How Much Formula Should A 2 Week Old Drink Wrinkles – How They Form and How to Erase Them

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Wrinkles – How They Form and How to Erase Them

Once you understand how skin wrinkles form, it becomes clear how you can get rid of them without spending a fortune on creams, patches or surgery.

First, to get us all on the same page, it’s important to understand that Wrinkles start to form when we are teenagers. Yes, it is strange but true. And here’s why.

Our personality and habits are well established in our childhood environment. We have signs of frowning, smiling, looks of disapproval or disgust, concentration. These things do not change as we get older, regardless of accidents or incidents. As for, facial muscle contraction patterns are well established by our youth.

Do facial muscles have anything to do with wrinkles? Think about it – the muscle can swell and stretch the skin on your arms if you lift a lot of weights. But the muscle also compresses the skin when you frown, for example.

Over time, facial muscles will tighten or shorten around the areas that receive the most pinching. Between the skin and the muscle there is a thin layer of connective tissue or fascia and this can begin to set and dry out with clicking patterns.

Now you have muscles and fascia working to pull the skin and around the facial patterns. Slowly, over time, as these work together to draw the skin over them into a wrinkle, what happens? Thickened skin moves slowly. Uh oh.

When we are children, our faces are always lively. Muscles and fascia and skin can be compressed but then stretched and opened into a wonderful or peaceful or deep sleep relaxation. Then the circulation can easily move through the skin and repair or renew the muscles and skin, restoring the fullness of the baby’s face.

Over time, as our speech patterns become entrenched, the ability to rotate and adjust easily decreases and is reduced. With a lack of adequate hydration, diet no-no’s, smoking, injury, etc., it becomes an uphill battle for blood supply to restore skin’s elasticity. Wrinkles are a result, the result of time and habits.

Obviously, the best time in life to prevent wrinkles is in the teenage years. A daily facial massage – especially around areas where wrinkles can be seen with different facial expressions – is a real help. Use olive oil, which the skin and muscles love, or almond if the skin is naturally dry or sensitive, or coconut if you like it.

Apart from scrubbing well in the morning or evening after washing the face, we do well to drink enough water to keep the cells hydrated, and to avoid junk food. If you are young, start now to save that precious face. Did I create? Roll up your sleeves.

Well, now we understand how these things are made and, if you’re young enough, you can avoid getting wrinkles with simple ways to understand. But for those of us who are long into our teens, our massage practice should be more focused and specific.

Think for a minute about those wrinkles that form above the upper lip, those seen in the mouths of adults. Those can come over time from smoking, drinking soft drinks through a straw, pressing your lips together in thought or denial, these types of movements bring the lips together. (I can’t stop kissing, because it’s so cute, but it’s easy to see how it can contribute to those little lines above the lips.)

First, choose the type of oil that you like best. Sophia Loren always said that the absence of wrinkles in the 70s and 80s was thanks to daily oil rubs on the face, and many skins like this oil, like all muscles. If you live in dry areas, you may want to make a mixture of oil and water to get more water than you get by drinking enough water.

Let me share with you a mixture that I have used since the age of 30 that I believe has helped keep wrinkles at bay on my 70+ year old face: To 2 ounces of rose water, add 3 ounces of peanut oil, I -2 – 3 ounces of olive oil and a tablespoon of lanolin water. Older skin will appreciate wheat germ oil as an anti-aging aid. Drier or more sensitive skin may like an ounce of sweet almonds. There are 7 – 8 ounces of facial goodness that helps restore skin’s elasticity and help reduce wrinkles by location on the face.

(PS, Why peanut oil? Good question. Peanut oil is a food for connective tissue, most of which we think of around the joints. But remember the fascia, the thin connective layer between the skin and the muscles? It keeps the skin plump and firm, as well as the muscle tone. the mixture is also perfect as a full body massage oil, and the peanut helps other joints to some extent to prevent arthritis, according to the study of Edgar Cayce where he ‘ adapted this formula.)

