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Attraction Marketing – Becoming a Superstar Internet Network Marketer

If you’ve been following along in my series of affiliate marketing articles, you now understand the basic ingredients of affiliate marketing and how it works to attract endless leads and distributors to you. In fact, now you can see how professional network marketers have been able to demonstrate life-changing success in their own lives. And they were able to do this overnight using the internet. To update, this proven sales formula shows:

  1. Who is your target audience and what do they really want from you
  2. The easiest and fastest way to become an expert in your field
  3. How do you use your unique qualities to create value and a strong personal brand; and
  4. How to take your brand to market and attract endless leads and distributors for your business

If you stopped here, you would be light years ahead of your competition by grasping this information. But when you combine the power of attractive marketing with internet marketing, you unlock powerful business secrets. Not only do you learn how to attract and find distributors for your business effectively, you also learn how to profit quickly and often from your list. By doing so, you instantly overcome one of the biggest, if not the biggest hurdle distributors will face in their business life cycle.

You see, when you start without a pencil and a blank sheet of paper, the first challenge of building a network marketing prospect list is very obvious. Your circle of influence is limited. What happens when you run out of people to call? What happens when only 3 out of 100 of your friends and family members decide to register? That won’t make a dent in your bank account.

When momentum slows down and it becomes difficult to talk to enough people about the business on a daily basis, distributors quickly find themselves scrambling for cash to cover expenses and autoship shares. At that point, they start reaching into their personal finances to cover expenses, and quickly their network marketing business becomes a liability instead of an opportunity. To complete the game.

Fortunately, an attractive internet-based marketing funnel completely eliminates that problem with list building, cash flow creation, and the idea of ​​a sponsored proposal. This is the secret tool of today’s internet network marketer. If you want to win and stay competitive, you have to follow through. Fortunately, this is very easy to do.

In attractive marketing, money is always on the list

They say the money is in the list. In a previous article, we discussed how to capture leads and build your list effectively by using landing pages and free offers. We then discussed the importance of building value-added relationships with your list to foster trust and rapport. This is important because once you achieve this, then you have permission to market and sell your intellectual information. After all, you can sell and sell all you want as long as your supply matches the demand. And that’s exactly where a sponsored proposal comes in.

A sponsored offer is a common information product that increases your free offer. The idea is to provide an unbeatable value and experience in a product that sells at a low price. This provides most of your prospects with instant gratification while the low price removes the risk of the purchase. You can either write your own product, or sell an existing proposal for membership funding such as Magnetic support or MyLeadSystem Pro. These are highly sponsored offers that pay you a commission on each sale. Either way, the key is to deliver excellent value along the way. As long as your product legitimately delivers on that promise to your customers, you’ll hit a home run.

The reason you want to use a sponsored proposal is very simple. The hard truth is that most of the people you contact will not join your business opportunity. But, many are willing to pay for your intellectual property and knowledge when you build a relationship with them. After all, most of your target audience consists of existing network marketers who are perfectly happy with their business. They just want to know how to make more profit.

When you fulfill this need with a funding proposal, you’re opening a basic formula for generating cash flow upfront, immediately. This is how you stay in business while building long-term revenue on the back-end. Best of all, it’s how you profit from those who say “no” to your business opportunity. This way, 95% of your fruits and labor are not wasted. And you can repeat this process of monetizing your list over and over again. Easily sell more useful tools and equipment that meet the needs of your list. Chances are if they bought from you before, they will buy from you again.

How affiliate marketing helps you build your residual income

Of course, if you’re in network marketing, you’re in it for a residual income opportunity. The good news is that, although only a small percentage of your leads will join your company, internet based marketing software allows you to build your team at record speed.

As you progress through the cycle of offering free premium emails and occasional product giveaways, you will occasionally sell your main business opportunity. Note how long this step is. First you establish a relationship, then you offer useful tools and equipment in exchange for value, and now that you are established as a professional, you sell your background product.

This is without a doubt the best way to pick the best opportunities for your business and it works flawlessly time and time again. As long as you continue to provide value and build trust, you will always be able to attract a loyal group of people who will follow you to any company you choose. That’s why some star broadcasters are able to join a new company and reach the top of the charts overnight.

In closing, internet marketing and influencer marketing have completely changed the MLM home based business landscape. Gone are the days of chasing friends, family and strangers. You no longer need to attend hotel meetings or worry about running out of business pitches. You no longer need to rely on one source of income. Dozens are instantly available at your disposal. Basically, every major obstacle known to the network marketing industry is being addressed by attraction marketing. So if you don’t learn to play by the new rules, rather than pack it in whether you like it or not, your competition will eat your lunch chances.

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