How Much Formula Should A 7 Month Old Have Does Moon Really Influence Hair Growth? Truth Behind the Superstition

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Does Moon Really Influence Hair Growth? Truth Behind the Superstition

One day I was surfing the web and came across a very interesting article about all the popular superstitions about hair. One of them made me more interested. The author said that, despite the common belief, the moon cannot affect hair growth, because it cannot be, and these are all grandmother’s tales.

Well, yes, most scientists can lead you to a long and dull calculation about how this affects that, and whether this effect is possible. But let’s take a closer look at this idea.

When I was in high school, my physics teacher showed us a simple way to make one body affect another body. Yes, he was talking about planets and really big bodies. But I can give you three reasons why this law is true of every physical body that exists, no matter how small, tiny, or minuscule.

Reason 1: Everything in the world is connected

Science generally means that every part of the Universe is governed by certain laws of existence, and the world is divided into visible and invisible parts. Moreover, each of us knows that small things create big things.

In other words, we are all made of particles that we cannot see, and the big world is made of small things in the same way.

Now let’s think about this: if everything is guided by laws, and the big and small worlds are connected, then this leads to the conclusion that we are connected to the world, and are influenced by the general laws of its existence.

One reason is confirmed.

Reason 2: Smaller big impacts

Going back to my wonderful physics teacher, let’s take a closer look at the laws of mutual influence.

Who said we are not influenced by the sun OR the planets? For example, there are people who are sensitive to weather, their health condition depends on sunny or rainy weather and air pressure. People are small and the planet is big, the planet affects people, the big impacts are small.

So, why is it that what is generally and physically possible seems impossible to selfish people?

Let’s assume that the second reason is confirmed, too.

Reason 3: Stars Are Not Just Dots in the Sky

This reason is my last argument to those who know that the world revolves, but it is impossible to believe it.

There is astronomy and astrology. Each of these sciences deals with astronomy. One predicts the future, the second studies the movements of the planets. The first science is not considered by some of us as science at all, the second uses so many tools and technical equipment, that almost all of us believe it. Of course, iihoroscopes fortabloids do not believe in the truth of the predictions.

But do you know that the ancient Arabian people made long and complicated calculations written in different big books to find the right destiny of one person? This calculation usually takes several weeks to complete; they didn’t just want the exact date of your birth, but also the exact day, hour, minute, and second of the birth of your parents, some relatives, and even strangers.

Moreover, they took into account the positions of the planets, the Sun, the Moon, the Earth itself. And these positions were calculated in the same way as they are now calculated by today’s scientists, who use fast computers and the latest tools.

So, as you can see, when astrology was accurate, it is a complex and demanding science that was later abused and misled.

Now we read horoscopes just for fun, and we don’t know their real history and nature. To be more specific, astronomy takes its origin in astrology, because the first star charts and observations were introduced in the Arabian countries.

But I will not say that the stars have an influence on our destiny. What I want to say is that the stars influence our health and state of mind through a magnetic and physical connection with the Earth, which, in turn, directly influences us.

So, even if you don’t believe that the stars have an influence on you, they have an influence on the whole world you live in, and these places, themselves, have a certain influence on you.

The third reason is confirmed.

When it comes to the growth or brightness of the Moon and its effect on hair growth, its presence is defined by a strong and firm law of nature.

The Moon and Earth are gravitationally bound to each other. High and low tides exist because the Moon approaches and departs from the Earth on a six-hour cycle. The waxing cycle of the moon has eight phases, and this cycle affects the Earth in the same way as the six-hour cycle.

Furthermore, the Moon revolves around the Earth in an oval orbit, so there are points when the Moon is close to the Earth and when the Moon is far from the Earth. All of this leads us to a difficult eight-stage cycle.

The lunar cycle leads to slight changes in atmospheric pressure and the earth’s gravitational force. This is what affects animal and human health and behavior. For example, doctors report an increase in seizures and bleeding ulcers during a full moon.

Gravity is the Earth’s strongest force, so you can’t ignore the Moon.

If we now think more about some similarities between the natural world and the human body, we will see that plants and vegetables grow better or worse according to the lunar cycle. Moreover, it is common for coffee traders to look at the winter full moon charts to plan their coffee sales in Brazil. The connection between the full moon and crop growth is so well established that it affects investment patterns.

Hair growth is affected by the Moon in the same way as anything else in the world. When gravity changes, your health condition changes, too. With low weight, even if the change is so small that you don’t feel it, your hair grows slowly. It occurs at the beginning of the lunar cycle and in the middle of it, at the full moon.

During the new moon and the old moon, gravity is greater, and hair grows faster. So, the best time to visit your stylist is on the 3-11th days of the lunar cycle, and on days 17-24. Your hair will grow faster these days.

Even if you don’t believe all of these things, you cannot deny the influence of gravity on human life. So, there is some connection with the Moon’s influence on hair growth.

A few reminders for those who expect miracles:

o The change in Earth’s gravity is very small, so you shouldn’t expect dramatic results.

o If your stylist has a “heavy” hand and your hair does not grow back two weeks after a haircut, you should not expect miraculous hair growth.

o If your hair is in poor condition, it will use any opportunity to regenerate itself first, and then it will grow longer.

o My last reminder is that if you used to cut your hair short, and now you decide to grow it long, it will take time, no matter when you cut it, and who cuts it. Our hair only grows up to 5-7 millimeters per month, and this is a scientifically proven fact.

So, whether you believe or not that the Moon and hair growth are connected, you will agree that as long as you live on the planet, you will feel, consciously or unconsciously, all the changes and influences made by our planet and its allies.

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