Everyday beauty for your precious face

For a morning or evening regimen, wash first with a mild soap/cream/cleansing lotion, using a fine-threaded washcloth or sponge circle or loop to wash away dead skin cells. Use a nice deep circular motion over the forehead, cheeks, chin and neck.

Never, ever, press or rub the eyes or temples. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and can tear easily with intense pressure. We would do well to appreciate those smile lines around the eyes, as they are only good for the face.

When you wash your face, it should feel clean and almost squeaky clean. If it feels like a film is still covering the skin – as many commercial soap products do – find another brand. Castile soaps are generally gentle cleansers and leave no coating or residue on the skin.

Dry the face and use a little oil that you have rubbed on your hands. (The mixture I described above must be stirred frequently, as the contents are still separating since no waste chemical additives are added.)

Spread the oil over the forehead, cheeks, chin and neck, gently swiping over the eyes but not deeply. Use circular motions with your fingers to bring rotation to these areas and move the underlying muscles around.

Note that the neck is included in the daily facial massage. There is no reason that this skin should be allowed to go away quickly when time is given to attention and circulation to keep the skin, muscles and connective tissue healthy.

When stroking the forehead, remember that the muscles that pull the eyebrows up in surprise or down in a frown. vertical muscles. These will relax if you rub them side to side, left and right, back and front. Go straight to the hairline and down to the eyebrows in a cross rub motion, targeting the muscles under the skin.

Cheeks are easy to brush in circles, and be sure to pay a little attention to the areas in front of the ears where the jaw muscles can be tightened with all the stress of living in the 21st Century. Rub up and down the nose and sides, opening the mouth to allow full circulation to the area of ​​the face that is difficult to move on its own.

Using the muscles around the lips, pull them around the teeth with a closed smile and rub around the edge of the mouth with the tip of the finger, nice and deep, bringing good circulation around. Back and forth across the top of the mouth and the muscle just below the nose can tighten and hold wrinkles. If you have lines starting to form here, you may want to double the massage time to go around.

Finally, give the throat a circular rub along the neck and front where the vocal cords are. With your thumbs together under the chin, press below the jaw line to the ear. Do this a few times. It helps stimulate the immune reflex point that we all need these days.

Finish by rubbing it all over your face with your palms on your cheeks and your fingers on your forehead. Visualize the circulation going through all the skin cells and muscles, renewing, stimulating, stimulating all. Feel the youth and beauty overflowing in the cells. Mmmmm.

For direct treatment

To work on existing wrinkles on the forehead and in the mouth, you can follow a general facial massage – which only takes a minute – and a specific treatment for each individual wrinkle.

Dip a Q-tip into the oil and press it against the side of the jar so it doesn’t leak. Using a magnifying mirror or just getting close to the mirror, put the tip at the end of the wrinkle with one hand and, with the fingers of the other hand, spread the wrinkle open. Press deeply into the wrinkles with a small back and forth motion across the wrinkles to directly bring circulation to this line.

There is an interesting cosmetic acupuncture treatment for wrinkles that does the same thing. With tweezers, small filament needles are inserted everywhere and compressed to bring the blood to the point where it has been cut off. But you can do the same thing with a Q-tip and nourishing oil. It just takes some time, patience and a lot of love.

So how long will all this take before I see results?

Remember that there are seven layers of skin, the oldest at the top and the new cells at the bottom. The oil and massage regimen you take will quickly help the new cells but it can take anywhere from 30 to 45 days for those cells to form the top layer.

During this period of self-love, your regimen helps to release tight patterns in the muscles and underlying fascia. Just imagine how you will feel when you start seeing results! And believe me, it will show to others, too, a happy, healthy face.

So be patient. And honestly, don’t you want to continue doing a healthy facial regimen for the rest of your day? Taking a day a week here and there is no harm, but making a romantic massage a part of your life will go a long way to letting the glow of youth shine on your face to everyone you meet.

If you would like additional help at the DNA level, I am offering readers of this article a steep discount on Trinfinity8 remote anti-aging facial rejuvenation sessions. Send me an email with ‘Mibimbi’ in the subject line, and I’ll tell you all about it. Do you appreciate it? You bet!

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