.

Toys – Caiques love to play with toys – it’s true. The brighter, the brighter, the brighter. Quick tip – check out the baby section at your local discount store. Hard plastic keys, teething rings, and rattles are bird-safe and caique fun. Tried and true bird toys include the plush Parrot Pinatas, the brain-bending Crazy Leather Box, or the Brainiac chewable block. All of these toys challenge the bird’s skills and increase activity while raising boredom. The recommended number of toys is not less than 5 at one time in the bird cage. With caique, the more, the better, so don’t be too aggressive when it comes to playing things.

Emergency Medical Kit – If your bird breaks a blood feather, stubs a toenail, or is injured in any way, you need medical attention. Accidents can happen, and caiques seem to be especially vulnerable. A basic medical kit will include self-adhesive gauze (vetwrap is a popular choice), clean gauze, tweezers, hemostats, sharp scissors, antibacterial cream, and a heat pack. Many different types of medical kits are included, and the most comprehensive ones contain everything from emergency supply formula to forms that include your vet’s contact information.


Water Bottles – Caiques are what bird chefs want to be. Their specialty? Parrot stew. Anything can fit in a pot, in this cage, a bowl of water. It can make providing a clean source of water difficult at times. Especially when you go to change the water and you wonder why on earth it turns blue, and what are those things going on? Trust me, you don’t want to ask questions. Some caiques, however intelligent, don’t seem to understand that putting that brightly colored piece of wood in water doesn’t make it easier to chew the wood. There is a solution – water bottles. A water bottle can be hung, providing your pet with a constant source of fresh water, even if it turns a clean water bowl into something less than pleasant. When buying a water bottle, it is recommended that they are made of glass (stop thinking about plastic) and have stainless steel and material. The Lixit brand is highly recommended.

Snuggle Buddy – while this is the actual product name, in this article we refer to a snuggle buddy as anything your bird likes to sleep next to/in during the night. Most Caiques enjoy having a ‘fun cabin’ type of tent to sleep at night. There are various types of tents and houses available for purchase. It looks like one made of long-lasting materials like wool, with hanging stickers made of something like plastic chain link. Otherwise, the material that keeps the nest in the cage can be easily chewed by a bored bird. Other distractions can include a fleece swing, a large cotton string toy for the bird to cover, and other things like toys.

Foraging system- Foraging is an important part of your wild birds, natural behavior. While we strongly encourage model feeding systems, because this theory and research is still new and relatively new, we classify the feeding system as an ‘accessory’ rather than an immediately needed part of your bird’s environment. Creative Forging Systems is a new company with an amazing line of feeders and toys perfect for caiques. Allowing your bird to work for its food allows them to re-enact natural behaviors that can prevent behavioral issues in the future. You have a lot of options and choices when it comes to finding food, but we highly recommend the food system as the main support, with a tool like the ever-popular Crazy Maze as an extra.

In conclusion

This is just a sample of the things that can be bought for your bird, and come highly recommended by owners. Check out other articles including in-depth product reviews, diet tips, gaming site, and much more.

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