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The Art of Raising Great Children – Drug-Free

The ability to raise great children without using drugs, does not mean that parents have to be great people. They don’t have to be ‘highly intelligent,’ or highly educated. Being a parent requires you to be with your children when they are sick, to see them play in school plays and sports. It also wants to help them with their homework; and first, to go to events when they are awarded for school and sports achievements.

Today’s children are coming out smarter than their parents. I know that for a fact! Our children proved my point. I graduated college with an average grade point average. Yet, I continued to make a successful career in international oil accounting. Three of our children were near straight A’s throughout their middle and high school years, and went on to have high GPAs in university. Two have succeeded, and are now developing their careers. The youngest is in his junior year, taking pre-law courses.

I made parenting an art, and not a responsibility or a chore when it comes time to raise our children. Perhaps, when I look back at my parents, I remember well how much they really enjoyed raising their ten children, and none of us were ever deprived of love and attention. They make art by keeping us whole, healthy, and educated.

I have found that the amount of effort parents put into raising their children will have a more positive impact leading to well-adjusted children, than giving gifts of apology. It’s called “quality time with a good dose of romance and morality.” This is what you want to use from the time your children are born, and it continues until they are adults. This application of parental dedication will give your children the best shot to get on the right path early in life, and avoid falling off the path later. That is, keeping them away from drugs, and hanging out with the wrong group of friends.

I know parents who have good children but are lazy in everything else. Eventually their children become bad students, and in time they are kicked out of high school. I have also met parents with high ambitions and very successful lives in raising children who have gotten into trouble with the law more than once — due to the use and sale of illegal drugs. And the best part is, some of these teenagers were party fanaticsrave, missing school altogether.

On my side of the family, my parents could only provide me with a good level of comfort and food throughout our growing years. However, all of us brothers and sisters survived to get a basic education, and become excellent providers for our families. What was the formula? It was a good time, love, and a great amount of discipline applied. I remember that the ‘level of discipline’ was greater for me than for my other siblings, except maybe my younger brother.

From all my experiences as a parent, and seeing the successes and failures of my close family relatives and friends and their children, I have provided for your benefit different ways to consider. I have compiled the best advice for your information and use. You will find that in the long run you want to save yourself and your children a lot of headaches, and hopefully help them stay away from drugs altogether. It takes both parents to make it happen, so be prepared to put it together with your partner, or alone if necessary. With your efforts today as a firm but loving parent, you can prevent a tragedy that could save your child’s life.

I ask you to read all my suggestions, and those that appeal to you the most, use them immediately. Know this, it’s never too late to start loving and appreciating your children, teenagers, or young adults.

1) You must be willing to give quality time and effort to raising your children, from birth right through their high school years, and beyond if necessary. It is the responsibility of both parents to raise their children, not just one.

2) Giving up your time doesn’t mean giving up too much on your children. You need to learn what to say Yes and when to say No to them early in life. When it’s No, let it be a firm No! Stick to it, and don’t lose sight of your decision. Both parents should be on the same page when it comes to training your children.

3) Use discipline on your children, but you should also be sensible when using it. You don’t want to break their spirit. If you want great and spirited children in your life, encourage them often, and shower them with praise for all the small and great things they do. Build confidence in them, instead of anxiety and fear.

4) Say the following words often to your children, and keep saying them even after they’re older: “We’re proud of you.”/ “We really enjoyed it.” “We love you so much.”/”We are so glad you were born to us.” You want to say “We” often with your children, which conveys a sense of unity with their parents.

5) Always be aware of who your teenagers are hanging out with. This applies to children in the later years of grammar school, up to middle and high school. If you oppose their “partners”, be reasonable, but at the same time firm with your position. Make your point, and stay open. This is the time when you look at the problem areas, about drugs and bad companies. You may need to turn to your children’s school teachers for help in this area, as well as other parents.

6) Get involved with your kids at school by joining PTA Try and stay on top of their school progress and homework. You want them to be involved in recreational activities, organized sports, and other areas that help raise their self-esteem, and build leadership skills; E.g., Boys and girls, karate, etc. Connecting with your children is the best way to build lasting relationships with them.

7) If you have to raise your children alone because your partner doesn’t want to help, do so and don’t look for excuses. Your children value every hour you spend with them. It will be your biggest and most rewarding investment of your life. You just don’t want to lose them to the ‘bad guys’ who are always looking for prime victims. I have two nephews who are ‘resting in peace’ in the cemetery due to drug and gang related problems; another has been in prison most of his life for drug dealing; and I have another niece who lost to drugs and is homeless. He spent almost thirty years in prison in Los Angeles, until he was released late in 2008.

8) Make friends with your children, but maintain a line of respect on both sides. You are their parent first, and their friend second.

9) Never give up on your children; not when they are young, or when they reach old age. Your children will always need you. Even if you divorce, you don’t divorce your children. They are still yours, just like they are your partner’s.

10) Avoid being the middle parent. There is no middle ground when it comes to parenting. You can be a good or great parent. Become great because it’s easy!

11) Teach your children to be trustworthy people from their youth. If they may be tempted by ‘bad signs’ that may come their way, they will think and ask themselves the question, “How would mom and dad feel if I did this?” You want their conscience to be their best friend, and yours too.

12) Inculcate in your children a sense of religion. Don’t leave it to your partner to take care of you. If one of you is not religious, the other parent should take the lead and introduce them to God from their youth. You should do everything under the stars to keep your kids away from drugs at school; and, away from those “pesky kids” who want to come around and influence them in the wrong direction–often with deadly results.

Your children will model their lives on yours, whether your personality is soft and kind, or cruel and aggressive. They will imitate the best and worst of you. Make the best parts of you valuable traits, so they can take those assets with them and become great parents themselves.

Make parenting an art like me, instead of a commitment and a chore. Be the best parent you can be to your children, and you will be sowing the seeds of a productive citizen and a wonderful person who will make you proud. You will never regret being a part of their formative years. If you have to sacrifice time and resources to help them in their time of need, do so, and thank them for coming to you. It is a blessing to give time, effort and financial help to your children. Remember, one day when you are alone, you will always thank them for their kindness when they come and look after your needs.

A son or daughter who has become addicted to drugs is a reward that a parent can expect. It all starts the moment your child is born, and not fifteen years later. Parenting is a full-time job for you and your partner. Guide your children in the right path and you will have earned their respect forever. When all is said and done, and you find yourself coming to terms with your life, you won’t look back with regret, but with a smile on a job well done!

Tony McCleary

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