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Sometimes You Gotta Pay Your Dues

How did it all happen?

This is a very important issue that I rarely see anyone

discuss in detail.

How does one start from zero and succeed

the highest level of success in network marketing?

Here is my story. . .

I graduated college in May 2002 with a BS in Biology

be excited for what life has in store for you. I didn’t know what to say

I wanted to act, but I thought I wanted to go to med school

become a doctor.

So I got a job as a salesman in the medical field so I could

can communicate with doctors to get a better feel for what it is

it would be like being a doctor before giving the next one

7 years of my life to achieve this end.

In my first year on the job I discovered two things.

1. Many doctors advised me not to go to med school.

2. The job I had was not what I wanted to do

all my life.

After hearing from many southern doctors

I became a doctor in today’s world and I decided to take it there

advice, but this left me with a problem. . .

What was I going to do with my life?

Well I went to a Real Estate Seminar one time first

year out of college because I learned it was the right way

creating wealth. At the end of that seminar an old bald man

they came on stage and started talking about how much money

he made money online with simple websites.

I was very interested. Before this meeting I only saw

the internet as a search engine.

To see what this guy does and the kind of results

he was able to produce the most eye-opening material

of my life.

It captured my interest in a way that few things do for me

his life did.

I came home and immediately searched the internet for how to do it

make money online.

I started buying all the books on the subject I could find

and somewhere in the mix I ran into a network issue

to sell.

I was also impressed by the income potential and the

A complete transformation of the business.

I had found my first place.

I wanted to become an internet network marketer.

I quickly discovered the problem over the next year and a half

try to put these two together in two markets too


What I’m looking for is that I can’t find anything reliably

information on how to do both internet and network marketing


I got information from internet marketing or networking

to sell.

And when I’m trying to do network marketing on the internet my mentor

He pulled me online and told me to buy together

calling them is the best way to build my business.

All right . . .

He is the winner so I decided to keep quiet

do what he said.

I bought the guides from the source he recommended and I was done

spend about $500 a month over the next 7 months on leads

and spends 3 to 4 hours a night making cold calls.

If I could describe this experience in a few words . . .


I was calling people who were ignoring me

by starting a business and could not even follow through

by committing to attend a sales call.

In 7 months of faithfully calling I got zero

people to join my business.

I am and always have been a very determined person, therefore

I wasn’t willing to give up until I asked myself the easiest way


“If I had someone come into my business he would go

through this long and painful process of finding someone

their group?”

I could not accept the truth.

The answer is no. . .

99% percent of people can’t do this and get 100 people

so I can get 1 person to go through it

it will all take maybe a hundred years.

I had to update my marketing plans on something

it was easier faster and more repeatable.

The internet was the obvious answer so I had to hack it

and what worked and what didn’t work and I waited until I was

I found the perfect business to match my new model. (If so


All right.

About 6 months after putting my plan together I got a

a business that has gone beyond what I set as important and me

he immediately joined.

I did a small ad and in my first week I had it

over 30 people joined directly through me. An invisible place and

without picking up the phone or calling for guidance.

I was frustrated, I am a person who has never been successful

Network marketing recruiting 30 people per week is unheard of

in my experience, i decided to put my all

in the work of promoting this business and helping those

who brought me to achieve success faster than me


The result is less than 8 months now I have a group

of more than 2450 people growing by 10 to 15 people a day

every day, I make more than a fixed salary at a given time

foundation, and now every day people call me happy

because they want to do what I do.

I’m not saying all this to say it’s my business

it is the best business for you, but rather than say that I had

paying my way to where I am and thinking of others

increase we all have to pay our dues.

Everything I’ve Read Is On Online MLM Success, So When

ready to take that next step and resist mine

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