How To Make A 5 Ounce Bottle Of Formula Quick Tips For Natural Beauty – Making A Personal ‘High End’ Skin Care Formula

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Quick Tips For Natural Beauty – Making A Personal ‘High End’ Skin Care Formula

Everyone’s skin is different. The range is huge: from dry, hard, rough and irritated to oily, sagging, pallid and lifeless. Perfect, glowing, soft and supple skin does exist, somewhere, for someone, although this may just be a rumor. However, we will not lose hope – if nothing else, we know that with proper care, for most of us, the strength and beauty of our skin can be improved.

However there are many factors that shape the appearance of our skin – diet, lifestyle (that category covers everything from 6am yoga classes to 2am martini bars), location, age, genetics…and what we put on our skin. Well, thankfully, what we can control, simply, makes a difference. The skin (with the exception of the outermost part) is alive, tissue, affected by nutrients and drugs like the rest of our body.

Enter aromatherapy. A misnomer really – we could call it ‘biodynamic therapy’. For a natural health enthusiast, that may not be an improvement, but it is more accurate. Aromatherapy and skin care go together perfectly. The organic cellular nature of your skin makes it permeable to aromatherapy oils (meaning the oils are easily absorbed), and there are a variety of essential oils available that have an equal number of therapeutic properties. Remember everyone’s skin is different? Yes, nature has oil for you. Not just you, of course, but your family: teenagers with acne, kids with eczema, anyone who could use a dose of natural skin-healing medicine.

Creating a personal formula is easy: Choose one, two, three or four essential oils. Choose one, two or three carrier oils. Measure, mix and voila! Apply regularly and revel in your ability to create the most effective skin care product for your needs on the face of the planet. So let’s take a look at the oils, measurements, and a few tools you’ll need to make your own beauty elixir.

THERE are many essential oils to choose from – these are some of the most commonly used in skin care, in alphabetical order: Blue Tansy, for skin irritation, generally for allergic reactions. Carrot seed, to restore soft and dry skin to life. German Chamomile, in many cases of dermatitis. Cistus, firm and strong. Clary Sage, hormone-like action for aging skin. Geranium, also like hormones, and antibacterial action. Helichrysum, rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory wonder oil – can be useful in almost any combination, although some may not like the ‘curry-like smell’ – use to smooth blemishes. Lavender, which is stimulating and anti-inflammatory – is not as strong as Helichrysum, although it may be more pleasant for some. Myrtle, excellent all round antiseptic/cleansing action – good for acne. With a roll, calm damage or conditions due to stress. Palmarosa, antifungal – a nice smelling alternative to Tea Tree for athlete’s foot and the like. Ravensara, anti-viral, mix 50/50 with Tamanu for shingles. Rose, moisturizing, all around beauty enhancer. Rosemary, use a form of Verbenone – to stimulate and regenerate old skin, use with Helichrysum to heal wounds. Sea Buckthorn, another miraculous purpose oil, high in anti-oxidants and regenerative compounds – used by Cosmonauts to block UV rays – has a pleasant aroma, recommended for almost all combinations. Spike Lavender, like myrtle, is a general antiseptic/cleanser. Thyme linalool, also purifies with a sweet, sweet aroma.

Where essential oils are like medicines, essential oils are like nutrients – they work in general to moisturize the skin, provide essential fatty acids, and some have medicinal properties in their own right. Also in alphabetical order: Apricot Kernel, all around for dry and/or irritated skin. Avocado, smooth and soft, anti-inflammatory and dense nutrients – can be used as a base for dermatitis of all types. Evening Primrose, used in small amounts for its essential oils and anti-inflammatory action – mix with Avocado for eczema. Hazelnut, a gentle moisturizing oil for oily skin – called the foundation of every acne or oily skin support formula. Hemp, an oil with high nutrients and a perfect balance of essential fatty acids – is very useful in helping the skin to heal. Rosehip seeds, widely studied for their regenerative effects – useful for everyone except those with very oily conditions – can reduce wrinkles and scars. Tamanu or ‘Callophyllum’, perhaps the most healing essential oil, is useful at 10-20% of the base for almost all skin types, very useful for any type of dermatitis, wound healing or reducing scars.

For almost all common skin care needs, a 1-5% concentration of essential oil in a base oil is effective. This may not sound like much, but essential oils have special powers – ‘less’ is often ‘more’ in aromatherapy. The total concentration of all essential oils together should not exceed 5% of skin care use unless specifically advised by a physician. To achieve a concentration of 1%, use 7-8 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier, use 25 drops per ounce for a concentration of 3%. One or two glass dropper bottles make this easy; just fill the bottle most of the way with your carrier and use the dropper to mix your essential oils into your mix. For example, a perfect anti-aging, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle treatment can be done using the following: For a total of two ounces, fill a two-ounce dropper bottle half full with Wheatgerm oil. Fill almost to the top with equal amounts of Rosehip seed and Tamanu oil. Then use a dropper and add 25 drops each of Helichrysum, Rosemary Verbenone, and Sea Buckthorn essential oils – this results in about 5% concentration of essential oils. If you are not sure what concentration to use, start at a lower level and see how your skin responds, the mixture should be pleasant to use, never too strong or too strong – again, if you are composing for children, use with 1% concentration. in young children, and 2-3% of adolescents.

That’s all there is to it. Practically, personal skin care is that simple. There’s no need for all those ingredients you can’t name, or expensive mixes you’re not sure are exactly what you need. The essential oils and carriers featured here make up most of the aromatherapy recipes for the skin. If you’re still not sure which ones to use for yourself, there are many wonderful articles and online resources available to help you decide better – hopefully this will let you know how easy it is, and give you some inspiration to improve your (or your children’s and family’s) skin health and beauty – here’s to health yours and happiness.

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