How To Make Something The Subject Of A Formula The Success Formula For Achieving Any Endeavor

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The Success Formula For Achieving Any Endeavor

The first definition listed in The American Heritage Dictionary states that success is “the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted.” All and all… This is a pretty good basic definition of what success means.

I believe that our basic human nature actually drives us to seek and achieve success in life. Obviously, most of us want to achieve our dreams and desires… and to be successful in all of our various pursuits.

In fact, in your own personal pursuit of success, I suspect most of you reading this article right now… have spent some time working on various ways to achieve success. Fortunately, there are many excellent resources for success seekers.

An excellent resource for dedicated success seekers is Napoleon Hill’s massive treatise on success, “Law of Success,” by the famous early 20th century success teacher and author. In this comprehensive study, Mr. Hill reveals and explains 17 powerful principles that must be applied for optimal success. This 1,000+ page classic is probably a must-read for students who are truly committed to success.

While there are those who really like to delve into the topic of success (myself included)… I suspect most people want to achieve success as quickly as possible with the least amount of effort required.

Not to belittle or envy the great deeds and principles of success in any way. I am honored to present a formula that will not require you to work for years to achieve success for all your desires and pursuits.

Separating the “Success Formula” into its key elements. The following steps should be followed and performed in the order listed.

1. Using as many senses as possible… get a solid vision of what you want to achieve.

2. Learn as much as possible about the subject or skill set you want to excel in.

3. Take all necessary precautions to ensure success in any desire or pursuit you wish to achieve.

Creating a strong vision of what we want to achieve is a vital first step towards achieving any goal.

In our pursuit of success in any endeavor, it is crucial that we really think about what we want to achieve and formulate a solid vision in our minds of the desired end result before we begin the process.

When we truly envision the outcome of our desires and pursuits… we create a strong mental image that will get us to our goals faster. A strong mental picture that uses as many senses as possible… will both increase our rate of success and help keep us motivated along the way.

As we begin to create our visions, it is very important that we really think about our goals to make sure we are truly pursuing the “right” goal for ourselves. As we begin to actually implement the actions necessary to achieve our goals, it will become crucial to spend the appropriate time truly formulating our desires.

To produce the best vision of what we want to achieve… we must use powerful meditation, affirmation, and visualization tools together to create that perfect mental image. As we meditate silently on our goals… we must begin to quietly talk to ourselves about the perfect scenario of what we want to achieve.

During this crucial period of meditation, we must also visualize the end result we desire… using as many senses as possible. Through our “mind eye”… we must be able to see, feel and even smell what we want to achieve.

All these powerful tools mentioned will activate the powerful forces associated with our subconscious and superconscious minds, along with the next step in the “Success Formula”.

To achieve true success in our aspirations and pursuits… it is imperative that we acquire as much knowledge and skills as possible regarding what we hope to achieve.

In reality, there are an almost endless number of topics and quests out there waiting to be completed. We do not have enough time in a lifetime to achieve success in every field of endeavor.

That’s why it’s so important to really think about our goals and decide which pursuits are most important to us at any given time. Once we’ve identified our most important desires and pursuits and established a solid vision for our goals… we can begin implementing the second part of the success equation.

With a firm grasp of what we want to achieve… we must begin the process of acquiring all the information necessary to successfully achieve our goals.

As we pursue our current passion… we must work hard to learn a lot about the subject we are currently dealing with. There will likely be others before you who want to master a similar discipline or achieve the same goal you are currently working towards. You can use their experience and knowledge to help you on your own journey. Many of these ancient seekers will have written some valuable material that will be very useful to learn in your own search for knowledge on any subject.

If there are new skills you want to master… it’s also vital that you try to model the behavior and skills of those who have excelled in the field in the past. Besides modeling a particular skill set… it’s also important to practice the new skill until it becomes a habit.

With the first step in the “Formula for Success”… when we have gained as much knowledge and skill as possible regarding our goals, we activate powerful forces linked to our subconscious and superconscious… to communicate our desires almost effortlessly.

Action is vital to success in any pursuit… but it should definitely be the last step in the “Success Equation”.

As the above statement suggests, action is a really important step to success in anything… but action should only be taken after the first two steps have been completed.

After we have really thought about our goals and have acquired all the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully complete them, it is time to take the necessary steps to make our goals a reality. At this point, our actions should also take place almost effortlessly.

Author of many valuable resources on creating our own truths, Dr. Robert Anthony… said in his article “The Secret to Doing Without Doing”:

“Simply put, you should do nothing until you visualize your desire and make it real enough in your mind that your next action (your step), whatever it is, seems like the most logical step. How do you know the next step? Is it a logical step? Here in any action It’s a test you can give yourself before you’re found. If you’re focused on what you desire and you’re still feeling overwhelmed or anxious, you’re not ready for any action. The next logical step is effortless. No effort, no tension, and no pain.”

With all that said, it’s also important to remember that while our actions may seem almost effortless, there is still a work factor in the successful achievement of any goal. Nothing can be achieved with little or no effort on our part. Get rich quick and you can’t achieve success without any hard work or sacrifice.

The trick is to make our actions so compelling that they don’t feel like they actually “worked out.” Once we do the groundwork discussed in the first two steps, we will be so full of passion and knowledge… the action step will flow naturally and we will be happy to do it!

The “Success Formula” can be applied to all areas of our lives to truly create a Life Full of success and happiness.

Whether we want Financial Freedom, Personal Growth or Optimal Health… Using the “Success Formula” is the key to achieving all this and more.

We truly are masters of our own destiny… and using the 3 steps just discussed will hopefully give you a relatively simple way to fulfill all your dreams and desires.

A true Abundant Life can be accomplished through Vision, Knowledge and Action. Good luck on your own Abundant Life journey!

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