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The 7 Key And Principal Values Of Wisdom Living

Can we create life? Can we create or find a system that can guide us? Nothing is perfect. Only God is perfect. But we can try to the Wisdom and find within it the right partner and life partner. I propose that there are seven (7) core values ​​of life (“values”) that can guide us in growing toward the goals of a healthy, fulfilling life that we want to live now, and also leave behind a lovely legacy. Taken together, these core values ​​form a pure philosophy of personal growth and development. I am writing a book on this philosophy and its proposed title is, “What is truth?”

Wisdom is not just a way of life. It is an end in itself. God is wisdom, as he is love, as he is truth, as he is light, as he is salvation, and as he is grace, among many other things. We are told that wisdom existed before Creation. It was the first work of God. It is a The nature of God. Therefore, if we want to make meaning of life we ​​must see this as the key to everything.

We also need to know that finding wisdom requires searching, and searching for a lifetime! The depth of wisdom cannot be sealed; As we search we will always find more and more; much like the treasure of some treasure in a mine. Using the metaphor of mining, we may have to use different methods to find the “ore” of wisdom and bring it back, and to find different characteristics of this “ore” as we go. Some of the “finds” in this search are surprising, such as the discovery of a large gold ore. Sometimes the going is tough, but we know we have to endure these times to gain more. Wisdom has proven to be a miracle in life. It is more precious than silver and gold;

The seven main values ​​are: diligence, reasonableness, shalom (complete peace), balance, trust, respect and wisdom, all interdependent—as one is sung and practiced, so are the others; at least in a small way. In other words, if we improve one, we will slightly (at least) improve the others. (There is an Example in the book “What is truth?” that shows the relationship between these seven main values ​​and Wisdom and truth.)

Let’s dive into the deep end with the metaphor of interdependence…

It can be shown that we are applying hope, which can be expressed in many ways, such as courage, faith and so on, we become the beneficiaries of more shalom. It takes wisdom and diligence to trust – it’s not hard work (diligence) to start, and it takes self-control (wisdom) to trust. It takes wisdom to be patient. Patience is a big part of trust. Trust means loyalty; Again, honesty is a basic act of courage. Forgiving anyone means that we must trust them, and in that way we also show respect to the person we forgive. In order to trust successfully we must be logically balanced in life. If our lives are in chaos it will be more difficult to trust. Balance promotes the skill trust. Ultimately, we cannot use wisdom to live without complete trust.

What about another key value?

Take shalom. To get Shalom, or as I like to put it, “to achieve shalom,” meanwhile, we must do our duty (diligence), be careful of what we say and do (wisdom), and we must have balance in life; we must trust God (have faith); we must be polite; and, we must attend to the life of wisdom as a whole, which is the summary of all these in any event. Shalom is always a moment-by-moment proposition. So, these key values ​​interact with it on a moment-by-moment basis.

I have just shown the interdependence of the other six core values ​​with trust first, and then shalom second. It works with each other as well.

Now let’s break down the key values ​​in a different way. It is a method that shows the complete unique nature of this thought process or philosophy.

It includes three important life activities or recurring situations:

1. Human skills: diligence and wisdom;

2. Givers of life: shalom and balance; and,

3. Public relations enhancers: trust and respect.

Now, this theory posits that we need access to both human values ​​and life-giving values ​​in order to enter into a relationship of social knowledge, trust and respect. Again, dependency. We can change the formula and it will work as well.

All three lead to, and fulfill and nurture, wisdom. They ‘add’ to wisdom.

Personal Skills: Diligence and Creativity

Diligence and wisdom will come first because it is personally. They affect us personally, and are very markedly created or developed (one is [i.e. ‘you’] active or prudent) for personal reasons, drives, and motivations.

Diligence is order; to appreciate the need to work hard to create order in life. Determined and looking for a solution in all situations, works with determination, business, and focus on the defined action. It is a commitment and a firm purpose, based on a righteous heart, and a non-religious piety; emphasis on care; refusing to rush. Some adjectives that work as personality traits are: responsibility, reliability, discipline, obedience, and leadership.

