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Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. Hepa is Latin for “liver” and the English suffix “itis” means inflammation. Hepatitis is characterized by other pathologies such as jaundice, stomach and abdominal disorders, hepatomegaly, and dark urine (which is a sign of severe acidosis).

What causes hepatitis? Answer: Toxemia! When an organ such as the liver becomes excessively toxic, it becomes inflamed and the inflammation causes the organ to enlarge.

The liver is one of the five organs of elimination (or six channels of elimination if you are a woman). It is the main filter organ in the body and performs over 500 functions. And since the liver releases certain things, it also plays. All toxins are first fought or attacked by the liver. The liver does a great job of fighting toxins until it panics and allows less toxic substances to circulate through the body through the blood while fighting the deadliest toxins in a divine act of saving the body’s host.

Certain toxins such as tobacco smoke, alcohol/beer/wine, drugs, called Vitamin C, illegal drugs (cocaine, heroin, PCP, etc.), birth control pills, car smoke and fumes, -carbon monoxide, household cleaners. Chemicals, cosmetics and cleaning chemicals are very damaging to liver health. These factors make the liver work harder and overtime.

And let’s not forget about the toxins from the SAD (Standard American Diet). Meat is full of toxins including cancer causing sodium nitrate and nitrites, synthetic female hormones, and chemical dyes. Dairy products contain cow feces and female hormones.

Meat (slaughtered animal meat), milk (cow snot), and starch (a thickening agent) create acids that cause inflammation throughout the body, which causes an overproduction of bile in the body.

The liver is the body’s first defense mechanism. That is why it is imperative that the liver remains healthy. You cannot live and be healthy without a clean and well-functioning liver. In fact, if you remove the letter “R” from the word “courage”, what new word do you have? Answer: LIVE!!!

Hepatitis is nothing but a man-made medical term to describe a liver problem. And these days, there are versions of this disease with letters attached to the end of the name, such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C, all of which are viruses called viruses. And what does the word “virus” really mean? Answer: poison! So for Djehuty, hepatitis is nothing but a joke, because I know that hepatitis means that there is mucus that interferes with the liver and at the same time there are toxins in the liver. In short, this is hepatitis.

And God forbid someone is so naïve or ignorant that they accept the hepatitis vaccine shot to help fight hepatitis because the hepatitis vaccine itself contains a toxin or toxins. Therefore, the hepatitis vaccine or vaccination serves every purpose.

It is also important to mention that a toxic liver can play a role in depression (bipolar disorder) if not directly the cause of depression. Have you ever heard of the word “melancholy”? Melancholy is two words: “melan” and “choly.” Melan = “black” and “choly” = gall. Melancholy means black bile. Bile is initially green and highly alkaline and is produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder and excreted in the digestive tract to neutralize acids. However, black bile is acidic and is stored in the fourth Brain of the body located in the Third Chakra (sometimes called the fourth Chakra) called the Solar Plexus located in the abdomen above the belly button (navel). The Fourth Brain (Solar Plexus) is your “feeling” brain, which explains that “gut” feeling or “butterfly in the stomach” feeling/feeling you experience from time to time. If the Fourth Brain is not functioning properly, so are the other three brains in the head where the central nervous system is located. The human body is truly interconnected and whole.

Important note on bile – dark-green colored stools / faeces that sink to the bottom of the toilet are not a good or healthy sign. People with depression are very acidic (toxic) people.

A liver transplant? Why would you have to be out of your mind to consider such a process and functionality. How would removing one person’s toxic liver and giving it to another person benefit anyone? An absolute lunatic! Removing one toxic liver and replacing it with another! Medical madness! Former NFL player and Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton! He didn’t have to die. Payton allegedly died of a rare liver disease. However, in all reality, Payton died of ignorance (there is a cure for every disease known to man).

Liver surgery is big business these days. They are not necessary at all when you have knowledge of large amounts of natural hepatic (relating to the liver) Natural Medicines.

Liver surgery is big business these days. They are not necessary at all when you have knowledge of large amounts of natural hepatic (relating to the liver) Natural Medicines.

