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Heal Yourself With Water – The Water Cure

Most people have now discovered that medicine does not cure disease. Medicine is not bad; it’s just not necessary. Don’t let your fear of disease make you forget that society wasn’t exactly dead when pharmaceutical companies saw a financial opportunity and exploded onto the scene. You must know the facts; So, if you still choose to be sick, it will truly be a “free choice,” and no one is born from a lack of knowledge.

It is mostly water. You are made of cells (30-50 million of them); and they are mostly water. You need to replenish your body with water to keep it fresh and clean, to keep you fresh and clean – healthy. Water cleanses, nourishes, energizes, cools, lubricates, supports and sustains you, and indeed most of who you are. And water is simply Hydrogen and Oxygen; both are atoms – just Energy. Be Strong; but between the pure Energy and the form you have now imagined, there is water.

When I say “Water” I don’t mean “Coca cola, Gatorade, Milk, Diet Coke, Orange juice, Beer, or any liquid solution; these things do not clean and support your body. These things add chemicals. Drinking water helps flush out these chemicals and other toxins.” in your body you have returned to your natural state of health – a state that most Americans have not experienced since they were very young (if that!).

It is estimated that most Americans are dehydrated. How do you know it’s you? If you’re not drinking 2-3 liters of clean water each day (about half your body weight, in ounces), you’re likely dehydrated. Even if you do, you may become dehydrated depending on your weight and the amount of other solutions, salts, and sugars in your diet. It is mostly water; and good health depends primarily on maintaining the quality of your water and the cleanliness, or cleanliness, of the water in your body. If the water is too full of suspended matter, it is toxic. If you are toxic, sick, overweight, or on your way to both. There are no other options; and there is no escaping this simple truth.

“But I don’t like to drink plain water!” I hear it all the time; but what many people have been ordained to I don’t understand is that this report is a light that shows that you are addicted to the taste and chemicals in the drinks you consume. In the absence of real knowledge, what we like is what we choose. If I told you drinking coffee will make you explode, and then the guy next to you took a big drink of coffee and exploded, I’ll bet you a dollar you’d put your coffee cup down. But what if it takes 20 years to break out? Would you start drinking water instead of coffee today, or would you put it aside in hopes that you could stop nineteen years from now and not have a problem getting dressed?

I know the things we bring are delicious; and I’m not saying they’re “bad.” But there is a clear effect from the chemicals in the things we drink; and you certainly aren’t doing yourself any favors by not drinking enough water. I’m not necessarily trying to change someone’s ways; but some of you want to feel better and have never been told anything other than what you have been told – none of which contain the answers to your problems, or you wouldn’t be finding them now. If you want to be different, you have to think and act differently; and yet most people cannot do this – and do not understand it.

In the Declaration of Independence, there is a line that reads like this: “…and, therefore, all experience has shown, that humanity is more inclined to suffer, while evil is tolerated, than to correct it by abolishing the forms they want. get used to it.” I understand that words don’t teach, and you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make a horse drink water when it can have Diet Coke instead; but maybe nobody told you what happens when you don’t drink enough water, so here’s the thing…

If you don’t drink enough water, you can quickly experience any of the following, in any combination: Dyspeptic pain, Colitis pain, False Appendix pain (of course the surgery will be real…), Hiatus Hernia, Rheumatoid arthritis pain, Lower back pain , Angina, Headache (one of the first signs of dehydration), Stress, Stress, Asthma, Allergies, Excess body weight, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Diabetes, Fainting, Insomnia, and many more serious and not so. – serious symptoms. If you have any of these symptoms or conditions, they may be caused by not drinking enough water; and some may be caused by drugs you are using for problems that you may drink water to flush out. Well, there’s a good chance you’re treating your “thirst” with prescription drugs that “only clog your filters” (liver and kidneys) and give you the added bonus of “side effects” that can kill you. I’m just asking for water, please…

The key is to stay hydrated and you need to refresh yourself every day. Failure to do so is often the result of ignorance and addiction; one of them should have been fixed by the last paragraph. Chronic (prolonged / continuous) dehydration is a painful way to die before the time of external symptoms and manifestations that, until recently, were thought to be “known” diseases with an unknown origin. Until you are properly hydrated and oxygenated, you have no way of knowing what is causing your pain and illness, regardless of what you have been told about your health so far. Don’t get wet. You can choose. What kind of ending do you want for your story?

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