Wisdom is primarily self-control of what goes in and out of the mouth, and the heart reflects the same. Everything wise can be measured in food / intake and communication. It is imperative that in difficult times, we hold fast to self-control, modesty in all things, common sense and decorum; it is always inoffensive and unlikely to offend. Proverbs mentions that he is wise: he does not care for insults; act with knowledge, not according to their opinions; Think about them, consider their ways and steps; always think and act humbly in obedience to correction; seek shelter in dangerous situations; and, stay informed about the content and environment.

Diligence and intelligence are the main qualities that others look for when making decisions about us. They test our character deeply in these qualities first; in how diligent and careful we are. Being called “lazy” or “gossip” is personally important. These are character an attack that speaks volumes for our skill levels (or lack thereof) in terms of diligence and intelligence.

If we feel personally fulfilled it will be largely because we think we are active and prudent in our attitude and behavior. Our self-esteem and confidence are boosted in this way. These are key personally prices, have a major impact on the following two. These two come first.

Givers of Life: Shalom and Balance

Shalom and balance go hand in hand for both who gives you life. Although they are technically (and importantly) different, they are interdependent and are the key to life today – the present time. If there was ever a time we lost focus on these things now!

Shalom is many things, and not just “peace.” It is also a sense of completeness, and a thorough understanding of self-awareness. It is calmness and harmony, complete absence of differences, and absolutely no restlessness of mind. It is the most important and the best nation for a person to be fulfilled. It’s just heaven on earth.

If we have shalom it will be because of our standard of living. The contra works.

Balance is something that’s missing from most lives today—it’s more than just a “work/life balance.” That and more. It’s also about being independent and (being able to) be held accountable. A balanced life uses time wisely and takes into account different priorities and time influences; it is a “centered” life. It protects our accessibility. It’s empowering yourself to do things well, every time. It’s a constant high performance item. It protects and increases energy.

Relationship builders: Trust and respect

Trust and Respect also go hand in hand and come last before Wisdom and both relationship. Again, these are highly interdependent; if a person does not respect people, trust is not restored in that relationship. If you don’t trust someone, they’re unlikely to respect you – it’s a reciprocal arrangement.

Trust is a love that never fails, and a need for kindness. It is grace to forgive and forget, to be thankful for all things, and to accept things that cannot be changed. It is also the society of a person in his desires, openness to all good things, the call to persevere, and again never to lose hope.

Glory requires justice and fairness, truth, and honor for all people; it is listening beyond what is normally expected, with unquestionable integrity, driven by humility, compassion, empathy, and fairness, in any way; it is consideration whenever it is appropriate, and sometimes when it is not, and tolerance for all people; being socially intelligent.

Not “Methods;” It is the End and Purpose of Life itself: Wisdom

Finally, wisdom is divided into special and unique. There is no such thing as wisdom. Wisdom is truth; the way things are zi. Wisdom and truth are synonymous and very interchangeable.

Truth is wisdom; a long life based on truth – it works constantly – it is based on it. To strive for health and well-being, to be truly healthy based on the right fear of God, to seek to understand rather than to be understood. It is both eternal and eternal in perspective; it is the sum total of the true perception. It is the right curiosity and true appreciation of beauty and excellence.

Wisdom is as broad as life, and many would suggest infinitely broader than that.

We look at wisdom purely a a view of life, even so. (We are considering only this aspect of wisdom. Theologically and practically, wisdom is as broad as “Nature.”) Wisdom offers three keys.[1] in life: long life and related benefits, success in its various forms, and honorLord, that is your name, your fame, and your fame – these are the things that you will bring to Heaven; the only thing maybe.

So, this philosophy is the answer to the question: “What is truth?” Because when all is said and done, only one thing matters: living for the truth. Did he or didn’t he? That will be the question for you. Even at the 11th hour you may not have been there, but it’s an important finish. Will you finish quickly?

Application of these seven basic qualities can lead anyone to the character growth and development they seek only because of the truth; the reality of any cost, whether it is the cost of the person concerned. Because there is something more important than personal happiness and comfort; it pleases God. You can only know true peace, joy and love through relationship with God.

What is the truth? This question, in my opinion, is central to the purpose of life; life, again in my view, which can only be found through a true relationship filled with the Spirit and Jesus Christ; only he can properly answer our deepest questions and satisfy our deepest desire.

With him, and him alone, the truth is found; the truth that sets us free in the end and in power.

© 2008 Steven John Wickham. All rights reserved worldwide.

[1] See Proverbs 3:2, 16; 21:21; 22:4.

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