What Is The Formula For Line Of Best Fit Dog Breeding and Your New Puppy

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Dog Breeding and Your New Puppy

There is a large amount of information available online about dog breeding and choosing a puppy, but no amount of internet searching can compare to the insight gained from a one-on-one conversation with a well-respected breeder. One such person is Bob Wimberg, an Ohio breeder of Russian Wolfhounds or Borzoi. Bob has had a Borzoi for 28 years and breeds every four to five years. The first thing to note about this elite breeder is that his emphasis is on raising animals naturally, breeding them only when it is healthy to do so, and giving them the highest quality of life possible without the use of chemicals and drugs.

Bob believes in using perfectly formulated dog food, natural foods, and treating his Borzoi with natural remedies as much as possible. He uses herbs and garlic, natural bio-active dog supplements with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and of course no growth hormone. He explains that one of the most common problems in dogs is itchy dry skin and a dry coat, and these problems are completely caused by malnutrition. Bob uses natural supplements that contain the missing link between what dogs would eat in the wild and processed or home-prepared food. The result is total health for the dogs and no parasites.

Bob said his main goal is to improve the next generation of standards that have been laid down for hundreds of years. The Borzoi is an animal used for hunting land game and therefore his breeding should focus on the performance of the dog. Bob explained, “Sometimes there is a gap between show dogs and working dogs, and even though I show my dogs, I work to close that gap by choosing animals that can do what they were born to do in the first place. That means they need to be active. equipment, strong and healthy legs, top line active and double suspension gait at full speed.” Bob takes the best traits from the show chain and combines them with traits that make a dog an effective hunter. The result is puppies that are both beautiful and functional. Bob continued, “When proper breeding is combined with natural upbringing, the result is a healthy puppy, able to fulfill its natural purpose. you can be raised outside.

Bob went on to give some advice on finding and choosing a puppy. He advises that looking at your lifestyle, and choosing an interest rate that suits your lifestyle should be the main consideration. This is where buying a breeder’s book, or going online to read the varieties will be important. Choose a dog breed that has the size, temperament and personality traits that will suit your family, location, and lifestyle. The Borzoi, for example, is not a dog for everyone. They need a lot of exercise, grooming and attention, and they are a sight dog so they are very observant. That may not be right for every family.

Once you’ve chosen a dog, you’ll start looking for the perfect puppy for you. Avoid pet stores and don’t choose the most advertised breeder – instead look for a breeder in your area. All AKC dog breeds have mother clubs. These clubs should be able to connect you with a breeder in your area that is well established with the AKC. Once you’ve found a licensed breeder in your area, make an appointment. Your goal will be to find out when the puppies will be born so you can visit again and watch the puppies grow until they reach the weaning stage. Approaching your choice this way will allow you to choose the best pet for you. During your visit to the breeder, ask what they think of a good dog food and look at the pet products and supplements they use. If parents and grandparents are present, check the longevity and health of the generations. When the puppies are weaned and sold, visit the couple more to find a lively, healthy, healthy, litter-friendly, playful and responsive puppy. Most likely the puppy you choose will be the puppy you take home.

Bob gave the following advice to new puppy owners: “This is not a throwaway purchase. This is an addition to the family that will be ten, twelve or maybe 15 years old depending on the breed of dog. Your dog is completely dependent on you. Care starts from the day you bring the dog home and nutrition is a part of it. the importance of that care.” For Bob, this is where choosing the right supplements comes into play. He explained that he prefers all natural nutritional supplements as they fit into his natural breeding program. The puppy formula he uses was developed by a well-known expert in veterinary nutrition, Dr. Collett, founder of Health Design. Puppy supplements are used from birth to eight or nine months depending on the breed. For older dogs, supplements are necessary as well. These pet products address concerns directly related to nutrition such as allergies, dry skin, arthritis, poor digestion and dry coat.

We join with Bob in recommending that you put a lot of time and thought into choosing your breed, choosing your breeder, choosing your puppy and selecting your pet products for their nutritional quality. If you do, your family will be rewarded with a beautiful, healthy, happy and dedicated friend.

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