If Less Than And Greater Than Formula In Excel 4 Reasons Individual Awards (UEFA "Ballon D’Or" and FIFA "The Best") in Football Should Be Scrapped

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4 Reasons Individual Awards (UEFA "Ballon D’Or" and FIFA "The Best") in Football Should Be Scrapped

The Ballon d’Or is an award given by UEFA and the French Football magazine while “The Best” is given by FIFA, the arbiter that challenges the conduct of the most popular sport in the world. As prestigious as it is, both awards are nothing but visible compliments paid by writers and experts (directors of associations, coaches, managers of football teams, fans etc. Meanwhile, both awards have been the first thing that has passed in the post as no one shows the toxic and political nature of both awards than they have received in the last decade. The comparison of football players across and within the football league (for these awards) is an added bonus of fun for fans. Like most sports awards, fans will always have their favorite roots – but unlike many others, it is difficult to make a statement that one player is more valuable than the other. The point is, teams are like machines. One part, no matter how important, cannot function well without the other. That makes the prize a mere measure of putting in the money. but as any manager will tell you, that is not enough to carry a successful football team. Comparisons between footballers are the reason why trading cards, sticker albums and football memorabilia are so popular but they shouldn’t have their place officially. And how can we improve on what we have now? The basic truth is that we do not know, unless the awards are stopped for the following reasons:

Soccer is a Team Game: Debate about soccer players among soccer fans is fun but in a team game with many leagues, such a person cannot be measured accurately. Football (as we all know) is a team sport where eleven men from different teams compete for a trophy or in these times, for a reward at the end of it all. Every football team needs world class goalkeepers (highly talented), defenders, midfielders and strikers to excel and win at home. [EPL, Serie A etc.]on the continent [CAF, UEFA Champions League] and inter-continental [FIFA Club World Cup] cups. No player or position can be dismissed or superior to another as they must all work together to achieve the same goal. Most of the great strikers of today (and of the past) can make formidable defenders and goalkeepers and many of the best defenders and strikers can be formidable attackers and midfielders in the game. It feels wrong to always elevate a certain set of soccer players above their peers because of their position on the field of play. Football matches are marked ‘First’, by goals scored by the team’s forwards, midfielders, defenders and ‘Secondly’, by the opposing team’s (potential) goals stopped by the same team’s defenders and goalkeeper. No player wins a game by himself unless he plays all the positions at the same time – in the penalty box defending and hitting the opposition’s shots on goal and at the same time running to score all kinds of goals in the penalty area. Many of the FIFA and UEFA award winners work brilliantly when their team’s passing and style of play suits them thus giving them freedom in a way that no other side will. Most managers strive to put the best 11 players in the team rather than the best 11 players in the team. There’s a reason why world-respected managers like Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho despise and trash such awards in a club-based game.

Bias towards the attackers: The winners of the FIFA and UEFA awards (now and in the past) are players who (almost) always play close to the opposition – such as forwards and attacking midfielders – which enable them to score goals while having faith in their goals. teammates (defenders and goalkeepers) to prevent the opposing team from scoring and winning the game. In football, it is widely known and accepted that attack wins games but defense wins titles and trophies. Very few defenders and goalkeepers are recognized for their productivity on the field and the dirty work they do (so that their attacking team-mates in the goal area can get the ball in the crease.) It is very sad that strikers are paid better than that. defenders and goalkeepers. Goalkeepers are often the lowest paid in a football team, even at an alarming rate, which begs the question of why anyone would choose to be a goalkeeper. No one has found a way to compare the value of goalkeepers and outfield players – which is very dangerous for goalkeepers. Should a goal stopped by a goalkeeper be considered equal to a goal scored by a striker? How much should quality defenders influence our judgment of a goalkeeper – and how much should quality midfielders influence our judgment of a striker? It cannot be denied that some players improve the quality and efficiency of certain teams, but even so, such players cannot win anything for their teams if, for example, the goalkeeper. wasted every bullet fired at him by the opponents. The beauty of modern football is that every player (the goalkeeper) is required to score whenever, wherever and whenever he pleases or (to some extent) his coach, which makes it so that awards are only given to offensive players. they do many inappropriate things to their partners and sports.

No specific rules for awarding: There are no specific rules for awarding individual players by UEFA and FIFA in football competitions. Most of the fans, and the managers do not know which competition – national league (EPL, La Liga, Serie A) continental leagues (UEFA Champions League – because all FIFA awards are based in Europe) or international tournament (FIFA World Cup) – Sports of players is prioritized when compiling the nominees for FIFA and UEFA individual awards. Although most of the candidates and awardees of these awards play for football teams either domestic champions or UEFA Champions League champions or World Cup (world cup) champions and their countries, some winners of such awards do play. club sides and non-champion countries in domestic, continental and international tournaments. Lionel Messi won the Ballon d’Or in 2010/2011 (because he scored 91 goals in the year) without winning the Spanish La Liga or the Champions League with Barcelona or the World Cup with Argentina beating other worthy players who won one of the aforementioned. competition.

It breeds independent and selfish footballers: In receiving awards from FIFA, some players abandon teamwork and effort, choosing to go alone on the field of play – to show off (as the fans would say) – to the detriment of the team. Such players don’t care if the team wins or loses the game as long as they score, increase the number of these points and are in the competition to get awards by shooting goals rather than passing the ball to their colleague who is in a better position, taking each set. -piece – penalty kicks, goals, corners – awarded in the match even when they have a bad record taking a set-piece. This creates situations where a player wins the Ballon d’Or or the Best Player of the Year because he has the highest number of goals in a football season in addition to 5 or 6 games played by men and surprisingly few. highlight reels of the season as his side finished the season short of the trophy and second in the finals.

In conclusion, if there should be individual awards (for any strange reason) they should be based on targeting criteria such as number of points scored (best player), number of saves (best goal keeper) or number of tackles (best defender) etc. None a player who can score without the help of his teammates. And yes, even individual goals require team efforts. Therefore, it is understandable why football’s governing body, FIFA, is handing out these awards that are ruining the very nature of the game it is supposed to govern. FIFA should not lend its name to beauty pageants.

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