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Myth Busting the Law of Attraction

This past week I have had many ‘spiritual’ discussions with people about money. Today, I received one of those financial emails, this one threatening the death of my loved ones if I break the chain! Seriously? People have many misconceptions and issues about money, money, wealth and abundance. We desperately search for purpose in our lives and flock to anything that can spiritually clarify our place and importance in the cosmic scheme of things. Add to that the thirst for things and material wealth and you end up with confused and depressed people who are easily swayed by false beliefs and promises. We were so happy when the airwaves suddenly exploded with knowledge of how it works and the Law of Attraction. Suddenly it seemed that we could have spirituality and wealth and now we had a way of working to make this balance.

Working with the Law of Attraction is a philosophy that lulls us into believing that we can attract our heart’s desire to us without participating in the ruthless, independent world of high commerce. After all, we are concerned about other things—like world peace! We want everyone to have happiness, harmony, joy, and inner peace. We spiritual people are gentle, faithful and loving souls. The implication of the Law is that everyone deserves everything they see; we are also ‘one’, so no one is more, or less, more worthy than others; we are equal.

It has been taught that all we need to do is clearly define what we want in our lives and focus on it. I also read recently that it is advisable to ask once otherwise you are casting doubt on your eligibility and thereby jeopardizing the entire process. Yes!

It appeals to us that we can affect our wealth without changing anything but our thoughts. Most people don’t realize how important this is. Do you realize that you need to change your thoughts? Not just adding new happy ideas to the cacophony of ideas already swirling around in your head. Do you get that if you currently have a problem with scarcity, you have very negative thought patterns that keep you from getting the most flow of all the good things? You may be trapped in a medium flow, a safe river with low risk and medium flow, trying to find your way to happiness. “I think I can, I think I can…” becomes an invisible mantra. There are things you need to understand to become a powerful Universal Abundance creator.

Let’s start by understanding power. Everything is power; that is, all things in this world are made of molecules that vibrate to certain sounds that create electrical energy. This is not the same as spiritual energy, or life force energy, or chi, or ki, or mana, or prana – you get the picture.

The chair is strong, very low energy density and no vital life force. A stone or crystal has a high energy frequency, and while they can hold and amplify energy they have no life force and no creative energy. A tree or plant has a higher frequency energy system than a chair as well. It has such a life force and level of intelligence – but it is not mind. An animal has an active life force, a mind capable of making choices, and therefore a higher, more active level of consciousness. Now man, the most amazing of all sentient beings, has a highly evolved energy system, is sensitive to all the other manifestations of energy around him, has a complex mind and reasoning ability and therefore – obviously – is the most evolved species in this. the planet. Or at least it should be. Unfortunately, we are often convinced that we do not act like this. We also need to understand that there are laws that govern the flow of energy and moreover since they are laws we are dependent on working within them. We can’t just pick and choose, where, when, why and how we want to participate. They are in control.

Now, let’s move on to the Law of Attraction. Understand this – the Law of Attraction – like the Law of Gravity or the Law of Thermodynamics. It is one of the most effective laws of our dual nature. The law of attraction is simple: Like attracts like. That’s it. It is omnipotent and omnipresent. It will never work. The law of attraction will not apply and it does not respond to what you want – it is a dynamic force that reflects what you are. Everything you see happening in your life today is the Law in action; the outer manifestation of your life is directly related to your energy system that manifests through all the layers of your being; your thoughts – all, not only if you like, your feelings – again all, and your actions – or lack thereof. If you want to change what you experience in your life – you need to change the way you think, feel and behave. Wishful thinking never ends. Vision boards and goal setting don’t either. You have to be the change you want. The Law is determined only by negative, positive and neutral accusations. Everything in our world is attracted or repelled or in a state of non-entry. You determine the charges and direction of travel. As an attraction. ‘The Law’ doesn’t think, it doesn’t show merit, and it doesn’t care about you. That’s right! As an attraction.

Let’s move on to another step to understand some basic things about money. Money is not income. Money does not prove worth. Money does not represent value. Money does not reflect character. Money does not change power. Money has no power. If you hide a pile of debt under your floorboards for 150 years it will still be there when you come back in your next life to find it – if it doesn’t rot! It has no natural strength. If you believe that good behavior is rewarded financially, that having money will tell the world how valuable you are as a person, that rich people have more value or stronger morals, you will suffer. Money (currency) is designed to measure the exchange value of goods and services. That says nothing about fairness, equity, or equality! Money has a numerical value; not morals, not morals, and not even moral values!

We have developed people who offer value and value within our exchange of goods. Money – having it or not having it strongly reflects your belief in profit and your choice in dealing with that profit. You don’t deserve or don’t deserve money. Many people around the world are putting off hours of work every day and are under the poverty test. Most good, honest, hardworking and talented men and women do not succeed. You will have money that matches what you really, really believe you deserve and what you really, really believe you need, that is, to pay bills and pass – (many people), travel, luxury cars, toys, entertainment, education, savings. , growth, etc. Whatever is most important to you will be supported – and I don’t mean what you need in your entertainment space. And if you think you can’t or won’t be supported you won’t be! Simple math! Our personal wealth is determined by the belief we have about having more than we need to live in the moment! Our financial worth is also determined by our true belief that whether we are rich or poor, we deserve financial freedom, the ability to cope. Our inner rivers of fear and doubt run deep and provide nourishment for every thought we have about living abundantly.

So how do we do this? If you are trying to change your wealth, and most people are, you will need to do a complete overhaul of your value and belief system. All of you, all of your moving parts, must all move in the same direction. Consider that every thought you have, every feeling, and every action consists of several ‘You’. All team players must go to the same place if the body wants to go there. And if some part does not agree then the rest of the group must be strong enough in their conviction to carry the weak pieces.

Working with the Law of Attraction is really a case of manifestation. Your heart and mind work in concert to create the life that is now and all things considered. All happiness, self-worth, confidence and happiness begins in the center of your soul. If you think that money will bring you these things, you are wrong. Nothing outside of you will ever change what is inside of you. A designer suit hanging around you won’t convince the rag-tag soul inside that you’re suddenly rich! Life will only confirm what you believe in the center of your heart. However, finding true happiness and worthiness, self-respect and compassion within your core will bring you many opportunities for wealth and abundance and most will include money! Financial wealth and prosperity will always follow spiritual awakening when body, mind and soul participate in unity to create a healthy life.

If you want to achieve financial success there are 2 ways to do it:

i) Chase the money and do whatever you have to do to get it and keep it, with all your issues intact. Don’t even think about opening that can of soul searching for spiritual worms! After you make money you can spend it however you want; blow it in a bar or feed a hungry village. It’s your choice!

ii) learn to change your thinking frame to believe in the majority. Spiritual wealth is not limited to our bank account balances. Start building self-esteem, love and compassion and you will be greatly rewarded. Many poor, poor people live rich lives, based on purpose, heart and mind. They get it. Many successful people feel that nothing threatens their existence. The difference depends on how the soul feels. A poor soul will never understand what it means to have abundance and will never be able to keep material wealth. An overflowing soul will never find itself poor!

But whatever you do, don’t fool yourself into thinking that because you have a pure heart and are spiritually aware and doing a ton of good work that you deserve to be protected and provided with wealth by many Scientists. It just doesn’t work that way!

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