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Proven Methods To Stop Your Child From Breastfeeding

Being a parent brings its own challenges and you have to deal with them every day. Also, if you are a new parent, you will be more anxious and have tons of things to think about. Let’s be honest, being a mother is hard and one of the stages you have to go through is breastfeeding. We would like to congratulate you on passing that milestone. It takes a lot of commitment, dedication and patience to breastfeed your baby. Now, cut to the other side, you have to stop them from breastfeeding. Now, the question will be – How to stop your child from breastfeeding? Don’t worry, as we have covered and invented this. Feel free to go to this list, if you want to simplify.

What’s Right to Stop Your Baby from Breastfeeding?

The World Health Organization (WHO) will advise mothers to stop breastfeeding at least from 6 months onwards. In some cases, speaking from personal experience, doctors recommend 8 months as the ideal age. To tell you the truth, it’s totally up to you, but you may have a window of up to 2 years. Your baby starts eating solid food at this time and you should not worry about it at all.

How Can You Stop Your Baby From Breastfeeding?

There is no written rule to follow for this and we know you are doing a great job already. This should not be difficult for you and you can do it yourself. We have a few pointers you can rely on to make it easier.

  • Controlling emotions – The first charge will be on you, mother, as you know that the days of contact with your child will end. Most mothers will be afraid, but remember that only you will make them strong, active and stable. You have to do it and there is nothing stopping you.
  • Enter another location – The next thing you need to do is find another place, as if you don’t want to breastfeed, but you can give breast milk in a bottle or glass. Well, this happens to be the perfect time to bring them in a glass instead of a bottle. Did you know that 4 year olds can be trained to drink from a glass? You can introduce your baby to cow’s milk, formula (on doctor’s advice) and of course, solid food.
  • No more food is needed – All relationships between mother and child are unique. By this time, toddlers will have adjusted to the routine and can expect feeding sessions at set times, such as bedtimes, bedtimes or going around. You need to stop this and gently let them know no. However, offer a substitute (as mentioned above) that separates them and promise to take care of them before their bedtime.
  • Make some changesFor example, change the dining room, as babies become more comfortable in their surroundings. Making changes to their environment can help them learn faster. All babies are different and you should try this with your baby. Hug them, comfort them and love them more during this time of transition. Play with them to simplify the process and they won’t feel like they are missing out.
  • Talk to your babyNo worries, your little one can understand a ton of things. Also, if they reach school age, they can be reasonably explained. So, talk to your baby regularly about how to breastfeed young and growing babies. Tell them that soon there will be a time when they will no longer be allowed to breastfeed.
  • Nursing times should be reducedThis is another way to help you stop your baby from weaning. This will help your child adjust emotionally to the big changes that are coming.

Will It Affect Their Nutrition?

One of the main things you’re probably worried about when weaning your baby is their diet. It is difficult to know how much nutrition they are getting at any given time. However, what you need to put in place is to make sure that you are burning off extra calories during the day when you are nursing your tyke. Of course, breastfeeding gives your baby extra calories, supplements, and fat ( source ). As you stop at this source of nutrition, you need to make sure that your child accepts those things with the support that you provide.

In any case, don’t waste time tracking your child’s diet as it will drive you crazy. One day they may not eat anything, the next they eat like an adult. Instead, focus on healthy eating throughout the week. Children are curious and will eat what they want; your job is just to make an assortment of nutrients accessible at regular times and their job is to choose the food, and money they want.

Will It Affect Their Development In Any Way?

Babies, rituals and schedules give them the suspicion that all is well, according to their experience. For your breastfed baby, nursing may be progressing into a part of the process. After that, it is important to understand that as a weaner you have to think about how to strengthen their need for protection after breastfeeding is stopped.

You know your child best; choose what they will appreciate and what will comfort them. It’s also helpful if, at this age, your tyke still works effortlessly ( source ). This means that when your child ends up upset about not being allowed to raise, diversion by substitution can be an unusual way to comfort him. This is just part of their development, it should happen and you will notice positive changes in your child.

The end:

It’s not that easy to find all the answers on how to stop your baby from breastfeeding. Don’t worry, take it easy and invest wisely. There’s no reason to buy things you won’t need for a long time. No one can teach you this and you are better off alone in this. We’ve given you an overview of things, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to them only. Design and train them the way you want, as you know what works best for your baby.

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