How To Do A Greater Than Formula In Excel Take Your Customer Service Dept From ‘Cost Saving & Cost Reduction’ To High Profit & Business Growth

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Take Your Customer Service Dept From ‘Cost Saving & Cost Reduction’ To High Profit & Business Growth

The more I interact with people involved in telephone service and marketing, such as Contact/Call Centers and Customer Service Departments, the more I am surprised by the unwillingness to create more sales opportunities and profits by working well with current customers, to be lost again and again. account and find new business.

Companies are always looking for ways to cut costs and reduce staff – especially in Contact Centers (turning many into ‘Call ‘n’ Wait’ crisis centers) – they often fail to see what rewards they can get by using the following formula. :

1 humble phone + 1 skilled user + 1 established marketing system = BIG PROFITS!

Here are twelve ideas that can dramatically improve your bottom line RESULTS build great customer RELATIONSHIPS and get you (a company of any size and industry) more REVENUE.

1. Build the loyalty of your current customers

Is it a ‘no brainer’? Why are so many customers unable to reach you, when they should?

Why do you always offer free incentives and discounted rates to get new business?

CRM is designed to be a new end-to-end service. Well, it doesn’t matter if you don’t listen to your customers.

Here’s an example – six months ago or so, a metropolitan daily newspaper offered ten-week subscriptions for $39.90 (I paid more and subscribed for 20 years), a contest (to win wine if you subscribe, see a rock band in concert. !) and offer incentives to encourage new subscribers. Me, I get a special club membership with an unusual discount or special offer. But hey, so do new subscribers! Who is in front?

2. Get referrals from current customers

The cost of losing customers is almost incalculable. Add to that people telling them about their bad experiences and people not referring to you.

Instead, offer your current customers a complete plan of satisfaction and benefits. Then, encourage them to tell others.

Don’t reward these referred customers (but give them full satisfaction and benefits). Ask your current customer for their referrals. Develop a program that will encourage customers to tell their friends, family, customers and associates about you and say ‘thank you’ or give them something of value for their efforts.

3. Add VALUE to every ad

Here’s a really simple equation: If you give value – you get more sales.

That’s it. If your people are trained to provide advice and information, educate customers, provide them with creativity and innovation then your customers will buy more products and services, more often.

Even if your prices are a little high. This was the way of IBM, after 60 and 70 years and great lessons to be learned. IBM charged the highest prices in the industry but their service and support was legendary. The phrase ‘no one ever got fired for buying IBM’ started around that time.

4. Turn a question into a hope

Then, turn that prospect into a customer. Then you turn that customer into an advocate, one of your company’s ‘trade fans’.

All you need is trained people, a process and a plan to monitor and measure. Easy? Of course, and like all the things mentioned in this article, I’ll bet that some of your people are great at this and most of them do basic courtesy with the callers – and that’s it.

5. Create a sales process

One becomes two. Two becomes four. Four become … bigger than Argentina’s GDP.

It is very simple, easy and effective and few organizations use this strategy. Most of your people don’t do this because they think the extra cost will put the customer off. Isn’t it. It is not that the customer sees the benefit of greater quantity or improved quality.

6. Cross-sell at every opportunity

What can your people add to the initial purchase? Extended warranty, on-site service, insurance, maintenance if they buy an additional item(s), special offer or other options?

If everyone in your organization is selling and selling at every given opportunity, your sales will increase. I have seen an average increase of 15-45% in companies where a simple sales/marketing plan has been implemented.

7. Talk about value

Don’t just offer a discount or ‘best price for you’. Let me repeat, if you give value – you get more sales. Talk about value. Train your people that when the price goes down, they take the edge off. So, if you offer a discount negotiate an upsell and/or cross-sell. Package or package your offer to make it attractive and of real benefit to the customer.

8. Follow up

Every time your people make a quote, send a proposal or brochure by fax, mail or email, they should write a follow-up deadline.

Between one hour and three days. Every person requesting information must be followed up by phone. This leads to a higher close or conversion rate (I’ve seen evidence of 20-50%) or, if they buy elsewhere – your follow-up call can be the start of a relationship… or not. But you won’t know if you don’t follow.

This principle should also be applied to complaints management. Most companies do not follow up on people who complain.

9. Adopt a ‘keep in touch’ program

What can you do for your customers that will allow you to contact them systematically, regularly?

Special offers, new product or service introductions or…? The best ways to ‘keep in touch’ are email combined with the regular phone call.

But be careful – you need to be intentional with every phone call you make or email you send. Just don’t bombard your customers (and prospects) with garbage.

10. Develop a systematic way to win back a lost customer

The more you fail to make or maintain connections, the more likely you are to lose customers forever.

If you look at the most recent contact vs the previous contact, you may discover that you are missing or about to lose a customer. Do something to get their business back.

This is the most expensive part of your business – lost customer, lost shipment.

Do you have a lost customer recovery plan?

11. Find new customers

Why are there so few high-quality telemarketing departments in companies? Of course, the ‘T’ word is considered dirty and grubby in some quarters and rightly so. However, where you have trained people, goals and fully developed strategies why will the telemarketing campaigns not get new business and new relationships in your organization?

Quality telemarketing will generate leads, open new business channels / market segments, build business with small, medium and distant customers, give you real value (as a follow-up) at exhibitions and seminars.

This is one of the most under-utilized resources in business acquisition (and reinvention).

12. Develop and operate your system

Success will come from all the previously mentioned guidelines, tips and advice if you use a systematic approach. That is:

a) A sales and service oriented contact management system, based on a standard CRM package.

b) Well-trained people who constantly add value and gain value in every call they make or receive.

c) Monitoring, Measuring and Reviewing each of the above and seeking continuous improvement in both relationship management and people skills.

It’s simple and what’s more, it works. Use the power of the humble phone (and quality people) wisely, and you’ll benefit greatly RESULTS: Relationships and Income.

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