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Zodiac Signs Tap Into Their Feminine Side

Are you ready for a bold announcement? Hold on to your hats, these don’t usually come until the beginning of the new Zodiac year. I can break the rules sometimes, as this is my time now, the Age of Aquarius. Now as the Sun passes through the eleventh section of the cosmos, which is named after me, the Water Bearer, I can disrupt your mind with pure skill, no other energies mixed in.

Know and Prepare

I want you to know what is preparing to happen. Then you can prepare yourself, ready to walk with Mother Earth as she begins her annual journey beginning on the Vernal Equinox, March 20, 2011. Indeed, in my own way, I will walk with Mother Earth throughout the year as well. . In the next zodiac year, I will guide and teach the signs of the Zodiac to combine my creative energy with theirs.

New Year’s Eve Celebration

If you like to celebrate, join us for the Vernal Equinox New Year’s tradition. This is where we communicate with all the atmosphere of the cosmos that the Sun will be traveling through during the journey of Mother Earth which lasts 365.25 days. I will be there with the Moon Goddess ushering in the Vernal Equinox and Full Moon this year.

Changing Zodiac Signs

It will be a year unlike any other year you have ever experienced in your life; That’s why I want to share with you the changes that occur within the signs of the Zodiac. For the next 2500 years, I work as a facilitator for all the signs of the Zodiac, it is my way of leadership. What that means is that, as a facilitator, I encourage the signs of the Zodiac to find their solutions by pouring out my greatest energy, AGEin their mind.

Aquarius makes changes

As I am the guide of other constellations, I had to make my conversion first; otherwise, I would just preach, “Do what I say and don’t speak from my own experience”. I completed my turn last year of the Zodiac, at least as far as I could go on my own. Now to finish, to fully integrate what I have done, I need to organize the other zodiac constellations to do the same. When I ask them common questions and answer them, it will show any misconceptions I may have and help me smooth out any rough edges myself. Only then will my conversion be complete.

Gyrate to your other side

As the Sun moves through each of the twelve divisions, each named after one of the signs of the Zodiac, I will be organizing each individual’s rotation. As the bearers of these Zodiac signs on planet Earth, you are encouraged to do the same otherwise you will feel yourself turning downwards instead of in the opposite direction. The Moon Goddess and I work closely together throughout the Zodiac year, and between the two of us, you will be able to make changes if you listen.

The Goddess of the Moon and her magical formula

I have already helped the Old Man of the Moon turn the Lady Moon of her magic wand of moon rays. And so I helped the Moon Goddess come up with her magical seven-day formula to meet her New Moon and Full Moon, to then unmask your magical consciousness where your true wisdom resides.

Zodiac signs now act as a Relay Team

That’s what I will be doing with each Zodiac, helping them create their own magical formulas for you to accept and connect with, enabling you to experience their magic. One thing you need to know is that the Zodiac teachers no longer work as individual deliverers but now under my direction they work together as a delivery team, each building another to reach the goal.

At the Vernal Equinox a theme will emerge

This Vernal Equinox, we will gather to connect with the entire spirit of the cosmos that the Sun travels through while Mother Earth revolves around the Sun. This strip will be divided into twelve sections, and all twelve teachers of the zodiac will be there trying to connect with the energy section that the Sun will travel. As they each share what they feel and hear, a theme or purpose will emerge, which they will express in their own creative way and pass it on to you when it is their turn.

The Vernal Equinox Formula

This year of the zodiac, which is not over yet, the theme is Beauty. None of us knows what the theme of the coming year will be; we will have to meet at that time. You would like to make a custom and join us, as there is no distance, no time when you are fully connected. You can be there in mind with us. Check out my Vernal Equinox Formula, I will distribute it long before the Vernal Equinox gives you the necessary time to prepare.

The turning of Aquarius

Let me first tell you about the conversion myself. For those who knew me during the Pisces Era, I was more grounded, and my delivery was more scientific and mind-bending. The transition from the Piscean Age to my time began in 185o, but it only finished in February 1994. I know that the astrologers say that it is not my time for another 600 years. Just look around, how many can see my influence since 1994? When I first stepped onto the cosmic level as a facilitator, the energy I poured into you was the Science of Science.

