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Lessons From a Surprisingly Effective Email Newsletter

Last week I posted a newsletter on personality and vulnerability.

I didn’t write it because other email marketing methods say so.

I wrote it because I HAD TO. Life is too short to have a locked-in message.

After all, I would have broken every single “rule”…

Not “5 easy ways” or “7 easy steps.” Screw SEO. It is not particularly likely. Definitely a little bit about “me” and not all about “you.” It’s not exactly uplifting and it’s definitely not easy to read.

Imagine my surprise when I looked at the metrics a few days later:

3 people registered. THREE.

The lowest number in any list that includes more than yourself, mom and cat.

On the flip side, I had a few people who responded and responded. Sharing their experiences, appreciating the content, making me happy together. (Translates to “engagement” in marketing speak.)

I want to share this because I see a lot of people stuck in the land of “am I saying this right?” “Is this kosher?” “Am I checking everything off the list?”

Given the fact that at the heart of effective communication, the goal is to create resonance and connection.

In a previous post, I wrote how Connection and Resonance is the new currency of Exchange.

To my colleagues, (mostly) sole entrepreneurs and professionals such as coaches, consultants and agents of change, creating a person-driven brand can give you an edge in sales when you prioritize building relationships and standing out by having a point of view that is relevant to your community.

In a world where many are trying to run a happy camp and not offend anyone, having a POV can be overwhelming. Especially one that asks you to stick your neck out and challenge the status quo.

I get it. It took me three days to send that email.

The truth is, having the GUTS to say what needs to be said, fully express your values ​​and CONVICTION, and share who you are and how you BE, will separate you from the same sea. Bottom line: good for business.

Gateway Time-out.

No more hiding behind templates. It no longer takes the easy way out by mindlessly following “good practices.” (Note: you must read the rules before you break them.)

“5 easy steps” or “7 easy steps” type of content sprinkled with some keywords can certainly be useful – no harm in getting clicks and SEO juice, but don’t make it your entire content marketing plan.

They often lack the personal touch that takes the relationship with your students to the next level.

Adding personality to your communication often means openness. Your worth, convictions, quirks, and flaws are all beautiful things.

That doesn’t mean throwing it out without cleaning though. Do that in your personal journal.

Go hairline, fast.

Risk can be a tricky thing to manage in marketing communications.

(And the bad word “truth” makes me cringe.)

You can’t “make up” a weakness.

There’s no formula – in fact, if you follow a certain template for “weakness,” your stuff can sound forced and eeeek!

Being vulnerable means putting yourself out there. Only one is yours – yours. You can’t find a formula to make YOU.

There is a fine line between “personal” and “private”. I’m not asking you to share anything you’re not ready to share.

If the wound is still raw, if it’s too close to home, if you’re still whining about it… let it heal. You need to put together a lesson first, before you can share it meaningfully.

You can certainly talk about your experiences when you are in pain. I did that and it is very powerful. Only do so if you can keep your distance when writing the piece… and be prepared for anything that might provoke.

When you’re ready, and you can make it relevant to your students, being personal and vulnerable can be a rewarding experience for all.

Now you may wonder – how to make something personal more important to others?

We are all human. The fact that we all share the human condition with one another is what makes connection and resonance possible.

When you share your values ​​and beliefs embedded in emotions through storytelling, you create Resonance.

Resonance goes deeper than engagement. The engagement can end with “hey great post!” comment, or share on social media.

Resonance is deeply emotional.

It can be difficult for us Empaths. It can be painful if you take everything and forget to take it out carefully. Do it, it’s worth it.

When someone connects with your communication, the heart is drawn and your personal brand takes root in their mind. It is an honor to have such an impact.

Now you are different. You are no longer the provider of the “5 easy steps” or “7 easy steps” articles available with fiverr.

When you share the deeper side of YOU, you put your own identity first… the value you hold, the certainty you live by, the person you aspire to BE with your colleagues.

Here’s where the magic happens:

When you shake your IDENTITY, you encourage others to take that identity with them.

Enthusiasm and conviction are contagious.

Why is that important? When that identity matches the person they can be when working with you, they can say “yes” (our subconscious can’t stand the separation of mind):

If you’re your own coach, it’s going to be an uphill battle to convince a potential client to use your service when they identify as a potato.

If you’re a health coach, it can be a fruitless endeavor trying to sell your package to a junk food junkie.

Often the identity you want your potential client to adopt reflects your values ​​and beliefs.

When you can use your content to desire your readers to take an identity that matches the changes you are bringing, you have won half the marketing battle before any sales conversation begins.

Here’s your challenge:

If you decide to take it… consider these questions:

How will you express your personality, values ​​and beliefs in your marketing communications?

Who do you want to be in your business with your colleagues?

What IDENTITY do you want to encourage your students to adopt? How are you going to step up and just be?

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