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The Magical Happiness Formula

While we were in school, we learned in many ways. Things were easier to analyze and control, when expressed in a formula. Knowing a formula tells us what we need to change in one of the inputs to affect the output.

Just imagine how beautiful our lives would be, if happiness had a defined path and if we knew exactly what it depends on. Everything would be easy and reasonable if we knew what needs to be changed to increase the content of happiness in our lives. So, here we go. Let’s read the The formula for magical happiness.

The emergence of The formula for magical happiness It actually happened when one of my students, Biswajit (name changed) contacted us and expressed his unhappiness about staying away from his family due to the nature of his work. He was sad. Can you have more fun? Is there anything good about living away from one’s family? Can you look at a given situation from a different perspective, or rather from a formulaic perspective?

Biswajit’s ‘unhappy state’ is caused by his belief that happiness is somewhere in his family, or the belief that he will only feel happy if he can share things with his family and spend more time with them. Although this belief may seem natural to many people, the truth is that different people are affected differently in the same situation.

So, let me try and give you a formula for happiness and let you rethink the whole situation.

Here we go with The formula for magical happiness:

Yours Happiness = Yours Inner Strength / (divided by) External stress situation

So, basically, two things control your happiness. Let’s take them one by one.

Let’s take the second one first.

1/ External stress situation

Your happiness is inextricably linked to any external stressor.

This means that the more external pressure or the worse the external situation, the less will be your happiness.

Now, let’s understand a few things about this issue: ‘External stress situation’:

1/ This issue often He comes from outside of you.

2/ It can be any unwanted situation. It may seem like big situations like work pressure, health issues, relationship challenges, death of a loved one, an accident, your child’s grades, tough competition, a growing business environment, financial mismanagement – or small situations like missing the bus, being late to the office, getting stuck in traffic. , your favorite side lost a game, an unexpected tax deduction, your child disobeys you, a scratch on your car etc.

3/ You have no control over this, especially in the short term. You can only react to it – a lot.

In Biswajit’s case, this happened because of his lack of family members – something external, over which he had absolutely no control. it was impossible for him to show his family wherever he went. The more time he spent away from his family, the worse the situation became, the more the pressure caused by this external factor, and the less happy he was.

In the short term, there is no immediate effect we can practice in this matter, but we can certainly think, plan and organize our lives so that reduce or eliminate the impact of this issue in the long run. So far, Biswajit cannot quit his job to be with his family or suddenly change his job to find a job where there are fewer travel assignments. But in the next few years, he can look for a suitable job or plan for his financial freedom – where he is no longer dependent on his job – the way I did. Well, that’s a long-term plan but it’s the only thing that works for this.

2/ Inner strength

Your happiness is directly proportional to the strength (or resistance) you give to these external pressures. This strength can vary from person to person. The more you resist giving in to external pressure, the stronger you will be and therefore, the more content you will be happy in your life (direct equality).

The most important point about the Internal Recovery Level is that this is inside you – that means you can develop full control over it, and you can influence this factor to influence your ultimate happiness. You can build your inner strength over time, just like building your muscles.

Your inner strength is defined by the way you think and act, after knowing that the current external situation is reducing your Happiness.

How to influence or improve your Status:

Since then Inner Strength all about thinking about how to provide more resistance in the case of external pressure, let’s continue with our dear friend Biswajit, and his situation. Here are a few thoughts I suggested to her – that would help her improve her inner strength:

1) Think about what this job has given you and your family. Has this job provided you with money to support your family – a privilege that not everyone has? or pay your bills? Is your family not better off today in society because of your job and the money it brings? What if you never had this job?

2) Consider how temporary distances can help us appreciate each other over time. These distances will definitely help you appreciate the positive aspects of each family member – leading to better and stronger relationships.

3) Think of gifts you can take for your wife and children when you return home.

4) Think of some surprises you can give when you go back – like a new haircut or a new beard.

5) Take pictures of your location, send them around. Make regular video chats with them.

6) Read some good books when you are alone. Be a better, wiser person before you go back and meet them.

7) You have time to get better. Work on your body. Amaze them with your worth.

8) Try some new places, new dishes in your neighborhood, and write down your new experiences with your family.

9) Pay them a surprise visit or send them surprise tickets to meet you.

… and many more.

Do whatever it takes to improve your fitness. Our mind is very powerful. The more you think about these patterns, the more ideas it will generate to make you feel better – thus following the chain reaction and improving your fitness even more. This improved internal strength, given the external stress situation, will therefore increase the content of your happiness (if it is equally direct).

Why should you improve your Entertainment Content?

One could argue the basic fact is why we need to work for ourselves and improve our content of happiness in the first place. Well, you have to do that – not for someone else, but for yourself. Your own Happiness is the ultimate goal of your life. There is no greater purpose than this. All your goals, desires and dreams are related to you the last desire to feel happy. All your love and care for your family is connected to the fact that your family’s happiness it gives you happiness. All your social work and enthusiasm for uplifting the world around you comes from the fact that these things make you feel good. God sent us to this planet to be perfectly happy and enjoy this beautiful journey of life. Don’t get caught up in your ultimate goals.

The end result is the same for all – a good trip is all that matters.

At the end of the day, Biswajit’s happiness is his responsibility. Knowing the The formula for magical happiness, it is up to Biswajit to see how he can influence both of these aspects to start improving the content of happiness in his life. It is up to him to change the long-term situation and make good use of his time away from his family.

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