The Reformation Began at the Time of God’s Will

But I answer to the power myself, the God of Will and the Goddess of love. When Pisces and I began to change over me, it was in the time of God’s Will. My inventions were to help you find and express your will, your power behind many of the complexities of warcraft. However, the God of Will was in the process of converting to the Goddess of Love at this time.

Aquarius Products Connect Now

In the 1950’s, I was beginning to pick up on the energy of the goddess of love rather than the God of Will who was in retreat, just as Pisces was retreating. My things started to change, and in the mid 90’s, when I really came into my own and changed the rulership from Pisces, my things started to align more with the Goddess of love. There’s more on how to contact you now.

Aquarius’s Big Bang

Now my inventions are more about connecting you, and my strengths have changed from Science to Heart Science, which connects the mind to the heart. “Love With Your Mind, Think With Your Heart” was my motto, my theme and still is. However, as I began to combine the best aspects, the best aspects of the unity of my mind and heart, there was an explosion within me; don’t say mine big Bang. One power appeared, AGEand that is the power that I will pass on to you in full for the next 2500 years.

Goddess of Love Stands, Good

The God of Will has not completely relinquished control; He is currently ruining his own behavior which is not forward in evolution. The Goddess of Love is ready, ready at any moment to take her rightful place, and usher in the time led by the matric.

Everything Feminine is elevated to the Goddess

I hope you don’t care about the talk of God and Goddess, but you have spent thousands of years under God, let the goddess in you come out. That kind of talk won’t last long as the Goddess of Love qualities are about relationships, inclusion, connection, relationships, but for a while, she is a goddess. Everything feminine is elevated to the Goddess at the moment, so why not enjoy it. Instead of learning Spanish or Chinese, learn to speak Goddess.

Goddesses of the Zodiac

This coming year of the zodiac, I will be facilitating a Zodiac immersion in the Goddess of Love energy. That means you will receive a delivery from the Goddess of each Zodiac sign, no longer the part of God that equates to the masculine aspect of each sign.

The Aries Ram will acknowledge the Aries Yes Goddess, the Taurus Bull will surrender to the Taurus Cow Goddess, the Gemini Twins will surrender to their Gemini Twin Goddess, the Cancer Crab will transform into the Cancer Hen Goddess and Leo the Lion will tread. from the throne, inviting the Leo Lioness Goddess to take her place. You get the idea; follow me and the moon goddess every month. I will introduce each one to you, changes in their power, different colors of their colors, features, and “the whole enchilada” as one says.

You will change

As each of you is a transmitter of the Zodiac sign you were born under, you will consciously change again if you accept it and become a conscious participant. If not, it will still happen, not with much grace.

No matter what gender you identify with in this life, you will be giving in to a more feminine aspect of yourself. The goddess within you, your emotional nature and your intuition will take over. Once you learn how to get your emotional state out of your favorite game, relationship dramas to show its emotions from despair to ecstasy, just wait until you see how creative you will be to advance your intuition.

Trained for the Cross

Also, one of my tasks as an Aquarius coordinator is about groups, each of which is ultimately cross-trained, not experts. If you want to make a complete turn yourself, start embracing the power of each Zodiac month. We are all different, and you have it inside you, however, it may be sleeping, each of the signs, symptoms, signs of each zodiac sign. Instead of being a lone wolf, train yourself; Find the best that every zodiac force brings to you.

Heart Guinea Pig

Be twelve signs, who knows how long it will take to do that, but start this year. I will work with each zodiac sign to make sure you have a scientific mind WHAT YOU CREATE formulas to help you. Then you get to test all these amazing heart formulas in your relationship; bet your partner won’t mind at all if you’re a pig’s heart.

Goddess of the Moon to the Stars

Meanwhile, the Moon Goddess has given you a seven-day magic formula to connect with her. Use it and bind her moonbeams and let her guide you to the stars in your intuition. It should take you less than a year if you follow his policy of hearing everything he tells you. Besides, it is he who always has the best gossip from the Sun’s journey each year in each of the twelve sections. I always go to him when I want to know what’s going on in the Sun.

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