Cure hepatitis naturally

Best hepatic or liver herbs include: Milk Thistle seed, Dandelion Root, Boldo leaves, Artichoke, Turmeric, Oregon Grape, Barberry, Goldenseal root, Bupleurem, Gentian, Fenugreek seed, Chanca Piedra, Fringetree bark, Wahoo bark, Liverwort, Blue Flag, White Peony, Celadine, Agrimony, and Quassia Chips to name a few. By far, the three (3) best liver remedies are Milk Thistle seeds, Dandelion root, and Boldo leaves. Milk Thistle seeds are equivalent to removing the liver from the body and washing it in the washing machine.

Many people consume synthetic Vitamin C today that provides NO Vitamin C or other nutrients. In fact, most commercial and conventional Vitamin C is nothing more than lab-made ascorbic acid and consuming this Vitamin C will seriously poison and tax your liver. Real Vitamin C is found in Nature (Rose Hip seed, Hibiscus flower, Acerola cherry, Camu fruit, Alma fruit, Capsicum fruit, etc.).

Q: If your Vitamin C is derived from Ascorbic Acid, where does Ascorbic Acid come from? God does not make pure mono-structured ascorbic acid. But someone does and here’s your problem.

Coffee with nema

A coffee enema works wonders for the liver. It can be done once a month. Coffee (organic, of course) makes the liver throw away toxins like a trunk. This process is one of the best ways to heal a toxic liver. Worried about caffeine? Well, when coffee is administered through the rectum, caffeine is not absorbed into the body. Caffeine is only absorbed when coffee is taken orally. Singer Janet Jackson does coffee enemas. Janet knows something very useful about coffee enemas. Also, coffee enemas are good for overcoming hangovers and migraine headaches.

Castor oil pack

The castor oil pack process is one of my favorite ways to cleanse the liver. You use castor oil on your liver (externally, of course) and then put plastic over it (it’s very sticky) and put a hot pack on it and let it sit for about two (2) hours. This process is done lying down and under a towel or newspaper as the oil will slide down the side of the body. The castor oil packing process can also be done monthly or every 3-4 months.

Activated Carbon (Carbon)

Carbon or Activated Charcoal is the best thing on Planet Earth that we have right now that cleanses the body in general and the liver more from toxins. Carbon is one of the most powerful substances! It is highly alkaline and produces toxins, heavy metals, and harmful gases 2,000 times its weight. That’s why we include Carbon in our Complete Body Kit. The kit wouldn’t be complete without it.

Olive and Castor Oil

Olive oil softens and cleanses the liver and helps dissolve hard calculi (stones) in the kidneys, bladder, and gall bladder. A tablespoon of olive oil can be used daily or as needed. Castor oil does the same job as olive oil but is also anthelmintic (anti-parasitic) in nature as castor oil absorbs worms and parasites in the colon and liver.


Fasting is also a good choice and way to cleanse the liver. Fasting cleans the blood stream which cleanses all the organs of the body, especially the organs of elimination (colon, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin).

In closing, the liver is an organ that is naturally full of toxins due to the amount of toxins we consume every day. The liver is always dirty. Mothers, do you now understand why children do not like or do not like to eat liver for dinner? As a boy, I hated eating liver and never ate it. When you eat an animal’s liver, you are eating the most toxic part of the animal.

And beware of all these liver products on the market in health food stores. My brother was taking liver cleansing pills back in the mid 1990’s that were derived from cow (cow, cow). He had no clue until I read the bottle. The main ingredient of this liver product was “cow’s liver.” Now how can eating cow’s liver cleanse your human liver? Absolute madness and evil! And my little brother paid over $60 for that crap.

There are many natural things and procedures that can help a person to heal 100% from hepatitis, especially herbs. My good friend Bro. Sheik Mamoud Bey told me a few months ago about a good friend of his who had hepatitis and he gave him a Full Body Detox and after completing the three week program and regimen he went back to the doctor for a diagnosis and the doctor told him. that his hepatitis is gone. I have helped many people with hepatitis with Full Body Detox or Liver-Gallbladder-Spleen formula and Vitamin C Combo formula. So I’m on record with the American public that hepatitis (A, B, and C) is easily treatable with medication and dietary changes.

Do you know why actor/singer George Burns was able to smoke cigars and drink alcohol and live to be 100 years old? Answer: because in addition to laughter (which is a great medicine), he cleansed his liver and colon almost every week with herbs for cleansing the liver and doing high colonics (now called “colonics”) and enemas. The man was smart (in this respect) and he knew what the common man did not know. However, what George Burns knew and used, I have just revealed in this short article.

Thanks for reading!

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