How To Store Ready To Use Formula After Opening Can Nollywood Clinch the Number One Spot in Moviedom?

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Can Nollywood Clinch the Number One Spot in Moviedom?

What was the answer that came to your mind when you read the content of this piece? Was it coordinated with the aforementioned negative feedback that continues against progress or was it a deep sigh rooted in a few moments of thoughtful speculation that will be quiet in the future. He has traveled through time and space, and has seen the possibility of dealing with problems that have always existed. with greatness in the face of the progress of the Industry, and the injection of large recreational doses of the based, tested and proven formula of multivitamins for the advancement, obtained from the product of years of research in the Industry, then declare that it is possible!.

Whichever school of thought you choose, the fact remains that Nollywood definitely has a lot to do in terms of “quality” and not mass production. Does Nollywood have a dream to raise its flag above others, putting Africa at the forefront of movie production in the world? However it is important, it is imperative, to understand why Hollywood and Bollywood have a huge edge over Nollywood.

It is written on record that the first film under the Hollywood ambit was made in 1914 called “Squaw man”, surprisingly an important year in the history of our historical migration when the shelters of the North and the South were joined by Lord Lugard to give birth to a great one. nation “Nigeria”.

Over the years Hollywood has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry, largely from well-defined “active” properties in the world. The types of movies on offer have blossomed from classic classics to more liberal combinations such as action, comedy, romance, thriller, science fiction, violence, adventure, crime, suspense, drama, family, music, horror, fantasy, animation, mystery , film-noir. There is definitely something for everyone, and children can enjoy the well-written and animated animations, reliving the many fairy tales that were once bound within the pages of storybooks. Flying talking animals, creative products e.g. Cats and Dogs, Racing Stripes, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, gave viewers a memorable viewing experience.

The big players in the industry are the studios that have the ‘back lot’ where the movies are also shot, and use the synergies from their ownership of certain print and electronic media to consolidate their financial gains. Theatrical release is considered sacred and appropriate, first on the way to the box office with trailers that are often broadcast before the opening, and more than 30,000 screens owned by theater chains spread across the USA. Moviegoers who are interested in seeing action movies flock to theaters to quench their thirst for movies. The action translates into millions of dollars for filmmakers, and thanks to a well-organized movie distribution system that ensures legal access to the freedom of these flicks.

Movies are also watched on other continents, broadcast in English-speaking countries, dubbed over actors in non-English-speaking countries or subtitled. Access to these films for personal enjoyment at home, months after the theatrical experience, comes through DVD purchases, similar rentals, and official broadcasts of the film on television stations. Low budget films are not left out of the picture as DVDs are released directly to the public after production. Financing to make high-budget films is available from banks, companies and wealthy investors who depend heavily on the record of producers, directors and distributors, especially the popularity of those tasked with taking on leading roles.

Perhaps, what Hollywood does, is the combination of advanced technology with a well-crafted story, high quality movies. Today’s powerful use of “CGI” (computer-generated images to create unimaginable special effects), visual effects, lovely cinematography, incredible graphics and scenes, the use of 3D technology, the absence of clear sound interference and high-quality production certainly went well before of the package. Top players are highly paid and smiling to the bank with millions of dollars. The presence of various well-established organizations in the world such as Writers Guild of America, Motion Pictures Editors Guild, Motion Picture Producers and Broadcasters of America, Motion Picture Editors, Motion Picture Association, National Association of Theater Owners, American Cinema Editors, American Society of Cinematographers, American Cinematographers Association , the American Directors Association, the American Manufacturers Association, have assisted in their oversight, and encouraged unity among members of the same group.

It can take months, and even years, for proper planning, financing, and all the pre-production stages of a film to be well executed, especially with the consequences that can come down to a shambolic production. Hollywood does not shoot movies in twelve days or less like its Nollywood counterpart.

The first cinema in India was shown on July 7th 1896, but its Industry was born on May 3rd 1913, with “Raji Harischandra”, a silent film by Dadasaheb Phalke. Alam Ara broke the silent movie jinx in 1931 with legends like Dharmendra Singh Deol, Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini and a crop of fine actors including Jeetendra, the 60’s -80’s witnessed hits like Sholay, Amar Akbar Anthony, Johnny Mera. Naam, Seta Aur Geeta, Burning Train, Bobby, Kabhi Kabhi, Dharamveer, among others. They are now working in the shadows of Hollywood in Nigeria.

The popularity of Bollywood has continued to rise to the top, opening a new market and doors of opportunity to it, translated into quality products that cause a break in the usual typed wedding stories, and boast of good cinematography. Apart from that, the opening of many Theaters in their country has made Box office hits to be recorded. A combination of Western dance styles and layers of technology have been incorporated into their dances and millions of dollars (not rupees) are spent on making high-budget films taken from major studios and private distributors.

Understanding and progressing to be at the same level as their Hollywood counterpart in terms of special effects has seen that experts in the required field from the USA are hired to achieve that, which has helped to open a wide range of films to be made. Shooting in other parts of the world like Europe and other places seems to be a trend that makes waves among movie makers there, especially with Box office hits recorded from movies in that area.

The story of Nollywood is not familiar to Nigerians, after it sprouted a film in 1992, with the famous movie “Living in Bondage”. However we must not forget that Nigerian films shot on celluloid existed before this time. In one of my articles titled “Nollywood: Origins and Unsolved Problems”, I carefully gave a detailed account of how the Nigerian movie industry evolved from the colonial period, through the “Golden Age” to the Nollywood era and the many problems that plague the Industry. .

Financial and distribution problems, recycling of old faces, water boards, simulacrum of Hollywood films, low audio and visual quality production, rare stories, high projection rates, ear-splitting songs, narrow range of films to choose from, and visuals. lack of outstanding special and visual effects, fraud, are some of the problems that the Industry has been fighting to overcome.

Much needs to be done to restore the confidence of Nigerians in Business. We can go on, whine and complain about the setbacks, failures the industry is facing, even though solutions have been offered by stakeholders and friends of Nollywood time and time again. The question remains whether effective steps have been taken to implement thoughtful strategies that can address the problems, fill the lacuna and put Nollywood on the right path to Glory?

Nollywood still retains a large percentage of their shibbolethian ideas and has sailed on the High Seas for a long time, being attacked by relentless pirates over and over again. It’s time for Industry to put its house in order, ditch the prosaic movies and change its direction under the guidance of a low-tech compass. There are heights to reach, so where does Nollywood stand?

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