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Gerundizing in English


In English, gerundizing is the process of adding ‘ing’ to a verb. When verbs are inflected, they act as partial verbs and partial nouns. In other words, by adding ‘ing’ to any verb, the verb changes its function to being part noun and part verb.

Functions of gerunds

1) As the subjects of the sentences

Gerunds or gerundized verbs when used as the subject of sentences are usually placed at the beginning when the focus is on the activity as the subject of the conversation.

Smoking it is dangerous.

Reading with Notes interesting.

Writing articles it takes a lot of practice.

Playing tennis good for your health, and good fun!

Learning a foreign language it is not always difficult.

Hunter shooting it was very bad.

Flying in an airplane it can be dangerous.

Doctrine of doctrine you mislead people.

To travel it’s fun.

Introducing new software it was clear enough to understand.

2) As a verb

Gerunds here act as objects of verbs. In English there are certain verbs that act as objects of verbs.

The following are verbs that are often followed by the gerund form: like, fancy, dislike, hate, love, loathe, loathe, stop, finish, brainstorm, agree, deny, suggest, avoid, delay, cancel, discuss, enjoy, complete, postpone, advise, suggest, regret, take participation, risk, endurance and mobility, etc.


I like swimming. My sister who like to cook. We does not like to gossip. I hate to wait especially in vain. We love of dance. Anita he hates to be angry. We aversion to plagiarism. Why do stop trying? Indonesia decided to stop shooting Malaysian soldiers. We keep trying our best. would you to open the mind the door? We agree making mistakes. You deny theft money? We suggest closing place quickly. Helen Avoid contact Priscilla. Don’t ever you delay doing it things. They have the meeting was discussed at the next meeting. Do you enjoy surfing? Have you you’re done your project? keep trying. Don’t postpone writing your thesis. We suggested/recommended to be rescheduled the process. We to regret being can’t come. We participated in the completion motion. We the risk continues plant. Don’t ceating tolerance in any sport. Harry to avoid paying late fees on the account. Denny he denied knowing anything about corruption. I deferred execution decision until Monday. He he regrets not studying French in college. Hannah you will enjoy listening in classical music. Jason approves the expense too much money for toys. Come on go swimming!

3) After some speeches (I can’t help, I can’t resist, I can’t stand, I can’t stand, I can’t stop, I can’t persist)

Gerunds are used after phrases like these I can’t help myself, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t;


I it cannot stop falling I’m in love with English. Jenny you can’t stand food chocolate mints. His words I can’t bear to repeat it. Terry I can’t stay in Indonesia it is hot. I I can’t stop looking female..

4) Phrasal verbs with particle prepositions are Gerundized

Gerunds are used after phrasal verbs (verbs followed by particle prepositions), in other words, gerunds are used with phrasal verbs that end in prepositions. Phrasal verbs are verb phrases made up of two or more words, usually the verb joins one or two prepositions like these.: think, look, pause, be over, count, look forward, place, take place, stop, face, oppose, count, trust, etc.


Have you I thought about moving in the country? Don’t ever stop doing it things. Coach discontinued practiceg per day. Tom he looked inside to find a new job. He took a long time gain over loss his dog. I he looked inside buying a new computer. Sally you win by losing and losing difficulty. We I look forward to the meeting also at Why don’t you do it take control project? Terry he stopped shopping in the family. We deal with distribution gas in the country. We Objection to use data. Just a man stain on the collection garbage to support his family. Don’t rely on use a dictionary of meanings.

5) Like adverbs

In English verbs are classified as objects of verbs: in, on, by, for, with, of, off, from, into, out, against, etc. This means that whenever a verb follows a preposition, the gerund or ‘ing’ of the verb is used. This is especially important for adjective + preposition combinations and phrasal verbs (shown above) that generally end in prepositions.


In doing decision there are many factors to consider. On inspection clothes, we found something wrong with the clothes. We need to talk before we arrive in the making our mind. I am here by attending writing workshop. By following formula, we can make money fast. Rather of the to stay I would like to go to the theater. We just arrived from visiting factory.

6) Certain adjectives with certain adverbs take Gerunds

In English gerunds are used after certain adjectives with certain preposition combinations including: scared, good/bad/poor, excellent at (to, at), interesting, different, tired, amazed/surprised by /practice/practice, same, etc..


i am afraid to wake up my father. Some of the cadets are bad spelling words in English. You are able to speak English. They are poor in calling words in Indonesian. This vegetable is excellent atto improve your health. i am he is interested in writing articles on music and sports. You are fear of climbing mountain? The tour guide is I’m tired of leading tourism. It’s John able to speak Dutch. Sally was like that fear of walking alone in the dark. They are able to solve their difficult problem. We are you usually work/you usually work late at night.

7) As possessive adjectives

Verbs are filtered after adjectives like these Mine, yours, hers, ours, theirs, theirs, Mary’s, John’s, etc.


Thank you for your coming. do you like my coming in your office? I don’t mind his question me about our business. We always have hope his visit in our area. We didn’t do that against them to disturb to us during the discussion. I was waiting The coming of Mary yesterday. John’s question may be good. I do not understand its teaching us about the game.

8. As the object of pronouns

After objective pronouns like these I, you, he, she, they, he, she, we, Mary, Tometc. etc. verbs are also gerundized.

I don’t agree with it suggesting such an idea. I like he is coming I went to my office. do you like i’m coming in your office? I don’t mind he asked me about our business. I was waiting Mary is coming yesterday. I do not understand he behaves rudely to us.

8) seek, want, want+ Gerund

When the verbs need, want and want are inflected, they can have a passive meaning.


The flowers die then need to be watered (They need to be watered). The floor is dirty then it needs cleaning (Requires cleaning). Quality you want to paint (Needs painting).

9. no use with value + Gerund

Gerunds are also used after phrases like these no use, no value, nothing, no land, no reason, no reason and (no) value.


There are no use crying over spilled milk. It is not) it’s worth doing such work again, nothing. there is no reason to complain about defeat. there is no need to be late again.

10. No + Gerunds to form restrictions in English.

In English when making restrictions with “not”, gerunds are often used or verbs are gerundized.


No smoking (no smoking allowed) No parking! No stress! No provocation! No overtaking!

To summarize, English verbs are filtered by adding ‘ing’ to any verb, and verbs change their functions to become part nouns and verbs. Gerunds can function in English as subjects of sentences, as objects of verbs, of prepositions, objects of ownership, concrete adjectives, etc.

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