How Much Formula Should My 1 Month Old Eat How I Lost Belly Fat And Lowered My Insulin Intake Requirements Taking an Organic Plant Supplement

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How I Lost Belly Fat And Lowered My Insulin Intake Requirements Taking an Organic Plant Supplement

I’m still amazed after hearing so many stories of other winners, reversing major health issues, this is happening to me. The thing that surprises me the most about my recent waist reduction is what I went through to get here. It’s not too much and too much at the same time. Since I have made millions (over 8 figures) from home over the past 13 years in direct marketing, I can afford any treatment out there. My wife and I live a healthy lifestyle as a priority and over 4-5 years we donated over 1 million dollars to another Medical Research Center using the most advanced technology available. We had access to advanced technology that most people only dream of.

I spent 3 years on the Board of the World Naturopathic Health Organization. For over ten years, my family has been all natural, dairy free, gluten free, no genetically modified foods, no soy, no shellfish, no wheat byproducts, we raise our meat without pesticide or weed feed, without hormones, without steroids. , and without antibiotics.

There is nothing close to the results I’m seeing after just taking this one plant based nutritional supplement and I’m taking HALF of what’s recommended because insulin takes away diabetes (my testing time). My blood sugars are lower, I’ve had to reduce my insulin needs AND I’m losing belly fat, all by changing just ONE thing.

18 months earlier, I had a friend, a computer expert, (I’m smart as a computer and Internet fencer) who was diagnosed with type II diabetes. I have had type I diabetes for 35 years now and over the years I have learned a thing or two about naturopathic medical researchers and health benefits. He would call me all the time, and tell me about some product that helped him and it sounded like a European steroid, or at least something that was made. He told me he lost weight and at the same time was getting stronger – as an avid softball player, playing semi-pros and pros I took note – I still think steroids. He didn’t know enough to learn that it was an organic plant based all natural formula that the 1998 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to validate his claims. He didn’t tell me that he had gout which led to ulcers on his feet which led to his doctor telling him he needed to be amputated. Realizing this was a symptom of his condition, along with poor blood sugar management. I was surprised to learn that one of his clients was a global sales organization who tried a sample of this formula and his condition went away. Obviously his circulation improved a lot. Her doctor says whatever she does she wants to keep doing it!

Silly us, when I learned that his product was NOT manufactured and was a plant based nutritional supplement, I took it up with an unconditional 90 day money back guarantee. Keep in mind, my diet is as healthy as anyone’s diet can be. For many years, we have been dairy free, gluten free, no soy products, no GMO foods, no corn products of any kind, no fish, we eat “organic food” every day and we have organic “water”. (No chlorine or chemicals) All of our meats are grass fed and free of pesticides or herbicides and are not fed grains of any kind. (Their stomachs can’t break down and most of them are contaminated) So, within a few days I started seeing results and had to “test it”. Glucometer test that. Talk is cheap and numbers don’t lie is my motto. My blood sugar was dropping. I’ve been doing as close as you can get to the same thing every day for decades. We cook all our meals from scratch, (3 times a day – we are one of those rare people who have family meals on the table together) we eat at the same time, I take my insulin at the same time, there is a consistent schedule. for me. Working from home definitely has its benefits for me and our lifestyle.

I have lost the ability to “feel” low blood sugar happening. Sometimes I get lucky and when sweat pours down my face I know it’s time to drink juice – sometimes not. I was on my way back from an international trip and even in first class I had bad food choices and thoughts, I’ll be in Miami soon, I can drink juice and hold myself to food that won’t be. take me out of my diet. The next thing I knew I was hooked! I snapped out of my unconscious state only to realize that I probably had seconds to several minutes until I blacked out again or started having a seizure. I told the policeman that he would go get me some juice quickly and take money out of my pocket to pay if he had to. Then I started yelling at them all like the business man that never did anything wrong, yelling to get an EMT to test blood sugar now. Sure, they found my bag, syringes, insulin, but maybe all the homeopathic stuff I had on international travel scared them. (Floras, acidophilus herbal antibiotics, etc.) One lady said “I’m weird” with this result.

So within a week, I increased my insulin dose by 10% and I’m running the same blood sugar as before. I take this supplement twice daily; many take it 4 times with good results. What “surprised” me, (almost nothing does, it was a moment of happiness) the mirror had just spoken to me as I passed. My stomach lost an inch. To make sure I’m wearing pants I can’t go in front. I’m not a big exerciser, but I ski hard with my girls all winter and stay active in sports or life. I have what is called a “heavy body” even though no weights are lifted. My strength and toning is great. My stomach appeared 11 years ago at age 38 and has been hanging on ever since. My wife always reminds me that she is there too.

I called one of the Board members at this company and asked, “How does this burn fat?” He reminded me of something I already knew but he took it slow. We all have 100,000 miles of vascular system in our body. Well, those are tiny capillaries for sure. When they close, the blood flow does not interact with them and also does not remove the fat cells. Insulin resistance is not the same as anemia. Live plants that convert to Nitric Oxide (NO) in the body provide amazing vascular benefits – the 1998 Nobel Prize research mentioned above has many videos on line to see this process – it simply helps the body to do its natural functions properly. Your doctor was taught exactly ZERO nutrition in medical school. Who cares what the doctor thinks one way or the other. This is NOT evidence, it is research fact. Your arteries are plaque-worse; Your CHILDREN’S arteries have plaque. If such a thing as the “food police” existed my wife would be the captain. He combs the labels of all the foods he buys. Our general diet is poison. “Dead food” is another term used to describe what many people eat. (Contrary to farmers’ raw fruit and vegetable markets) Most 10-year-olds have the muscles of 45-50-year-olds. They definitely want this product.

How does the body KNOW how to lose it’s stored fat cells if ZERO to little blood is moving to a toxic or fatty environment? The only way fat can be absorbed is through the bloodstream and if your arteries are blocked, your fat is there to stay. Starving yourself didn’t work. Fad diets don’t work. Stomach entrails didn’t do the trick. I hope you don’t drink soda of any kind, diet or worse, sweetened with fructose corn-syrup.

Weight loss – what is the topic. You all want to “slim down”, not lose weight. We want to burn fat and build muscle. This amazing plant formula allows your body to do just that – no matter what your body type is. With 3 different types, make sure you eat your type. William H. Sheldons research works and you might be surprised. If you are overweight or obese you may have issues beyond unwanted fat. Please join us on our live call, review the videos on the website. Every day we get closer to our goal of saving more than 1 million lives – you and your family deserve to be on this list.

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